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WORK/PLAY VARIATIONS                                               by Joan Pancoe

“If we come back into form from having merged with God, what the Buddhists call nirvana, we are in the world but not of it. We play the cosmic sport. We fill the forms though there is no one home, it is just more Leela, the dance of God.”   RAM DASS

Dear Friend,

       Let’s raise our glass and toast to Jupiter in Aries!  It’s a feel good energy that encourages us to “let our freak flag fly” and our “soul’s spirit soar” with a playful exuberance that is the hallmark of this Planet of Expansion in the sign of our unique individuality.

       Added to this theme, the North Node of Destiny is moving into Jupiter’s sign, Sagittarius, on Valentine’s Day for an eighteen-month sojourn.  There’s no better combined energy in which to go for holding the highest vision of realizing all our potentials in this life, while simultaneously releasing and dissolving any limiting beliefs that are getting in our way.

       Here’s a reminder of the criteria that can help us confirm we’re on the path of our major destiny:  

I.   We regularly experience satisfaction and contentment with our lot in life—or, at least, have had tastes, touches or glimpses of these feelings. 

II. Our passion for what we’re doing gives us the life-enhancing energy that makes us want to get up in the morning with a smile—or, at least, makes us want to get up. 

III. We are consistently—or at least cyclically—stretching and growing and evolving through our inner and outer work on this path.


       For support in making the most of these inspirational energies, I’m offering two new services:




If you’re ready to move your career to the next level or go into business for yourself, a Psychic Branding consultation will give you the guidance and clarity you need to maximize the results of your efforts. 

Everyone has a creative/vocational path that is aligned with their overall soul purposes for a given incarnation.   Joan will psychically tune in to your highest-level archetypes and karmic potentials to hold a vision for you in which your gifts and talents are fully realized.  From this, she will co-create a customized package that will be an authentic expression of your soul assignment for this lifetime. 

In addition, by studying how the planetary cycles of energy are affecting you personally and professionally . . . to continue reading, click here: HOLDING THE VISION


       For those of who are interested in allowing more love into your life, please click here:





       We’re going to get plenty of help from Saturn in stabilizing all of these visionary energies, as the Lord of Karma will be retrograding from January 25th through June 12th—not to mention challenging any over-the-top Jupiterian schemes to a major reality check on March 28th.  This means that while we’re envisioning and implementing our dreams, we’re also being given the opportunity to review, revise and bring into balance all our plans of action.


       If that’s not enough accelerating energies to be challenged by, (in a good way, of course), let’s not forget that Uranus, The Trickster Planet of Change, is starting a new 84-year cycle in Aries on March 11th.  For more on this:



               When I tuned in psychically to the effects that all of these energies will be having on us—not just planetary, but galactic as well—it became abundantly clear to me that we’re going to need to more diligently stabilize and ground our beings to utilize all of these cosmic reinforcements in the most constructive ways.

       To that end, I’m offering the next generation of psychic empowerment practices in a workshop to celebrate the advent of a new Uranian cycle on Planet Earth: 


We’re on the threshold of the next Great Age in the sign of Aquarius, which will last for over 2000 years. Aligned with this, higher frequency galactic energies are bombarding us more than ever before to kick-start the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness. 


Some of the side-effects of this intense download of energies include:  overtaxed nervous systems, strained psychic circuitry, disturbed sleep, overactive dream states, unexplainable fatigue and exhaustion, feelings of structural instability, irrational anxiety and brain fog.


In this workshop, we will learn:


I. Taoist practices to ground our bodies to the Earth to help stabilize and strengthen our nervous and psychic systems to more comfortably acclimate to these energies.


II. Psychic techniques to calibrate and step-down these energies as they move through our vertical channels so that we can become transducers and transmitters of these transformational frequencies.


III. Discriminating mind and intuition training in reading the vibrations around us, as these galactic downloads are creating fear-based reactions in many that may manifest as anger and other toxic emotions.


IV. Empowerment skills to seal our etheric bodies horizontally from negative and harmful influences and reverse the flow of energy so that we’re fed vertically from Source.


So, if you’ve been feeling overloaded by higher frequency downloads and/or drained or assaulted by lower vibrational energies, empowering yourself with this training will dramatically improve your ability to function on Planet Earth in the years to come.


WHEN:  Tuesday, March 15th, 7-9 PM


WHERE:  The Meta Center NY

214 W. 29th St. 16th floor


$35 in advance/ $40 at the door

For more info/to pre-register:



       For those of you who would prefer, this training is now available as a customized offering for individuals. For more details: EMPOWERMENT PRACTICES.



       In closing, Chiron, the Master Healer Asteroid, is moving into Pisces, the sign of Divine Love, on February 10th and Neptune, the Planet of Cosmic Consciousness, is giving us a taste of her sojourn in her home sign of Pisces from April 4th through August 4th, before moving in fully in 2012.  This means that we’re going to be getting a heart opening preview of all there is still to heal in each of us and ALL that will come from this healing—which we can experience now when we allow ourselves to get still and in touch with that place in us of pure Being and at-one-ment with Source.


       Remember, everything that’s coming up to be healed is an opportunity for growth in how we choose to deal.  And we always have free will—so we can say “YES” and “THANK YOU” to the Universe now . . .  or later.


       Sending out “Yes” and “Thank you” with a smile!

        J   O   A   N             


I DREAMT I WAS FLYING                             Joan Pancoe

“Every human being has a personal legend to be fulfilled, and this is our reason for being in the world. This personal legend manifests itself in our enthusiasm for the task.

The magic moment is the moment when a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ can change our whole existence.”

Paul Coelho

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