JUPITER DIRECT: Polishing the Mirror

May 1, 2016in Newsletter Archive

JUPITER DIRECT: Polishing the Mirror

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MATERNAL   by   Joan Pancoe

 “We are born and reborn countless numbers of times, and it is conceivable that each Being has been our parent at one time or another. In this way all Beings in the Universe share a family relationship.”     The Dalai Lama

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Dear One,

        Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is stationing now to go direct on May 9th in fastidious Virgo.  This will allow abundance on all levels to flow into our life to the degree that we can get out of our own way and clean up our act.

        We have until September 9th to reap all the benefits of this opportunity for a major internal and external overhaul by clearing out accumulated, unnecessary baggage that is clogging our channels to Source.

        If you do nothing else this week but review your marching orders here, you’ll be very glad you did:

JUPITER in VIRGO: “It’s Time to Clean Out ALL Your Closets!”


        In five months, when Jupiter moves into relationship-oriented Libra, we’ll be moving into a new twelve-year cycle of manifesting abundance specifically on the heart-levels.  As I always say: “If energy is the currency that runs the Universe, then the gold standard is LOVE.” 

So Jupiter is encouraging us to clean house with this coming attraction in mind: The clearer we are, the more space for Love to come into ourselves and our lives.  Incentive enough, wouldn’t you say, for all you karmic packrats out there?

        When you look into the mirror, do you like what you see?  Do you love yourself—imperfections galore—just as you are?  If not, remember that our personal realities are an expression of our relationship with ourselves and a mirroring of what we think we deserve. This gives us a clue to the deep nature of our work ahead.

        The excavation and releasing of a scarcity and/or unworthiness mentality is the master key for preparing to make the most of these Jupiterian energies between now and into the Fall.

Here are some truths to help us let go of our stuck places, called samskaras or karmic grooves in Sanskrit, that we can either be winding or unwinding:

  • There is an infinite supply of energy and abundance on all levels in the Universe, and all souls have equal access to it as their divine birthright.
  •   On the soul level, all beings are innately beautiful if they allow their Eternal nature to shine through their eyes.
  •   Linear space and time are mental constructs to help us focus in the 3rd dimension for, in reality, there is only the HERE and NOW.
  •  Our point of power to heal all karma is always and only in the Eternal Now—affecting past, present and future in an infinite radiating hologram of consciousness. 

Since the nature of the Universe is a continuous motion machine of expansion, growth and change, to the degree that we’re in sync with this theme, can we be at one with the Flow of Life, i.e., the Tao.  And as we are all microcosms of the macrocosm, to the degree that we are aligned and attuned with our inner void, or emptiness on a daily basis through a practice such as Taoist Sitting Meditation, to this degree can we continuously experience the “big bang” of new birth and creation in our lives.

        With Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, moving forward, it’s especially important to remember that risk-taking, meeting new people, trying new things and learning new skills feeds our passions, fuels our joy in being and accelerates our growth, which is why we’re in a human incarnation after all.  And conversely, if we make safety, security and comfort our priority then we’re feeding entropy, inertia and stagnation. 

    I try to learn a new skill every year to keep my mind and being thriving.  If we don’t use the gift of our life-force energies productively and creatively, then we begin wasting away and slowly atrophying.  That which we feed with our attention, intention and love grows.

    In the spirit of Jupiter in Virgo direct, here are some final tips for creating more space to grow in our external environment, by implementing an internal clearing out:

1.  Physical body clearing:  Through colon, gall bladder, liver and kidney cleansing.  For more on this: SensibleHealth.com and The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse by Andeas Moritz.

2. Energy body clearing: Through doing some kind of mind/body practices daily such as yoga or chi gung, which incorporates breath work, to discharge stagnant chi and ground the being through the root.  For more on this:  Taoist Practices.

3.  Emotional, mental and psychic body clearing:  Through working on dissolving habitual mental, emotional and karmic patterns.  For more on this: Transformation and Healing by Thich Nhat Hanh. 

        All this clearing out will facilitate new levels of experiencing the clear, fresh, pristine, pure spaciousness of our body consciousness on all levels as our innate birthright.  One of my favorite meditations—especially while floating in the ocean or looking up at the sky is: “Breathing in—I am space—breathing out—I am free.”

        Wishing us all a glorious Jupiterian time of clearing out the old and welcoming in the new, on just about every level imaginable . . . and then some!

J   o   a   n

VIBRATIONAL AT-ONE-MENT   by   Joan Pancoe               

“Impermanence is a cause for celebration. Impermanence is our opportunity to discover presence. Present moments are infinite. They will never end. We will never cease to have opportunities to start again. We will never cease to have opportunities to experience presence.” 

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

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