2015 COMING ATTRACTIONS: Accelerating Learning Curve Ahead!

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2015 COMING ATTRACTIONS: Accelerating Learning Curve Ahead!


By Joan Pancoe

The miracle of your being cannot escape itself. Your thoughts blossom into events. Your beliefs grow as surely in time and space as flowers do.”  SETH


Dear Friend,

         We’re kicking off the winter season with a super-charged New Moon Solstice event on December 21st AT THE SAME TIME Trickster of Awakening Uranus stations direct in revolutionary Aries. We couldn’t ask for better planetary synchronicity indicative of major new, unexpected and consciousness-expanding events coming into our personal realities and onto the world stage over the coming year.

         What does it all mean?  We’ve been in the midst of ongoing planetary turbulence since 2012 when Transformer Pluto in Capricorn began his Shiva/destroyer dance of dissolving outmoded structures with Uranus.  That’s why, in my newsletters, I’ve repeatedly advised us to buckle our seatbelts as we learn how to enjoy this accelerating ride of awakening to our True Nature.

But now, with the last two transiting squares of these powerful planets winding up and down—one on December 15, 2014 and the last in mid-March 2015— it appears as if, by Spring, we may be able to see a glimmer of what our “new normal” worldview will look like once all the dust settles.

         So, it’s more important than ever to reboot the screen of our perceptions for this new reality, so that we can optimize our opportunities for learning, growing, work and play.  AND Karmic Teacher Saturn’s move into flexible, adventurous Sagittarius on December 23rd will give us all the tools we need over the next three years for this major internal transformation.

         In fact, I would say the biggest most positive planetary event of 2015 is Saturn moving into Sag.  Why?  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of our most abundantly buoyant energies and the natural ruler of the ninth house of higher teachings, consciousness expansion and becoming a seeker of the truth.

         Since Mind is the builder of all we create and perceive—over the next few years we’ll have a golden opportunity to reboot the screen of our perceptions and recreate our personal realities in a direct equation based on how positive we can allow our belief structures about ourselves and our lives to be.

         For, if we look at the earth plane as a school for soul growth and each incarnation as a different class, than the role of the transits of Saturn is in defining our curriculum as we move through the cycles and seasons of our lives. Over the next three years, this will be especially apparent in whichever houses we have Sagittarius in natally.  To set up your birth chart for free:  Astro.com


         One of the best quotes for understanding just how positive the lessons of Saturn in Sag can be is from The Nature of Personal Reality  by Jane Roberts speaking as Seth:

“The private experience that you perceive forms your world, period. But which world do you inhabit? For if you altered your private sensations of reality, then that world, seemingly the only one, would also change. You do go through transformations of beliefs all the time, and your perception of the world is different. You seem to be, no longer, the person you thought you were. You are quite correct—you are not the person that you were, and your world has changed, and not just symbolically. When your ideas about yourself change, so does your experience.

 You get what you concentrate upon. There is no other main rule.”


         Here are some tools to make the most of Saturn in Sag’s most wondrous opportunities for karmic healing and soul growth by rebooting the screen of our perceptions in all our most important relationships with:

1.  Ourselves:  Hold the vision of our Self in its innate awakened state—and simultaneously embrace and transmute habitual mental and emotional patterns of identity—i.e. our neuroses—as unique karmic expressions of our beginningless and endless enlightenment.

2.  Others:  Choose to put love first, beyond any judgments of right or wrong.  Unconditionally supporting the other’s spiritual growth feeds our own evolution of consciousness exponentially.  

3.  Our work life:  Cultivate a tone of play and joy in Being by mindfully working with whatever is presented as our Dharma, i.e. perfect vehicle for karmic unfolding.

 4.  Life itself:  Envision optimum health and abundance on all levels as our intrinsic Being and simultaneously accept and work with whatever is presented by circumstances as our Dharmic path towards realization.

5.  The Divine:  Remember that we are always One with Source at the level of Unity consciousness, outside of the 3D tools of linear space and time.  At the level of absolute truth, there is nowhere to go but HERE and since we’ve already arrived because we never actually left, we might as well enjoy the ride of this Life!


         If you want to be prepared to make the most of 2015 and beyond, please check out my newest comprehensive look at all things Saturn:

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         In closing, here’s a year-end update of where I’m at in my life.  As a Taoist and Tantrika, I try to work with whatever is presented in the Flow of Life.  Over thirty years ago, after much kicking and screaming, I finally let go of the illusion that I could control the overall speed or direction of the Flow.  Since then, I’ve chosen to view life circumstances as perfect pre-loaded vehicles for my karmic lessons and that my default pattern of free-floating anxiety—what I call metaphysical angst—is just a perennial shell game that I choose not to play—a day at a time..

         Learning how to surrender gracefully to What Is—without resistance—has evolved into my own ongoing personal learning curve.  Now, what used to take weeks or months to surrender to, usually only takes days or hours.

         However, even though I’ve let go of the illusion of having power over the Flow, I believe that we all have absolute power over how we choose to respond to our circumstances. Through dissolving our limiting karmic beliefs about self and life as well as any habitual emotional patterns that arise, we have an opportunity to choose to be at peace with whatever arises.  AND that the tone we set within—I  cultivate equanimity and joy in being—has a naturally overflowing ripple affect in our personal reality and beyond.


         Divine grace does exist and seemingly miraculous things happen every day.  If we do our part in believing in and allowing grace and miracles to occur in us and our lives, then we’ll get to witness and appreciate all the wonders of existence.  It’s so exquisite when we get out of our own way on the ego-level long enough to enjoy our true function as cocreators.

           When we are internally clear enough, the transformation of our personal reality occurs with such speed that it feels positively magical and dreamlike—because it is.  But it takes more than just wishing it was so—whether with affirmations, or any other new age versions of positive thinking.

         My experience is that, unless and until we FIRST work with clearing our channels to Source so that we can allow abundance to flow in on all levels and claim this as our birthright, our externals will tend to reflect where we’re stuck or blocked internally. For, if we didn’t have this mirroring, how else would we learn where we needed more karmic healing and growth?  In other words:  As within—so without.

         With expansive Jupiter, who stationed retrograde on December 8th cheering us on, there’s no better time than the next four months to work on this inner consciousness-expanding transformation.

         The best way to know how we’re doing is to look around at our personal reality. If we can embrace the lessons of what is presented right now—and do the inner work to dissolve what is in us that necessitated these challenges—then we won’t need to repeat these lessons—at least, not at the same level.  For, it is also true that deeper levels of the same type of lessons may appear over and over again—if they represent karmic themes that are at the root of what we took incarnation to heal.  It doesn’t mean we haven’t done the inner work:  It’s just the next level!

          The accelerating learning curve of the quickening—i.e. planetary frequencies speeding up—is our new normal. And it’s not going to stop any time soon.  In fact, it will continue to speed up for the foreseeable future. But, working with the energies of Saturn in Sagittarius will assist us in rebooting our perspective and transforming ourselves as the ONLY authentic way to reboot and transform our perception of the new reality. It truly is an inside job.


         That being said, here are my New Year’s reminders:

I.  While I may not be able to control the Flow of Life, I can work on developing my cocreative potentials through taking actions to manifest my desires and visions.

II. Holding attachments for specific events to occur—especially on the ego’s timetable—can cause needless suffering as I have no power over changing people, places, things or circumstances—only my response to them.

III. It’s delightful to enjoy preferences for this or that on this plane of duality as an expression of my uniqueness—whether it’s chocolate or vanilla, rain or shine, pleasure or pain, loss or gain—just as long as I don’t cling to my preferences when they’re not met.

IV. Going with the Flow and gracefully embracing the lessons presented reaps the biggest karmic returns, as does letting go of the ego’s timetable, and instead, holding the faith that everything always happens perfectly in Divine time.


         Wishing us all Joy in Being for 2015 and beyond as the accelerating learning curve of the quickening continues to kick ass on the planet—AND SO DO WE!

J  O A N


“If we come back into form from having merged with God, what the Buddhist call nirvana, we are in the world but not of it. We play the cosmic sport. We fill the forms though there is no one home, it is just more Leela, the dance of God.”



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