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“As the lotus rises on its stalk unsoiled by the mud and the water, so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world.”    The Buddha

Dear Friend,

       Happy New Year!  2010 kicks off with a Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse on New Year’s Eve, ratcheting up the intensity and setting up a theme of major endings and beginnings that will be the hallmark of what’s to come.

       Because this Full Moon Eclipse is in the sign of Cancer, conjoining by sign the Moon’s South Node of our karmic past, we may be more aware than usual that whatever may have once brought us comfort and security on the ego levels may now be exactly what is keeping us from moving to the next level of our soul’s evolution.


       On January 15th, there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, the sign of building for our future, conjoining by sign the Moon’s North Node of our karmic destiny, on the same day Mercury goes direct.  And, because Eclipses always come in pairs, as do all endings and beginnings, these next two weeks between the Eclipses are the most potent time of the year to get clear on the inner levels on what needs to be transformed or released in us or our lives over the next five months.   If we seed our intentions for change and at least make some symbolic moves—in word, thought and deed—it will pay off big time as this Eclipse cycle unfolds.


       So, whether we’re dealing with challenges that have arisen with our health, habitual mental and emotional patterns that have become self-destructive, toxic jobs, or negative relationship or home situations, there’s no better time than NOW to choose to look at whatever is going on as an empowering opportunity for healing and growth by making different more positive choices than we’ve ever made before.

         During this period, Mars, the Planet of Action, is retrograde, encouraging us to journey within, and Saturn is backing one more time into Virgo to review how well we’ve been taking care of our health on all levels, which is crucial if we want to be able to handle what’s to come. 


       Then, to be in optimal alignment with the Flow between now and the end of May, we need to be continuously stabilizing at our core and gathering our forces so we’ve built up enough momentum to take action in our personal realities with full power when the time is ripe.

       Think of this period like the motion of a pendulum:   The further we go within to stabilize and gather our forces, the further outward we can swing into manifestation in late May and early June when the planetary energies will support us the most.  This is when Mars finally travels out of his shadow, Saturn moves forward out of Virgo for the last time and, most importantly, Uranus and Jupiter gallop into Aries together, signifying the birth of a major new cycle.



       In the bigger picture, if we look at how the government is doing with transforming outmoded energy, financial and healthcare delivery systems, we can clearly see where the mass consciousness is bogged down in fear of the unknown.


       What can we each do individually?  All year, the Galactic Forces will be continuing to bombard us with accelerated energies to quicken our transformation to the next level of who we are becoming.   And, to the degree we’ve cleared our inner obstructions, each of us becomes a channel for this acceleration, affecting all Beings and the Earth plane itself in a natural overflowing ripple effect.


         The Divine Plan for the evolution of consciousness will continue to unfold—with us, through us or in spite of us.  Any frustration we feel at the state of the world is only a projection of whatever we’re resisting letting go of inside of ourselves—sometimes it can be as simple as releasing judgment whenever it arises.  When we don’t take responsibility for clearing out whatever is outmoded in our personal energy, abundance or healthcare delivery systems on any level—we get to see it mirrored and magnified outside of us.  Don’t forget, it’s always Our movie.


       Are these changes going to be easy?  There are always growing pains when we release what no longer serves our highest good—especially if what we’re letting go of used to feel really, really pleasurable.  But, if we stay attached to old memories instead of owning the reality of what is, the price we’ll be paying for holding on will keep getting higher.  How else can our Higher Selves get our attention that a course correction is indicated?


       Letting go is much easier when we keep in mind our true identity:  We’re all like lotuses growing though the mud of our pre-existing karmic conditions—but these conditions are NOT who we really are. They’re just manifested through our personality predispositions and habitual mental and emotional patterns which can act as miracle-gro for the deepest levels of healing—if we allow it to occur.


       There’s nothing sweeter than witnessing the show unfolding from the soul perspective with equanimity and enjoyment.   All we need to do is accept the cyclical nature of the ups and downs, gains and losses, pauses and accelerations which epitomize the Earth Game in all its ephemeral glory without taking anything personally.  And the foundation for this acceptance is a stable core of Being which we maintain through our daily mind/body and spiritual practices.



       To that end, I’m offering a very experiential workshop this Tuesday, January 5th, from 7-9 PM for women on TAOIST AND PSYCHIC EMPOWERMENT PRACTICES to help us stabilize at our core and gather our forces during this “pause that refreshes” between the Eclipses. If you can’t make it, an MP3 recording will be available, just email me to order. Click here for more info:  MP3


       Here’s the workshop description:

Come join me in learning the foundation-level standing practice of Taoist water-method chi gung which:

1.  Dissolves inner blocks.

2.  Stabilizes our connection to the Earth.

3.  Opens us to communion with the Tao, the Flow of Life.


       We will also be learning the basics of psychic self-defense which:

 1.  Develops our intuition to determine the nature of the energies surrounding us.  

2.  Seals our energy body from toxic or negative energies.

3.  Reverses the flow of energy, so we’re always fed by Source.


For more details on these practices, please click here:




Where:  the META center, 214 W. 29th St. 16th floor, between 7th and 8th Ave , NYC.  Pre-registration is preferred.  Please reserve your space at:  JoanPancoe@aol.com.  $33 in advance/$40 at the door.


        For more info about this and other workshops in the series, please click here:





       In closing, here’s the real scoop for 2010, which also happens to be the perennial philosophy:


1.  We’re all spiritual Beings in a material plane.

2.  Our true nature is pure Consciousness and Bliss. 

3.  We’re playing the Divine game of Leela in a precious human incarnation for the purpose of knowing our Self and learning how to be free within our conditions . . . We just forget.


       If you’d like more on Leela, please click here: 




“As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world, having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world.”



       In Love and Remembrance,


J   O   A   N


PS  If you’re unclear as to the karmic details of WHY something is happening to you and what the highest level response is, please give yourself the gift of a psychic phone consultation with me.  There’s no better time.  Click here for details: CLARITY NOW



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