Mid-February Heart/Mind Preview for Lovers: An Eclectic NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE Offers a Totally Fresh Perspective on All Our Affairs

February 4, 2018in Newsletter Archive

Mid-February Heart/Mind Preview for Lovers: An Eclectic NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE Offers a Totally Fresh Perspective on All Our Affairs

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HEART OF FIRE   by   Joan Pancoe

“The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar as we laugh together, you and I, in one form upon this earth and in another form in a timeless sweet land.”  Rumi

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Dear Heart,

        There’s nothing like a New Moon to set the tone for the coming month.  And there’s nothing like a New Moon Eclipse to set the tone for the next six months and beyond.

        This February 15, there’s a Solar (i.e., New Moon) Eclipse in Aquarius, which is ruled by Trickster of Awakening Uranus in newness-loving Aries. Some key words for Aquarius are: intuitive, unpredictable and innovative.  The day before, Valentine’s Day is in the dark of the Moon in Aquarius, which gives us all a unique opportunity to set a new tone going forward with all those we love.

This New Moon Eclipse is especially positively aspected, as it is conjunct the Sun and Mercury, square Jupiter and sextile Uranus, indicating some brilliant creative ideas coming to us like lightning bolts.  Lover Venus is sextile Karmic Saturn as well meaning that healthy boundaries and self-respect are highlighted in all our affairs of the heart.

        Furthermore, we’re in the midst of an unprecedented period of just over two months in which ALL planets are in forward motion, signaling full steam ahead in all our endeavors. This period of warp-speed momentum runs from January 2 when Uranus stationed direct until March 8 when Jupiter stations retrograde.

        The bi-annual Eclipses, which most always come in pairs, ratchet up the intensity as they turbo-charge us into the future by setting up the major themes we’re going to be dealing with—personally and en masse—over the next year.

This means that, in addition to the New Moon Eclipse coming up, we just had a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31, conjuncting the North Node of our dharmic destiny in magnanimous Leo. In my last newsletter, I wrote that this bodes very well for 2018 being the year in which righteousness and good prevail over any dark forces that have been dimming the Light of the mass consciousness.


When I meditated on all the above astrological factors, especially with Valentine’s Day in the center of them all, I realized that now is the perfect time to reboot our perspective in terms of how we view those whom we hold to be most precious in our hearts.

Many times, in long-term relationships with loved ones— friends, family and, especially, romantic partners—so much baggage and history get accumulated, that we lose the objective capacity of viewing them with a totally fresh eye.

One of the most pertinent Tantric practices for us to utilize now teaches us to maintain the witnessing perspective in all our relationships: “See all friends as strangers and all strangers as old friends”.  This means seeing loved ones as if we are meeting them for the very first time with no history and no baggage. Conversely, it also means seeing all newcomers in our life with an open heart as old soul friends, without resorting to any preconceived notions or judgments that we may habitually use to give us an illusion of control.

In addition, and perhaps even more relevant now, please consider trying the Tantric practice I live by every day with my mate: Be with your loved ones as if:  This is the first time, the last time, the only time.”  Making our daily mantra: “First time, last time, only time” when we look into each other’s eyes is the sweetest, most precious thing we can do for our self and our partner as it keeps our soul-level bond completely fresh in the Eternal Now.

Before the acceleration of planetary energies in the last decade or so, which I call the Quickening, that has sped up all of our opportunities for conscious awakening, it was harder to break out of emotional and mental habitual karmic patterns of relating. 

In fact, it might’ve taken something such as going on a long journey far away from those we hold dear to give us enough distance to clear the screen of our perceptions so that we could appreciate all that we have in life anew. And sometimes, it is only after we’ve lost our loved ones, one way or another, that we fully realize how truly priceless our deepest karmic heart bonds are.

But now, the good news is that with the energies of this current Eclipse season, as well as all the other contributing factors I’ve mentioned, we have a rare opening to see clearly the imperfect perfection of our loved ones in the present moment.

 This reboot of the screen of our perception also applies not just to whomever we love, but also to whatever we love—be it our work, hobbies, pets, homes, nature, ad infinitem.  This is the ideal time to focus on not taking any of what we love for granted.

We get to choose whether to allow our heart/mind, (the Taoists see these as one operating system), to become stagnate, stale and plateau out, or embrace the “fresh eye” Tantric practices I’ve shared as the key to making the most of these unique energies coming our way.

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In closing, no matter how good our primary love relationship is, most of us have, at some point or another, wished it were different than it is.  And for those of us currently “in-between engagements,” some will desire to be partnered anew after their dance cards have been empty long enough. Then, they too may wish for their mate to be somehow different than he or she is.

         How do we get out of this seemingly endless loop of “the grass is always greener” or “if only” cycles of not embracing reality whole-heartedly just as it is in the present moment?  

        The ancient mystics had the answer.  They knew that their primary relationship is with All of Life.  Then Life itself becomes not only our most important guru or teacher, but also our Lover.  The Taoists call it becoming One with the Tao or the Flow of Life.  In Tantra, it’s called merging with Source or the Divine—and there are literally hundreds of practices within each of these spiritual traditions which allow us to make Love with all of Life.

        In Taoism, there are five forms of meditation:  sitting, standing, moving, lying down and sexual practices.  Except the last, all are greater vehicles for becoming one with the Tao directly, without the necessity of having a partner.

        So too, in Tantra, about 80% of the spiritual techniques involve using one’s perceptions, emotions and senses without any intermediary.  In both, we can experience a non-ephemeral blissful merging with All of Life that is totally within our empowered choice to make.

        For most of us, the easiest way to start on this path is by opening our hearts to the Soul of the Earth through communing with Nature. To start, pick a beautiful place to sit.  As you breathe in the energy of a tree, a flowing river or the sun rising in front of you— simultaneously open your heart and just smile. Then repeat.  When we do this daily, as expansively and as often as possible, we’ll begin to be in Love with Life again—as we spontaneously remembers how good this feels.

        While this technique is also taught in Buddhism as a form of mindfulness meditation, all variations originally come from the most ancient paths of Taoism and Tantra.  If you find this intriguing, here’s a reading list to get you started:

Spiritual Practices Reading List

 The next step, if you’re ready to delve more deeply, may be in seeking out a spiritual teacher of these types of meditation near you.  If you’re in the NYC area, please explore more here:

Taoist and Tantric Energy Arts

         Once we’re maintaining our primary Love relationship with All of Life on a daily basis, we have what I call our “cake.” Then, if we also have a preference for enjoying playing the game of life by sharing it with another, as many of us do, we would call that the icing on our cake.  Either way—it’s yummy.

         Once we’re filled with cake, and not overly attached to needing the icing—which comes and goes and is beyond our control after all—then a love relationship with another Soul incarnate—is raised to a whole new level.      

    As we raise our game, it moves us higher up on the “energy food chain,” allowing us to choose a partner from a place of overflowing juicy heart energy rather than a lonely, half-empty space of needing to be fed, which only creates power struggles sooner or later.


This place of fullness on the heart levels naturally shines out through our eyes and is the definition of true soul-level charisma.  And, let us not forget, water seeks its own level—and self is always meeting Self.

        Wishing us all a totally new, rebooted, fresh perspective in all our affairs!

J   o   a   n


“In the Mahayana, love and affection are largely based on free love, open love which does not ask anything in return. It is a mutual dance. Even if during the dance you step on each other’s toes, it is not regarded as problematic or an insult. We do not have to get on our high horse or be touchy about that. To learn to love, to learn to open, is one of the hardest things of all for us.”  Chögyam Trungpa


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