Your Summer 2015 Soul Ripening Guide: How to Miraclegro Your Core of Total Aliveness

May 25, 2015in Newsletter Archive

Your Summer 2015 Soul Ripening Guide: How to Miraclegro Your Core of Total Aliveness

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“From the Buddhist point of view, the Chinese officer who is committing the cruel act against the young boy is initiating a new cycle of negative karma.  In the case of the child, there is a closure of a particular karma that the child is experiencing.  The perpetrator of the crime is in fact an object of more compassion and mercy than the child. “


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Dear Friend,

         How do you personally get in touch with your own unique soul?  One of my favorite ways is to relax into a state of total aliveness that is not dependent on people, places or things. This means being in a condition of inner liberation which cannot be lost—as it is independent of the passing ephemeral show.  In Sanskrit, this is called “Sat Chit Ananda:” Pure Being Consciousness Bliss. 

         If you’re interested in feeding your soul’s innate state of being fully alive, I’ve discovered a spiritual practice that works like miraclegro medicine—however, the taste is quite bitter.  But then, since the Earth Game is played in a plane of duality, unless we fully embrace the bitter, we don’t get to fully enjoy the sweet.  So, cultivating a taste for bittersweet as our new normal is a foundation level for moving to the next level of the game . . . and an essential nutriment for our soul’s ripening.


         As many of you may know, the themes of these newsletters come to me as channeled downloads, triggered by planetary energies and whatever is going on in my life—personally and professionally.

          In the last few months, I’ve been experiencing intense physical pain from herniated lumbar discs, sciatica and, consequently, problems with mobility.   And while certainly not life-threatening, my body has been screaming loudly enough to get my attention and make it a priority—and an opportunity—to heal the body karma that has arisen.


         Now I don’t believe in accidents, mistakes or coincidences.  So, in my own case, as well as with my clients, I always look to see what symptoms these “accidents” have caused to manifest, at what level of pain, triggering what karma to arise—all in order to get our attention so we can make healing a priority.

         I have found that there is really no way to avoid these—what I call FGOs (i.e. f**kin growth opportunities:))— as we are powerless on the ego levels from our karma arising, (healing our karma is, after all, one of the reasons we took incarnation).  But, we can choose to embrace our FGOs in an empowering way as pre-loaded activators for spiritual evolution that couldn’t have gotten our attention in any lesser way.

         And then, when we add on the very useful tool of astrological transits, we can see how pre-programmed planetary energies activate our FGOs within specific timeframes so we can more consciously work with them.

         In my own case, I’d known for several years that transformational Pluto was going to station by transit this Spring exactly on my Chiron (karmic wounds), in the 12th house of karma, and in the sign that rules the structure of the body, Capricorn.  And while my structural body karma has been brewing for many, many years (and lives), Trickster of Awakening Uranus squaring transiting Pluto on my natal Chiron really kicked off this particular FGO.

         Consequently, early last month, when my physical symptoms became too painful to ignore anymore, I had an “AH HA!” moment, with a very bittersweet smile. 


                  In addition, just before my body karma kicked the pain up a notch to finally get my complete attention, I had a dream that spelled out my potential coming attractions.  In this very visceral alternate reality, after a perilous journey swimming upwards through crocodile-infested waters in the cosmic ocean, I reached my final destination.  And what did I see? I saw a leper with no nose beckoning to me with a blissful countenance of total aliveness.

         It was clear to me that, if I was willing to merge with the leper, it would be the culmination of this particular karmic cycle for me.  Needless to say, at that time, I ran the other way, saying: “NO WAY!” and felt myself free-falling back down into the messiness of the human condition in the earth plane. HA! 


         So, now, while I have been working with chi gung healers, acupuncturists, rehab trainers, massage therapists and many others to heal on the physical levels, the deepest work has been on the psychic and karmic levels.

         This involves a daily practice of opening my heart to all my lives of pain and suffering—from Maria, a hunchback crippled dwarf in medieval France (whom I started walking exactly like when my body karma symptoms activate:))—all the way through hundreds of incarnations—culminating in my leper life.

         As I connect with what I call my “greatest heart hits” of all the lives from Maria through to the leper—and all the pain and suffering that opened their hearts fully with compassion for their suffering and all beings’ suffering—I can viscerally feel the deepest levels of my healing commencing—just like miraclegro.


         We all know that growing pains are a necessary part of Life.  But if we can also remember how many hundreds of incarnations we’ve suffered in and allow this remembrance to keep our hearts cracked wide open with compassion for all human suffering, then this can be a path to total aliveness—here and now.  As Maya Angelou said, referring to racial and generational karma: “Your crown has been bought and paid for.  All you need to do is put it on your head.”


         Over thirty years ago, I received a reading from my channels on the nature of pain.  It came with a personal promise that if I embrace pain—on whatever level it is presented as an opportunity for karmic healing and soul growth—and didn’t resist pain, as it is just the messenger—then there would be no need for me to experience suffering in this incarnation.

         My understanding of the utility of pain begins with observing the levels at which the soul tries to get our attention through our inner voice.  It starts with a subtle sense of spiritual and psychic dis-ease—many times manifesting through dreams and visions—whispering:  “Course correction indicated.” Then, mentally and emotionally, repeating “Course correction indicated” in a slightly louder tone.

         Finally, when pain manifests on the energetic and physical levels of the body and the soul is literally yelling: “COURSE CORRECTION INDICATED!”—we get the message and are “encouraged” to take major actions to change our ways.   


                  Accordingly, Life’s karmic lesson plan for me this Spring has been to choose to not play “kill the messenger” and thus slip into suffering, but rather work with the pain as it is presented, without aversion, while cultivating a daily practice of compassion for human suffering—starting with myself.      

         In summary: Lots of pain, lots of course corrections—YES—suffering optional. This is easier said than done.  But now, since I’ve finally created a situation where I’m backed into a karmic corner of physical pain, fortunately I know too much to see any other way out than to allow myself to fully merge on the heart levels with Maria, my inner leper, and all the greatest heart hits in-between.  Isn’t that usually the way?


         In closing, here are some of the spiritual tools I’m using daily in my miraclegro toolkit for total aliveness:

1. The Bodhisattva Vow:

 “As long as there is suffering
As long as there are sentient beings in the six realms
May I never attain Enlightenment
And never cross over into Nirvana”

2. The practice of Tonglen

“In order to have compassion for others, we have to have compassion for ourselves.”  For full details:  Pema Chodron  


3.  The only way out is through—as, in this plane of duality, the following polarities are a matched set:

From physical pain===to full pleasure on the sense levels

From loss and sorrow===to joy in Being

From metaphysical angst (i.e. free-floating anxiety)===to Bliss Absolute

For more:

 “If This Were Your Last Incarnation . . . What Would You Do?”


         In the Buddhist tradition, Nirvana is not some external divine place, but the purified state of consciousness in which we’re free of all negative emotions. Nirvana has four characteristic features:
1.  A state of cessation of disturbing emotions from one’s mind.  
2.  Absolute peace, a state of total tranquility of disturbing emotions.
3.  Exuberant satisfaction, which is free from all forms of dissatisfaction.
4.  Definite emergence, when one will no longer relapse to an unenlightened state. 

         For most of us, based on where we’re at on the karmic wheel, the most we can hope to enjoy in this incarnation is three out of four of the above criterion and that includes the vast majority of spiritual teachers and gurus.  So, if we can let go of any obsessively goal-oriented ego-need to be fully enlightened (with no return to lesser states) and off the wheel (which is actually a form of aversion to what is), then we can experience a most wonderful way to be in our bodies, our roles and the world (but not of it) and enjoy playing the Earth Game with total aliveness.


         In the end, it’s all grist for the mill of our karmic healing.  As we awaken to our timeless Self, we can choose to surrender the fear and resistance to our soul curriculum as it is presented in the knowing that it always comes with growing pains.  How could it not?

         Suffering is created to the degree that we resist reality just as it is, no matter how difficult and challenging. This is where the miraclegro medicine of allowing our hearts to crack wide open with compassion for suffering (i.e. the default human reaction to not getting what we desire) is the essential key.  It allows our love-light to shine out through our Being as a healing balm for Self which, over time, naturally overflows outward to others.

          It is then that we begin to experience the total aliveness of the maturing Soul.

         Sending out Love and Light with a bittersweet smile,

J  O   A   N

Going with the Flow   by   Joan Pancoe

“I see losing love is like a window in your heart.  Everybody sees you’re blown apart.  Everybody sees the wind blow”

  PAUL SIMON  Lyrics from “Graceland”

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