Mid-Winter Planetary News: MARS RX: “Are You Talkin to Me?”

January 22, 2012in Newsletter Archive

Mid-Winter Planetary News: MARS RX: “Are You Talkin to Me?”


“I Send You . . .”

   “The body is a device to calculate the astronomy of the spirit. Look through that astrolabe and become oceanic.”  RUMI

Dear Friend,

        First, it starts as a very soft whisper in a moment of contemplation or dream that something needs to change. Then, it’s slightly louder, as a mental or emotional undercurrent of uneasiness.  Next, it speaks to us as an “off” feeling of energetic imbalance.  And finally, it yells in our ears:  “Course correction indicated!” many times through the guise of physical symptoms.

        This is the process by which our Souls, or Higher Selves, get our attention that we need to adjust our inner and outer bearings.  For most of us, the subtle discomfort of our inner voice whispering to us is usually not enough to budge us out of complacency.  Nor is mental, emotional, or psychic pain.  Sometimes even chronic but semi-manageable physical symptoms of less than optimal health don’t do the job of stirring us into action either.  But physical pain, or a fear or diagnosis of a potential life-threatening dis-ease usually does the trick.  Course correction indicated, indeed!

        Now, with action planet, Mars, going retrograde (RX) in health-ruling Virgo, from January through April, we have a double window of opportunity (acronym: WOO-WOO) to make the necessary course corrections in our relationship with our bodies for the next leg of our journey before we’re forced to through an FGO (f**king growth opportunity).  Why a double window?  Because Mars rules the vitality of the physical vessel as well as our personal will and, in Virgo, he’s encouraging us to make very specific, detailed and refined course corrections in the sign that rules precision. 

Added to this, we have the continuing breakdown of external structures through 2015 and beyond with the ongoing squares between Trickster Uranus and Transformational Pluto inspiring us to get as internally stable as possible to withstand all the turbulence and flux we’ll be witnessing on the periphery of our Beings.  And Saturn, the Karmic Teacher, is stationing retrograde at the last degree of partnership-oriented Libra on February 7th, more than encouraging us to get all the lessons we need about prioritizing a nurturing relationship with Self before all other obligations.


How to optimize these Mars RX energies? Here are some suggestions:

1.  Perform a fearless and thorough inventory of the exact nature of your body karma and become willing to accept and take action to heal what you can in your relationship with your physical vessel. (If you’d like more clarity on this, please read: “Why is This Happening to Me?”  Body Karma Explained)

2.  If you’ve fallen into any level of self-destructive or life-force anesthetizing addiction, become willing to accept and take action to upgrade your addictions to life-force enhancing ones.  (If you’d like more clarity on this, please read: The Nature of Addiction—It’s Only Human)

 3.  Give yourself all the sleep your body is asking for and maximize your choices of foods, herbs and nutritional supplements so that you are continuously boosting your life-force energies. (If you’d like more clarity and guidance on this, please consider a psychic health reading:  Consultations)

 4.  There’s no better time to implement a daily mind/body/spirit practice that feeds your soul.  (If you’d like to learn what keeps me sane (haha), serene, internally stable and grounded, please check out: Taoist Chi Gung and Meditation and Taoist Practices MP3s for $20.12.)


          In the bigger picture, Neptune, Planet of Cosmic Consciousness, flows into her home sign of Pisces for the next fourteen years on February 3rd, initiating what most astrologers believe to be a signal tone from the Universe that the next Great Age in the evolution of consciousness has officially commenced.  YAY!

        The best way to describe the energies of Neptune in Pisces and how this will be affecting us is that humanity is s-l-o-w-l-y moving towards unity consciousness.  In other words:  One Being===Billions of faces. We might be thinking, “Oy, we’ve got a long way to go!” That’s exactly why it’s important to keep in mind that each Great Age lasts for a couple of millennium and we’re just beginning to develop the new perceptual skill set required to integrate the concept of no boundaries or judgment into our personal perspective on reality.

        What can we do individually to affect the mass view? Signs and signals abound that support and feed this new level of unity consciousness if we choose to look for, focus on and share them. The song, “We Are the World” (1985) is a perfect theme for this Age.

Here are some heart/mind adjustments to the screen of our perceptions that can create some major ripple effects in our personal reality:

I.  See the highest soul potentials in everyone you meet . . . especially yourself.

II. Focus on heart qualities as the most important attribute in every one you meet . . . especially yourself.

III. With the eyes of love, see all family and old friends as strangers—and see all strangers as old friends . . . especially yourself.     

IV. See all beings as having possibly been your mother in a past life–and all beings now as your children . . . especially yourself.

        For more like this, please read:

If This Were Your Last Incarnation . . . What Would You Do?


        In closing, wishing us all an early thaw in our heart/mind connections with our bodies, our Selves and our greater Being.  Better to choose this WOO-WOO now than have an FGO choose us later!  But, either way, please remember to buckle up and quiet the mind enough to enjoy the ride of this lifetime,

J   O   A   N


“I believe in the essential unity of all that lives.  Therefore I believe that if one person gains spiritually the whole world gains, and if one person falls, the world falls to that extent.”  Gandhi


PS  For a more detailed look at some of the major planetary movers and shakers of 2012, please read:

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