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“The pain later is part of the happiness now.”

From the movie Shadowlands



Dear ONE,

        There’s no better time than a lazy summer’s day to meditate on the Buddhist “Eight Worldly Concerns” of which Vedanta and Taoism have similar teachings:

“Praise and Blame

Fame and Shame

Loss and Gain

Pleasure and Pain

All the Same”

        Over thirty years ago, before I got fully into consciously witnessing the Earth Game as a plane of relative truth and duality, my favorite pastime on beach vacations was to read holocaust memoirs such as Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.  Why would I enjoy doing this?

Because there’s something about being in the midst of great pleasure, joy and bliss, which spontaneously arises from a peaceful mind and equanimity, that thirsts for the antidote of its polarity.  As if, deep down, we viscerally know that the nature of duality is that everything always comes in matched sets of polar opposites.  And it’s only the illusion of linear time which keeps these matched sets from being experienced simultaneously.

        If we’re ready to cultivate an acceptance that the “Eight Worldly Concerns” are, at the level of absolute truth, all the same, which is a master key in dissolving duality, here are some tips:

1.  Know that times of great suffering and pain on the heart levels—in all our incarnations—create a deep reservoir or capacity that can now be filled with joy.

2.   Keep the memory green of times of suffering, sadness and pain in this life or from past life recall, so when joy is arising, there will be no “survivor’s guilt” to sabotage our joy as we remember that we’ve already “karmically paid in full” by experiencing the opposite emotion already.

3.   When in the midst of great joy, if we open our hearts wide enough to experience the fullest range of our human emotional repertoire, including loss and sadness, without attachment or aversion, the space/time continuum dissolves and we are in the Eternal Now.

4.   Remember that one of the purposes of our reincarnational cycles of development is to experience and expand our fullest range of being.

5.   Work on opening to this range by becoming One with others and all of Life, as part of our personal or horizontal range of development, as well as transpersonally or vertically, with the Divine, Source or the Tao.

6.  Ultimately, as horizontal and vertical development dissolve and there is no differentiation between inner and outer, all that remains is our True Nature of resting in Self in the Eternal Now.  This is what is called in Sanskrit Satchitananda—pure being, consciousness, bliss.

        For more on this:

 If This Were Your Last Incarnation, What Would You Do?

On Pleasure, Joy and Bliss


        How do we practice cultivating our fullest range of Being?  When we’re in a place of great joy, we need to remember: “This too shall pass.”  And when we’re in a place of great pain, suffering, sadness or loss, we need to remember: “This too shall also pass.”  How could it not be so?

        This way of being in the world is possible if we cultivate nonattachment and maintain the witnessing perspective of the Soul.  The more we cling, the more suffering arises. The key is to be fully in the moment, with no grasping or desire for more and with no resistance or aversion to what is.  Then we can fully enjoy the infinitely changing game of Leela, Divine Play, in all its wondrous, timeless, unique permutations.  For more on this:  LEELA

        Personally, I’ve experienced, in the midst of weeping at a great loss, the spontaneous flipping of this toward its polarity:  uncontrollable laughter at the joy, bliss and perfection of it all.  And sometimes this cycle can continue to reverse—back and forth—for some time, until I am virtually cried and laughed out, leaving me in a place of equanimity and peace.

        Conversely, in the midst of the greatest pleasure, joy and bliss, especially through Tantric and Taoist energy practices, including dual cultivation with a lover, I have been simultaneously aware that, while the energy and heart circuits we create as vehicles for Divine communion are infinite, the ephemeral nature of any Earth plane connection through our personalities, bodies and physical senses will always fall away within linear time.  How could it not be so?


        While most of these channeled newsletters are triggered by external events—whether from planetary energies or from themes that my clients activate—this one seems to have been primarily generated by my own issues. This newsletter was initiated by downloading the lyrics to the song “Summertime Sadness,” along with one of my all-time favorite quotes from the movie “Shadowlands.” 

Currently, I’m in the midst of a summertime of great joy in being on all levels, personal and trans-personal, while simultaneously healing a painful load of body karma, including herniated discs from an old horseback riding accident and just last week, the worst case of food poisoning since my spiritual pilgrimage to India in 2007.  After the purging, I experienced the greatest psychic opening in this life to date.

Similarly, throughout this Spring and Summer, I’m also in the midst of the most massive ongoing psychic opening, highlighted by a rewiring or upgrading of my channel system to handle higher frequencies than I’ve experienced in any incarnation to date, which in itself is cause for rejoicing.

 However, this is causing daily meltdowns or dissolving of what no longer serves my evolution and feels as if my little self is disintegrating into the inner void.  As well as, at times, discomfort in the nervous system/psychic circuitry as the new energy is loading in through September.    

        For more, please check out:

  Why Is This Happening to Me? Body Karma Explained,

And Taoist and Tantric Practices


Right now astrologically, with Chiron the wounded healer/teacher stationing retrograde in cosmic Pisces on July 3, we are receiving energetic planetary support for healing our karmic attachment or aversion to specific emotional patterns—called samskaras, or karmic grooves in Sanskrit.  This includes habitual emotional ruts of identity, especially for those of us addicted to only pleasurable sensations and emotions or to, more commonly, karmic ruts of identity involving variations of pain, suffering and loss.

        I go into these karmic patterns in detail in my memoir:  Cosmic Sugar

        In addition, spiritual Neptune is also retrograde in oceanic Pisces conjoining the South Node of our karmic past through November 19, this encourages us to activate, review and bottom out on our karmic ruts and evolve in an upward evolutionary spiral by choosing to let go of attachment and go for the fullest human range of Being.

        The last of the outer planets to retrograde is trickster Uranus, who stations retrograde on July 29.  This means that All the outer planets will be encouraging us to go within.  That’s possible with some unexpected stimulus from transformational Uranus in combustible Aries, to help us loosen our grip on attachments to old emotional patterns that no longer serve our growth.


In closing, if you or a loved one are in a place of suffering, it’s good to remember, not just that this too shall pass but also, that it is possible to allow the self to feel more than one emotion at a time. That means we can feel the simple moment-to-moment joys of inner peace through spiritual practices, communing with nature or loved ones, simultaneously while going through a period of loss and mourning.

        And if you are going through a summer season of great joy in Being, in order to make the most of enjoying it fully by consciously and continuously utilize the Tantric practice of remembering that: This is the first time, this is the last time, and this is the only time this experience will ever come my way.  So enjoy it fully in the Eternal Now.  Then there will be no karmic residue of regret for not having been fully present by sabotaging or distracting ourselves with our little self’s monkey mind or clinging to or attachment later for what is no more.

Of course this is challenging, as is everything with the biggest soul growth payouts.  And cultivating a taste for bittersweet is required. But because the optimal purpose of a human incarnation is to continuously evolve, Life will give us everything we need in perfect Divine Order to support our growth.  Even though sometimes it feels like chaos, but that is part of the Divine plan too.

        Wishing us all a summer of pure aliveness through embracing our fullest range of being and becoming,

J   o   a   n

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