VENUS RX’s Love Lesson: ” Karmic Catch and Release”

March 17, 2012in Newsletter Archive

VENUS RX’s Love Lesson: ” Karmic Catch and Release”



“The magic moment is the moment when a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’ can change our whole existence.”  Paul Coelho


Dear Friend,

        Happy Spring!  We have a golden juicy opportunity for some potentially life-altering healing and growth over the next few months as Love Planet Venus retrogrades in uber-flexible Gemini.  ALL that we have ever loved—be it people, places or things—will be up for a major karmic review focused on themes of attachment, love and loss.

        This will be an especially important and intense Venus RX cycle for two reasons.  The first being that Karmic Teacher Saturn is making sure we get all our relationship lessons thoroughly as he transits (until October 5th) the final degrees of Venus-ruling Libra for the next thirty years.  The second reason is that Venus will be conjoining the Moon’s South Node of our karmic past in Mercury-ruling Gemini which will bring up everything in all the dark and secret nooks and crannies of our minds that we’ve been clinging to for lifetimes.  Oooh, you betcha!


        Here’s my take on how to make the most out of this Venus RX cycle and go for the growing pains with gusto.  The other option being:  We can choose to stay attached to long (or recently) lost loves and continue to experience chronic low-grade suffering indefinitely. 

         Traditional Buddhist philosophy is big on the concept that desire is the root of all suffering.  Well, in my philosophy, the Divine’s initial desire to know Itself created all of Us as part of Leela, Divine Play.  Desire manifested this cosmic perpetual motion machine called the Earth Game.  And, as souls incarnate, we’re designed in the Divine image to play out our range of Being as we learn how to be conscious Co-creators with All That Is.  Consequently, desire is a very good thing in my book. (Please click here for more:  LEELA)

        In addition, Buddhism teaches that we should strive for non-attachment—as attachment causes dissatisfaction with what is.  Well, on this one, a little clarification is needed.  I do believe that attachment can cause suffering if we choose to cling to what has passed and are unwilling to let go.  But, in my experience, attachment to merging with the Divine or the Beloved, in various guises, is what has brought me the most bliss.  Hmmm. 

For more on this:  On Pleasure, Joy and Bliss”  and my memoir, written under the pen name Leela Jones and now available on Kindle:   COSMIC SUGAR


        The key concept we need to comprehend is two-fold: Firstly, giving ourselves permission to fully merge, attach and enjoy what is available to be loved when it is in our presence. Then, learning how to be flexible enough in the Flow to unhook, release and fully let go—without clinging or attachment—to what is in the past and no longer available.

 Obviously, since the Earth is a plane of relative truth and everything on it is ephemeral, we’ll all need to learn this lesson sooner or later.  Isn’t free will grand?

        To practice:   Inhale and make a fist—tight, tight, tight—and then, as you exhale, relax your hand and let go of any grasping fully.  Tighten and release. Tighten and release.  Get the feeling?  With Venus RX in Gemini’s help over the next few months, we have a major opportunity for practicing flexibility in the Flow—with all that we’re still clinging to that is no more.  I’ll make a list of mine—if you’ll make a list of yours.

        When we’re not able to be emotionally flexible enough to let go of attachments when it’s time, it’s like we’ve placed a hook in our own heart that gets wrenched and pulled part when the object of our desire—whether through fate or free will—moves away.  But, if we can learn how to unhook when it’s time to let go, we’re creating an opening to allow the infinite abundance of the Universe on all levels flow into us—whereas before, with a clenched fist, there was no space for new energy to move in.  Catch and release indeed! 

        This has been and continues to be one of the hardest lessons I’ve ever attempted to master.  To enjoy fully what is—receiving and giving gracefully with an open loving heart and full attachment, merging totally with the object of my desire, seems to come naturally to me. But, when it’s time to fully release and let go gracefully—not so much.  I must admit that there have been times in the not so distant past when I’ve resisted letting go with so much kicking and screaming that I‘ve made myself physically sick.


          Adding to this mix, Mars, ruler of the action-oriented yang, male side of our natures is stationing direct in precise Virgo in mid-April and slowly picking up speed just as Venus, ruler of the yin, receptive feminine side of our being, is slowly stationing in her shadow to go retrograde.

        This means that all Spring and into early Summer the feminine and masculine sides of our Being will be undergoing a recalibration dance to right our inner yin/yang balance.  And hopefully, if we’ve used this Mars RX cycle to implement much needed mind/body/spirit practices (if not, please click here: Taoist Practices MP3s), we’ll be ready to manifest our desires on a higher level with a more discriminating mind than ever before.


Here are some of my personal guidelines for making the most out of this season’s karmic love lessons, keeping in mind that Saturn in Libra personifies healthy boundaries:

I.  What you choose to do with your life is your karmic business . . . and what I do with my life is mine.

II. What you choose to believe in creates your dream (aka personal reality) . . . just as my beliefs create mine. 

III. I don’t have to allow anyone else’s dream of suffering (of which there are infinite levels) affect my dream of joy in Being—right here and right now.

IV. I only allow others into my dream if I enjoy the way we play together and the sides of my nature they bring out in me. YAY!


        The internal balancing of our feminine and masculine energies means that, through our yin side, we can allow Source to move through us vertically without needing to control or understand It’s mysterious and wondrous workings.  And, simultaneously, using our yang discriminating mind, we always have our “YES” and our “NO” horizontally as to what feels intuitively right to act on in the Flow that is aligned with the dream we’re manifesting for the highest good of all concerned . . . especially ourselves.


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        In closing, whether we’re merging with the Beloved in human disguise—or directly with Source, the Tao, the Flow of life—may we find our bliss and heaven on earth.  May we continuously remember to practice our karmic love lessons of catch and release in the Flow or, to paraphrase my favorite Dzogchen teacher, Ngak’Chang Rinpoche:  If you are fully present with the object of your desire, then it’s yours forever.”  

J   O   A   N





“Across planes of consciousness, we have to live with the paradox that opposite things can be simultaneously true.”  Ram Dass






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