YOUR 2018 TRIPLE ECLIPSE DOWNLOAD SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to Safeguard Your Sanity with the Witnessing Protection Program

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YOUR 2018 TRIPLE ECLIPSE DOWNLOAD SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to Safeguard Your Sanity with the Witnessing Protection Program

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 Before the Fall   by   Joan Pancoe

“How strange—all living beings have the fully awakened nature, but none of them knows it.  And because of that they drift and sink from lifetime to lifetime in the great ocean of samsara, in suffering.”  The Buddha, at the moment of enlightenment.

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Dear One,

This Summer we’re in for an exceptionally powerful and rare triple Eclipse Season.  The bi-annual Eclipses, usually occurring in pairs, always ratchet up the intensity, sometimes uncomfortably, as they set up the endings, beginnings and themes which play out over the following six months and beyond. But this time the intensity will be off the charts.

        While we do have two partial New Moon Solar Eclipses, one on July 12 and the other on August 11, the one I’ve really got my eye on is the TOTAL Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27.  Why?  Because the force of it, especially since it is EXACTLY conjunct Mars RX and the karmic South Node in quirky Aquarius, could bring out more mentally disturbed players on the world stage looking to blow things up (because they’re exploding on the inside) than in your usual news cycle.

        The volatile nature of this Eclipse season is exacerbated by the ongoing planetary energies (especially the Mars/Uranus square) stirring up more and more instability in terms of earth changes, as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the like will be on the rise.  So, we’ll have both this summer:  Man-made and nature-made disruptive unpredictability in terms of events on the world stage. 

        Adding to this, there’s a growing awareness that more people are imploding rather than exploding by taking their own lives. This has been highlighted recently in the news with some beloved public figures choosing to check out and drop their bodies before their physical vessels had totally given out—but perhaps not before their mental states made them feel as if they had hit a brick wall.   (Please note that  alcohol, recreational and/or prescription drug abuse is, many times, a contributing factor here.) For more:  The Nature of Addiction—It’s Only Human

        In my private practice, I’ve been dealing with suicide from a psychic and spiritual perspective for over forty-five years.  This includes loved ones left behind who are in need of closure, solace and clarity after their loss, especially when there have been no glaring warning signs.

Clients also come to me who are thinking of checking out due to unmanageable pain, incurable illness and body disintegration to the point where they feel that there is no quality of life left for them. They’re concerned with the karmic ramifications and seeking permission on this level of operations for their end of life decision.

In many cases, but not always, I’ve counseled to wait until the pain or dysfunction of the body becomes almost intolerable to bear as there may still be karma to heal with self and loved ones in this final unwinding time that is especially ennobling to the soul.  Sometimes the karmic lesson has to do with learning how to be vulnerable and receive care from others as an empowered, positive choice which heals and opens their hearts like nothing lesser could.

When I’ve asked them later, just before they’ve finally dropped their bodies, if they regret their decision to postpone ending their lives, they’ve all told me that their last year was worth the ride in terms of emotional and spiritual value fulfillment.

        In working with teenagers or young adults contemplating suicide, usually sent to me by their parents, I offer them a karmic perspective.  And that is:  While taking their own lives will certainly give them a break from the emotional, mental and psychic pain they’re presently feeling from internal formations and/or external circumstances, sooner or later whatever is unresolved in them at the time of their death may still need to be dealt with in some future incarnation.

This viewpoint gives them a more informed, galvanizing choice: To either shelve their issues by dropping their bodies and give themselves a respite from their pain or choose to go through whatever they’re going through now. Knowing that they’ll have to deal with any unresolved issues in another lifetime anywayand that they’re just postponing the inevitable—inspires them with the message that “The only way out is through.”

 Many times, the impetus to check out comes from intense and painful emotional states which feel, not just out of their control, but as if they’ll go on forever.  I share with them how to mindfully witness their emotions arising as separate from their identity and learn how to breath out and dissolve these uncomfortable feelings, as well as encouraging them to borrow my absolute faith that “this too shall pass.” This empowers them to stop feeling hopeless despair over their fate going forward.

 It’s also useful for them to know that, as the laws of karma play out, they will usually have less to work with in a reincarnational do-over than what is available now in their toolkit of inner and outer good fortune. This allows them to focus more on what they do have to be grateful for each day.

 I’ve also worked with many clients diagnosed as “on the spectrum”—whether as children, teens or adults—who find the world “too much for them.” The incidences of this type of development has skyrocketed in recent decades.

While many such personalities might not wish to fully check out, most do feel the need to be home-schooled, medicated or, in extreme cases, locked away to protect themselves from the assaultive nature of modern-day life.  These souls are always very psychically and emotionally sensitive but don’t yet know (or remember) how to use this gift in a positive way. 

I was similarly affected in my late teens and early twenties, as my psychic gifts cracked open at age nineteen. I felt as if I were a psychic sponge in the company of others and, especially out in the world, was prone to being of a high-strung, nervous disposition.  But then I received channeled energy practices, as well as learning Taoist grounding exercises, that have allowed me to enjoy functioning as a trance channel in NYC for over forty-five years as a final karmic exam, if you will.

 Once I’ve taught my personal psychic empowerment practices with these sensitive ones—calibrated for their level of development—they have all been able to function in the world in an empowering way, many for the first time, without needing medication to anesthetize or buffer themselves from the mass reality. For more on this:



       This Summer’s Eclipses, combined with other astrological transits, signify a time of escalating upheaval, chaos and revolution as outmoded repressive structures threatening individual liberty disintegrate all over the planet and, simultaneously, fear-based resistance to these structures falling away rises up in ideologies such as an over-zealous nationalism and a fascism-disguised populism.

  At present, we’re in that phase of the “spiritual cha-cha” where it may seem as if we’re moving more backward into the shadows than forward towards faith, love and light in the mass consciousness.  Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s a cyclical cosmic dance, after all.

In the Vedic system, we’re in the midst of the darkest of spiritual ages, the Kali Yuga which, while continuing for hundreds of years, transitions in 2025 to a time with a glimmer of Light, according to some scholars.  Synchronistically, 2025 is also the year that transformational Pluto moves into Aquarius, shifting the energy toward a cycle of beginning to rebuild on the ashes of what needed to be destroyed so that new seeds of growth in the mass consciousness can be firmly planted.

  My psychic read on how best to, not just survive, but thrive during these times of increasing chaos in the Earth Game is to cultivate being in what I call: “The Witnessing Protection Program.” The foundation-level attitude adjustment that is required to move into this witnessing mode is to accept the reality that everyone on the planet is mentally ill; it’s just a question of degree.

Or as Mark Twain said: “When we remember that we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”


My definition of sanity is based on one’s ability to maintain one’s primary identity from the witnessing perspective of the higher self or soul. This means being able to see objectively beyond duality and judgment to the bigger picture of unity consciousness in which we’re all one Being with billions of faces, each playing out our karma through cycles of incarnations in the earth plane.  This infinite process of soul evolution in the Vedic tradition is called Leela, Divine Play, or what I like to call:  Cosmic Hide and Seek.  For more on this, please readLEELA

  Based on this definition, all forms of religious fundamentalism, racism, misogyny and bigotry that pit us against each other are quite high up on the scale of mental illness as they are fear-based, reactionary survival mechanisms arising from frantic egoism and ignorance of our true nature.  This means that the mass consciousness has “a l-o-o-ng way to go, baby” in the getting sane or mentally healthy department.

How do we deal with a world in which we find ourselves surrounded by various forms of madness?  I’ve found that the Taoist philosophy of going with the Flow, or Wu Wei, is the most helpful, as it provides an internally peaceful view which naturally allows for a very long-range perspective on the whole Earth Game to permeate our relationship with Life as the ultimate guru.

Here’s one of my all-time favorite quotes on Wu Wei by Alan Watts:

“When a cat falls out of a tree, it lets go of itself, becomes completely relaxed, and lands lightly on the ground. If the cat made up its mind that it didn’t want to fall, it would become tense and rigid and would just be a bag of broken bones upon landing.

“In the same way, it is the philosophy of the Tao that we are all falling out of a tree, at every moment of our lives.  As a matter of fact, the moment we were born we were kicked off a precipice and we are falling and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

“So, instead of living in a state of constant tension and clinging to all sorts of things that are actually falling with us because the whole world is impermanent, be like a cat. Don’t resist it.”


The witnessing perspective is the optimal protection from being infected by the tone of the mass consciousness, which is always the lowest common denominator—particularly so now in the Kali Yuga.  For, if we’re still following the news at all, we’ll be witnessing more and more chaos, as some who are mentally ill act out life-and-death dramas that trigger pockets of mass hysteria to arise. We can also expect more reports of seemingly “surreal” acting out as if we’re watching an alternate universe or twilight zone based on fake news and fear (false evidence appearing real) in certain sectors of the population.

Would you like to know where you stand on a spiritually based mental health continuum? For a baseline read, check out these spiritual truths and contemplate how self-evident they are to you:

1.    All beings are part of one greater divine Being.

2.   The Universe is made up of energy and ALL energy is conscious.

3.  The gold standard of energy is love in all its forms.

4.   Everyone is doing the best they’re capable of, and no one on the personality level chooses to be mentally ill.

5.   We’re powerless over other people’s karma playing out; therefore, all we can do is take care of our side of the karmic street and set a tone of equanimity in the Flow.

6.  Cultivating bodhichitta—i.e., compassion and loving kindness, without judgment for those who are suffering due to illness in body, mind or spirit—is taking the highest road spiritually.


On the above theme, here’s a poem from the witnessing perspective of the Soul:


Seeing the sicknesses as the teachers, pray to them.

Sicknesses are coming to you by the kindness of the masters and the Three Jewels.

Sicknesses are your accomplishments, so worship them as the deities.

Sicknesses are the signs that your bad karmas are being exhausted.

Do not look at the face of your sickness, but at the one (the mind) who is sick.

Do not place the sicknesses on your mind, but place your naked, intrinsic awareness upon your sickness.

This is the instruction on sickness arising as the Dharmakaya.

The body is inanimate and mind is emptiness.

What can cause pain to an inanimate thing or harm to the emptiness?

Search for where the sicknesses are coming from, where they go, and where they dwell.

Sicknesses are mere sudden projections of your thoughts.

When those thoughts disappear, the sicknesses dissolve too….

There is no better fuel (than sicknesses) to burn off the bad karmas.

Don’t get into entertaining a sad mind or negative views (over the sicknesses).

But see them as signs of the waning of your bad karmas and rejoice over them. 

By Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa (1729–1798)

From Apparitions of the Self: The Secret Autobiographies of a Tibetan Visionary by Janet Gyatso (author)


With Psychic Neptune already in his annual five months retrograde cycle this Summer until November 24, whispering, “Go within,” the veils between planes become especially porous. So, it’s a very good season to dive into the cosmic ocean of consciousness, also known as the 6th dimension or the causal plane.  (My ongoing therapy clients know that I call this the Flow State.)  For, not only is the water Divine, but the Flow State is also one of the best levels of consciousness to reside in while maintaining the witnessing perspective if we want to enjoy stable mental health and fully appreciate the show.  For more:  NEPTUNE in PISCES: The Urge to Merge . . . and Then Some

 For those of you who’ve never felt like the Earth is “home” and would prefer to be elsewhere than in the density of the 3rd dimension, it’s usually because your development is primarily alien (i.e., more than 51% in other dimensions). I’ve worked with many such clients and they’re always greatly relieved to have their alien roots confirmed. I joke that at least 30% of my client base is alien and, yes, the painting at the top is a self-portrait:).  “Phone home,” indeed!

The important thing to remember, if you self-identify as an alien, is that you’re here to round out your soul development through the reincarnation cycles of the earth plane. Your challenge will be in embracing having a physical body, human emotions and working within the illusions of duality, separateness, as well as linear space and time.

For much more on this:  ALIENS ARE US

For those of us who live on the borderline between planes of consciousness and who primarily identify as a multidimensional light being having a human incarnation, daily spiritual and energy practices are essential.  They make it possible to be mindfully present in the Eternal Now or Spacious Present without distraction so that all illusions of linear space and time naturally fall away.  This allows us to experience being in all dimensions simultaneously, as the only thing actually separating them is the frequency one is vibrating at. Then there is truly nowhere else to go. 

For more on all thisPSYCHIC THERAPY


In closing, the more deeply we reside in the witnessing protection program, the more we’ll experience our consciousnesses expand exponentially as we continuously evolve and move higher on the spiritual mental health continuum.  From living from our souls in 5D and higher, we will come to know unequivocally with our full heart/mind these key concepts:

1.   Everything is always happening perfectly in the Divine plan.

2.   All structures—internal and external—need to cyclically break down and fall apart before there can be a transformational rebirth from the ashes.

3.  Inner stability can only be cultivated and maintained through some form of daily spiritual practices.

4.  Setting an inner tone of equanimity in the Flow affects our personal reality and beyond with the ripple effect.

For more, please see:

Taoist Practices and Spiritual Practices Reading List

 Enjoying the Earth Game in all its wonders and horrors without judgement is only possible if one embraces the perspective from the Void (also known as the 8th body of consciousness in Taoism) or from the Buddhist concept of emptiness as the ground of Being.  As all dimensions or planes of consciousness (i.e., form) arise and fall away spontaneously and infinitely in every moment out of formlessness.  Then, everything that happens in 3D can be viewed as a “plus:” Pure aliveness and adventures in learning how to be cocreators.

Now more than ever, it’s important to remember that we always have free will in how we choose to respond to our personal and racial karma as it arises, and this choice determines our individual destiny as well as affecting future probabilities en masse in terms of accelerating the evolution of human consciousness.

With divine orderly chaos running rampant as the new normal, I’m reminded of a quote by Ram Dass: Wise beings can be peaceful in the midst of chaos, experiencing delight in the changing play of forms.”

 Wishing us all some of that as OUR new normal!

     J   o   a   n


“We can change the world, definitely. The problem is that we don’t smile when chaos occurs to us. When chaos occurs, even within that chaos, we can smile which cures confusion and resentment. Do you understand?”


For more:  50 Best Quotes




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