FALL 2013: Endings, Beginnings and the Secret Nature of Time

September 29, 2013in Newsletter Archive

FALL 2013: Endings, Beginnings and the Secret Nature of Time

SPECIAL NOTE:  Creating and sharing these newsletters gives me so much ongoing joy that I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my 60th birthday TODAY then sending this out to all of you.  ENJOY!

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THE OCEANIC KISS    by Joan Pancoe

“The half-life of Love is forever.”  Junot Diaz

Dear Friend,  

      Are you enjoying Life enough to experience at least moments of contentment threaded throughout your day like pearls upon a strand?  If not, why not?  And, if not now, than what exactly are you waiting for?

        After over forty years of channeling soul readings, the most commonly asked questions I hear variations of are:

1.  When is it going to end?”  (Whatever is keeping them from being content with their Life—just as it is.)

2.  When am I going to get what I want?”    (Whatever they think they need to be content.)

        And since my job is to help those who come to me get on with their karmic healing and soul assignment for this incarnation, my response to the above queries tends to focus on variations of:

1.  How to work with whatever is going on—be it body karma, love and loss, satisfying work and money or lack thereof (to name just a few)—as perfect vehicles for karmic healing and soul growth—with, of course, channeled info from preceding chapters in the soul’s story to elucidate why they’re having their particular challenges.  Or, as I’ve been known to call them: FGO’s (f**kin’ growth opportunities :).  This clarifies their situation with legitimate karmic reasons as to why their soul chose whatever is on their plate and helps the message be received in a more empowering way.

2.  How to choose to surrender to aligning the personal will with the Divine will, and hold the faith that whatever is unfolding in the Divine plan IS perfect for our healing and soul growth.  And while we’re all certainly entitled to want whatever we want, if it’s not, shall we say, for the highest good of all concerned spiritually, especially ourselves, we may ultimately be sorry we wished for it—as karmuppance is a bitch.  For more on this:

Nowhere to Hide:  Accelerating Karmuppance Just Ahead


        When I studied the planetary transits for this Fall in preparation for this newsletter, I noted that:

1. Transformational Pluto stationed direct in structure-building Capricorn on September 20th initiating seven months in which taking action to manifest our dreams externally will be supported to the fullest extent of our positive relationship with our own Plutonian energies.  For more on this: 

Owning our Inner Pluto . . . Before She Eats Us for Lunch

2.  Our bi-annual eclipse season arrives in October, the effects of which may take at least 6 months or more to completely unfold.  A full moon lunar eclipse in warrior Aries on October 18th signifies culminating situations or circumstances in which we may take a more proactive stance than usual.  And, a new moon solar eclipse on November 3rd in Scorpio, aligned with karmic teacher Saturn, signifies some serious new beginnings with long range Dharmic consequences. 

3.  On November 1st, we have the 4th of seven of the ongoing Uranus square Pluto transits continuing through 2015.  This event feels particularly potent as it is the midpoint in this series which has and will continue to manifest as major global turbulence—all for accelerating the mass evolution of consciousness in the bigger picture.  For more on this:

  Embracing the Unexpected


        Then, I started scoping out the major planetary events for 2014, as many of my clients need to know ahead of time when to buy or sell homes or businesses, marry, have surgery, or other major decisions—as knowing one’s personal transits is a very useful tool for timing.  For more on this:

Timing is Everything

 Astrological Services


        But, just as I was in the middle of preparing my notes for 2014, something BIG cracked open in my Mind!  I realized and viscerally felt how every year we ALL experience:

1. Biannual eclipse seasons of major endings and beginnings. 

2.  Personal and transpersonal planets stationing retrograde or direct—indicating optimal times for the inner or outer focus of energy. 

3.  Cyclical simultaneous challenging and smooth transit periods—individually and en masse.

        Furthermore, these energetic cycles go on for all of us in the earth game in an infinite loop that is beginningless and endless.  So, not only are we experiencing the midpoint of the major Pluto/Uranus square cycle this Fall, but that we are always at midpoint in linear time and space and beyond.

        And, since we are always at midpoint in the game in this infinite loop of arising and falling away—horizontally and vertically—it behooves us to use the midpoint of Now as our point of personal power.   For, as we become fully present in this moment, the illusion of linear time and space falls away and we exist in the Eternal Spacious Present.  And then, we can experience:

 I. Being at midpoint in all our earthly incarnations—the point of power from Life to Life always being Now . . .  and smiling.

II. Being at midpoint from formless to form and back again simultaneously in an infinite loop . . . and smiling.

III. Being at midpoint of:  pleasure or pain, loss or gain, praise or blame—as all the same . . . and smiling.


        Therefore, the answer to the quintessential question that the kid in us is always asking:  “Are we there yet?”  Is a resounding YES!  We’re always there, right here and right now, at midpoint in the infinite loop. YAY!


        In closing, if you want to make Time your friend, here are some of my personal secrets:

I.  When we don’t distract ourselves with dissatisfaction, we’re eliminating the root cause of our suffering.

II. Being content with what is—just as it is—keeps us in touch with our True Nature.

III. Once we’re living in our multidimensional identity—the wisdom of “no escape” becomes crystal-clear with a cherry on top!  Then we can simultaneously enjoy playing as cocreators in linear space and time in the Divine game of Cosmic hide and seek. For more: LEELA
        For more on our multidimensional identity:



        So, no matter how dire our personal or mass circumstances may appear at any given time, it always helps to keep in mind that the nature of 3D reality is one of ebbs and flows, gains and losses, highs and lows, ad infinitum. 

        Owning our point of power in the present moment is truly the sword that cuts thru the illusion of linear space and time and makes our relationship with Time ever sweeter. Cosmic Sugar indeed!

For more: COSMIC SUGAR (written under my pen name, Leela Jones)


        Wishing us all that daily pause that refreshes—as we are always at half-time in the Earth Game,

J   O   A   N

HUMAN BECOMING . . . by Joan Pancoe

“I am large, I contain multitudes. To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle. Oh while I live, to be the ruler of life, not a slave, to meet life as a powerful conqueror, and nothing exterior to me will ever take command of me.  Here or henceforward it is all the same to me, I accept Time absolutely.”


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