JUPITER in LIBRA: “And in the End, the Love You Take Is Equal to the Love You Make”*

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JUPITER in LIBRA: “And in the End, the Love You Take Is Equal to the Love You Make”*

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VENUS and JUPITER   by   Joan Pancoe

“In love’s circle there’s another kind of serenity; in love’s wine, another kind of hangover. What you learned in school is one thing, love is something entirely different.” RUMI

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*Title quote is from the Beatles’ final lyrics.



        I couldn’t be more elated to share with you that, on September 9, consciousness-expanding Jupiter moves into relationship-loving Libra for thirteen months, setting up a theme of:  Cultivating WISDOM through LOVE.

Traditionally, whichever area of the life Jupiter is transiting through lays a foundation for a 12-year cycle of positive energy and abundance on ALL levels to flow in.  In the last year, while Jupiter was moving through Virgo, these vibrational energies had quite a different focus and theme.  If you’d like to review how you did in the last Jupiter cycle, wrapping up this week, please read:

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For a comprehensive look at all things Jupiter (and its shadow side), I encourage you to check out:


Owning Our Inner Jupiter


        This means that, for each of us, it will be a red-letter year for wherever Libra resides in our birth charts.  This is especially true for those of us with our ascendant or personal planets in Libra—the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars—in addition to the other air signs of Gemini and Aquarius.  It will bring in an abundance of love through all our bonds—with ourselves, others and Life itself—as well as an opening, expansion and growth of our heart/mind (Taoist don’t differentiate) in all our affairs.

        If you’re not familiar with your birth chart, you can get it here for free: Astro.com

For a brief description of the houses:  Astrological Symbols

For a more thorough view:  Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology


        If you’d like to make the most of this Jupiter transit, an astrological reading from a soul-level karmic perspective is a highly useful tool.  A reading allows you to be more awake and alert to the timing of opportunities coming your way for abundance on all levels.  And you especially don’t want to miss the “love bus” if it stops at your door, just because you’re distractedly looking in another direction.

Once you know which areas of your life will be positively highlighted this year, especially through the people you attract, you can focus more energy and attention there. This is a brilliant way to consciously create and optimize the abundance that is your divine birthright and allow it to flow into those parts of you and your personal reality that Jupiter in Libra will be shining on through October 2017.

So if you’ve been thinking about gifting yourself or a loved one with an astrology reading from a unique psychic perspective—or are due for your yearly transit update—it’s the perfect time!



        On September 30, the transit of Jupiter in Libra kicks off in earnest by setting an exceptionally encouraging tone when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun, because it occurs simultaneously with transformational Pluto stationing direct.  This means that we may witness events on the world stage that offer some glimmers of an optimistic, heart-centered nature.  For just as we cultivate more compassion and loving kindness in our personal reality—which the Buddhists call bodhichitta—so too will this affect evolution of the mass consciousness in a very hopeful way through the ripple effect.

How do we make the best use of this most glorious transit of Jupiter in our relationship with ourselves, significant bonds and all of Life?  Most importantly, we need to make it a priority to place loving, nurturing acts with friends, family, and mates at the top of our to-do list on a daily basis. 

        And if we really want to expand our range and grow, we need to cultivate the view of all others in the world as part of our larger human family, beyond judgements of right or wrong.  This means maintaining the soul-level perspective that we are:  ONE BEING with billions of faces, all made up of the same divine, co-creative energy and consciousness.

        For more on this, please review my last newsletter, as we are still in Eclipse Season through mid-September:

TRIPLE-ECLIPSE GLOBAL MENTAL HEALTH ALERT: “It’s Time for the Witnessing Protection Program!”


         Jupiter is the ruler of the 9th house, which governs our philosophy of life, search for the truth, higher teaching and learning, communications on a mass scale, as well as consciousness-expanding journeys.  With Jupiter in Libra, we need to ask ourselves whether it’s more important for us to be:

1.  Loving rather than right.  As we evolve, this becomes viscerally self-evident on the heart levels.

2.  Truthful rather than dishonest.  This includes sins of omission, especially for selfish reasons such as fear of loss, with the exception of ruthless sharing that could harm a loved one.

3.   A giver rather than a taker.  There’s nothing as heart-expanding as the experience that making others happy gives us the most happiness of all.

Cleaning up our acts in relationships in the above areas by being loving, truthful and generous as our spiritual credo IS the karmic wind beneath our wings and the high road spiritually.  And that’s a sure thing!

        The downside of misusing our Jupiterian energies, as Jupiter is prone to excess, is to waste or squander them by being greedy, self-indulgent or delusional in our dealings with ourselves and others.

    For example, if Jupiter is transiting our Sun or Moon, especially if it’s reinforced by also being there natally (i.e., in the birth chart), there could be a tendency to overdo things—as Jupiter rules expansion, sometimes without limit.  It could affect our ego/Sun by making us behave arrogantly—mentally, emotionally and spiritually—and cause karmic repercussions down the road.

This is also the case when Jupiter is transiting communications-ruling Mercury, causing us to have a case of “big head,” where we promise more than we can deliver and suffer burn-out and brain drain by over-extending our mental capacities.

If Jupiter is transiting our emotions-ruling Moon, it could exacerbate any tendencies to overindulge to the point of giving us a hangover or making us sick or depleted by abusing whatever our addiction of choice is, and this includes being profligate with our resources.  There is also the tendency for Jupiter/Moon to give us an expanding waistline, especially if we’re prone to emotional eating natally, as well as causing karmic repercussions down the road.

When transiting Jupiter is activating our vitality-ruling Mars, caution is required so we don’t deplete our life-force energies, by taking on too much, and injuring ourselves, by being over-confident with what our bodies are capable of achieving.

Also, since Libra is ruled by Lover Venus, we need to watch out for overindulgence of the erotic varieties, particularly if no heart bond is involved, causing karmic repercussions down the road.

For more on this:

The Nature of Addiction—It’s Only Human

        Elements of excess in both the Jupiter/Sun and Jupiter/Moon conjunctions, by transit and natally, may also arise with Jupiter transiting the Libra ascendant, or persona, as our ascendant is one of the primary vibrations with which we interact with others and in our relationship with Life, along with the Sun and Moon.

But it is, nonetheless, a great boon to have a Jupiter transit over our ascendant, or rising sign, signifying many new and fortunate contacts and events coming into our lives.  This is also true with those with Jupiter-ruling Sagittarius rising natally, as then Jupiter rules the chart and has more weight, unless it is otherwise severely afflicted in the chart.

    So, in all of the above areas ruled by our personal planets and ascendant that affect our personal desires and lower chakra functions, we need to consciously reexamine the motivations behind our actions and take responsibility for them, as too much of a seemingly good thing in the short run can cause—you guessed it:)—karmic repercussions down the road.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Yes, I admit, I’m a Libra with Mercury/Neptune/Saturn/Part of Fortune all in Libra in a stellium (i.e., all working together synergistically) on the 8th/9th house cusp of metaphysics, higher teachings, and all things psychic, not to mention, erotic:).  Added to this, my natal Jupiter in Gemini is trine (i.e., flowing) with this stellium in the 5th house of romance, risk taking and creativity.

Earlier this year with Jupiter in Virgo transiting my 7th house of committed partnership, I followed my personal astrological reading (for, if I don’t, who will?:)) by posting an online dating profile.  Almost immediately, I manifested a quite rare meeting with a twin soul and, consequently, have never been happier.  YAY!


        In closing, if you’re ready to manifest more love in your life, there couldn’t be a better time than with Jupiter in Libra. Especially since the ongoing transit of soulful Neptune journeying with the South Node of our karmic past in the culminating sign of Pisces is amping up these probabilities exponentially. This indicates the triggering of fated past-life encounters with the potential for a most positive outcome and very beneficial karmic returns.


        Accordingly, I’ve developed a special offering for just such a romantically lucky time as this:


For full details:  CLICK HERE


If you’re already in a loving relationship with a mate, there also couldn’t be a more propitious time for moving deeper into intimacy or reigniting the soul-level spark that brought you together in the first place.  For couples, I offer Taoist and Tantric dual cultivation practices as well as astrological readings (synastry and composite) to move your relationship to the next level of conscious synergy.

For full details (scroll down these pages):

Taoist and Tantric Practices for Couples

Astrology Readings for Couples


        Wishing us all a heavenly Jupiter in Libra year of making love with all of Life as we cultivate an ever-expanding tolerance for allowing more pleasure, joy and bliss in than ever before . . . and then just a little bit more. 
     Smiling with glee,

J   O   A   N

  “Out of eternity I turn my face to you and into eternity  . . .   We have been in love that long.”   RUMI

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