JUPITER DIRECT/URANUS RX MIDSUMMER DELIGHTS: Alertly Relaxing into the Cosmic Ocean of Unpredictable Unpredictability

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JUPITER DIRECT/URANUS RX MIDSUMMER DELIGHTS: Alertly Relaxing into the Cosmic Ocean of Unpredictable Unpredictability

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“We can change the world, definitely. For the warrior, every moment is a challenge to be genuine, and each challenge is delightful. When you let go properly, you can relax and enjoy the challenge. Chaos should be regarded as extremely good news. When chaos occurs, even within that chaos, we can smile which cures confusion and resentment.”  CHOGYAM TRUNGPA

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Dear One,

        On Sunday, August 11, we’re going to be on the receiving end of a very cool, very unusual and, for some of us, very disconcerting planetary event: The simultaneous stations of Trickster of Awakening Uranus going retrograde and expansive Jupiter going direct. So, mark your calendars!

This synchronized occurrence will be affecting us in very positive but also very unpredictable ways. That’s why, to make the absolute most of this rare astrological experience, we need to be awake, alert and open. Then we’ll have the best chance to be on the receiving end of what I foresee as a complete reboot of our internal operating systems as well as the viewing screen for our projections and perceptions of all levels of reality.

I’m really looking forward to this reboot as I underwent a complete system shutdown of ALL my internal operating systems during the Total New Moon Eclipse in Cancer on July 2 on my natal Moon.   Since then, I’ve been functioning from a place of more inner emptiness than ever before as my new normal, which is kinda cool. However, I’m still looking towards August 11 for some sort of totally fresh and new operating system to be installed . . . or not:). 


As Uranus stations retrograde, it kicks off a five-month period of unpredictable energies catalyzing changes deep inside our Beings.  And, when combined with the simultaneous direct station of beneficent Jupiter, the synergistic effects bode very well for the way in which these trickster energies will be shaking us up to wake us up.  In fact, with Jupiter in Sag, I predict a good probability of major “AH-HA” moments of enlightening wisdom for those of us who are open and ready to receive these downloads.

This internal gift package of rebooting and awakening will provide the necessary ballast for emanating a heart/mind tone that “ALL IS WELL” in our view of the bigger picture, which we’ll then be able to naturally transmit outwards to affect the mass tone in the ripple effect.

This function of ours to affect the energies of the planet is becoming more and more challenging because the mass consciousness will continue to be more and more split.

Consequently, it will be up to each of us as an essential part of our soul purpose/karmic responsibility/dharmic path to choose a long-term perspective with a predominate heart-tone of Faith in the Light to prevail, rather than a fear-based belief system in which dark forces take over.

Mind is always the builder of reality.  Therefore, from the absolute, objective view of the Witness or the Void everything is a mental construct, not just in 3D, but in all dimensions of consciousness in which any, even subtle, variety of form is available to be played with. In other words, as the ancient Tantrikas say: “When I go to sleep, I swallow the entire world, and when I awake, I spit it back out.”

 This means that we get to choose which side of this perennial split we want to play from as we invest our energies as cocreators in nurturing our personal reality, as well as contributing to the mass consciousness in the Earth Game.  Everybody gets a vote that matters—what’s yours?

In my experience, when someone chooses to believe that dark forces have the power to take them or the world over, it’s because they haven’t yet owned their own dark side or shadow.  And instead, they’re projecting their repressed or denied individual dark energies (which we all have) outward towards a dark version of reality or others that they believe they’re powerless over. As Carl Jung says:

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.  Such a man knows that whatever is wrong in the world is in himself, and if he only learns to deal with his own Shadow, he has done something real for the world. He has succeeded in shouldering at least an infinitesimal part of the gigantic, unsolved social problems of our day. Anyone who perceives his Shadow and his Light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle.” 

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 For much more on this, please read:

“Owning Our Inner Pluto before . . . It Eats Us for Lunch”

This denial of one’s inner Shadow comes from a place fueled by fear, powerlessness, ignorance and unresolved karmic PTSD.  And this deep woundedness can make one feel susceptible and vulnerable in a negative way.

Thus, when one is unable to perceive dark energy or entities as mere mental constructs or projections, there is a tendency to succumb to paranoia and invest in conspiracy theories which, of course, are running rampant on the internet, as the mass consciousness is always the lowest common denominator. For more:

Shocks to the System Are Triggering Karmic PTSD in Everybody

Therefore, compassion is required in our view as well, as this split in the mass consciousness will be a signature theme which epitomizes the Kali Yuga as we move deeper and deeper into this New Age of more Darkness and more Light.

The good news is that, once we’ve done the inner work to heal our trauma, reclaim our Shadow and transmute it through the heart into the Light, we can literally just blow away any negative influences as we maintain healthy psychic energy fields with the power of our Mind.  But first we need to believe it’s even possible for us to do this.  For more on this:

Psychic Empowerment Practices

And here’s a timely quote from Pema Chodron from her book, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times, which may just blow your heart/mind open, especially since it’s from 1997:

“When the rivers and air are polluted, when families and nations are at war, when homeless wanderers fill the highways, these are traditional signs of a dark age. There’s so much resentment and so much resistance to life.  In all nations, it’s like a plague that’s gotten out of control and is poisoning the atmosphere of the world. Practicing loving-kindness towards ourselves seems as good a way as any to start illuminating the darkness of difficult times.”

For much more on this: Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga (Darkest Age)

  Because this schism will be playing out over the next few millennia, in terms of the probable evolution of consciousness of the race, it’s extremely helpful to cultivate a veeery long range Taoist perspective on the whole Earth Game as it is now unfolding in the Flow:).

In other words:  yin/yang, light/dark, good/evil, samsara/nirvana, form/formlessness and bliss/emptiness are all just natural opposites or polarities that exist simultaneously in this 3D plane of duality and relative truth and are all ONE and inseparable at the level of absolute truth in the Eternal Now, Source, the Divine or the Tao.

Linear space and time are fundamental components of the Earth Game as they form a structure for us, like a playpen, while we are learning how to be cocreators.  This allows us to awaken and evolve sequentially without being overwhelmed by experiencing everything all at once in infinite dimensions, which I call “unrelenting spaciousness.”

Some of us have had glimpses of this more absolute level of reality, glimpses of enlightenment, if you will, as Arjuna did in the Bhagavad Gita when Krishna opened his mouth and showed him a visceral glimpse of the terrifying nature of absolute reality.

 The cosmic joke is that, while spiritual seekers avow to be seeking unrelenting spaciousness/absolute reality as the goal or prize in the enlightenment game, it’s also simultaneously quite a dangerous proposition to present to the little self/ego.  A little dab will do ya, ha-ha.

Bhagavad Gita Quotes by Lord Krishna

I will address this split in the mass consciousness more in the Fall newsletter. But, in the meantime, if you have not yet owned your full range of power (especially including your dark side) and transmuted it all into the Light of right use on the heart levels, please know that it’s human nature to always choose the lesser pain rather than go for the clean, sharp growing pain of owning our own stuff.

This can translate into projecting the darkness out into mental constructs of scary, dark power coming to get you—be it by aliens, possession by evil, discarnate entities, or political, societal, and medical “machines,” and so forth.  For more:


 In working with clients over the past 45 years with these types of fear-based mental constructs from unresolved karmic PTSD, one of the keys is to help them recognize the difference between relative 3D reality/truth which becomes illusionary when viewed from a higher-dimensional, more objective perspective, and learn how to be able to hold a split-screen of both levels of reality.

As we live in a relative plane of relative truth, our beliefs may feel like the truth.  But if we actually question our beliefs from the higher perspective of the Witness or Soul, we can only acknowledge that we can’t be 100% sure what we believe is the absolute truth, even if it is legitimately based on past trauma.

 Then we can loosen our ego’s grip on these fear-based projections, using the mantra: “That was then and this is now.” Past-life regression therapy is a very useful tool in viscerally experiencing this mantra in our psychic bodies and understanding that our point of power is always in the present moment.  Then we can consciously choose the level of truth that best serves our evolution in a positive upwards spiral.

Here’s one of my favorite stories that epitomizes this:

When Marpa, the great Tibetan meditation master and teacher of Milarepa, lost his son he wept bitterly. One of his pupils came up to him and asked: “Master, why are you weeping? You teach us that death is an illusion” And Marpa said: “Death is an illusion.  And the death of a child is an even greater illusion.”

Personally, since I view Life as the ultimate Guru and everything that happens as fuel for awakening, I experience all misuse of power/dark energies in the world as a form of spiritual resistance training whose function is to keep pushing at me, to make me spiritually stronger and even more committed to spreading the Light.

 From a karmic/soul level perspective, sooner or later we all learn right use of power through lives of misuse and by being a witness and/or victim of this misuse.  So right now, in the Kali Yuga, there’s a whole lotta of learning going on!  

Since learning, healing and growing are why we’re here in Earth School after all, perhaps the next time you witness fear and powerlessness arising when looking out at the world, it’s time to ask yourself: “What’s the lesson?”  And, if the lesson is discerning what we have power over and what we don’t, in terms of owning our power to affect the mass tone, what’s your vote?  And this is a very important vote, as it will determine your karmic destiny.

  So, it’s not only when I witness suffering in the world that I say “There but for the grace of the goddess go I,” but I also say it, especially these days, when I see misuse of power from the dark side of human nature.  In fact: “Been there, done that, have the t-shirt:)”!

For those of you who still feel attached or compelled to playing at being the karma police, by going after all the bad guys “out there” through vengeful actions, rage or judgment, maybe it’s time you consider retiring from that function.  That is, unless you are consciously choosing it as a means of distracting yourself from your own healing, growth and awakening.

I promise you, we really don’t need to worry about dark forces getting “theirs” because, while the wheels of karma may grind exceedingly slow and fine, they do grind, as part of the Universal Law of cause and effect.   Or, as the Dalai Lama so eloquently put it:

“From the Buddhist point of view, the Chinese officer who is committing the cruel act against the young boy is initiating a new cycle of negative karma.  In the case of the child, there is a closure of a particular karma that the child is experiencing.  The perpetrator of the crime is in fact an object of more compassion and mercy than the child. “


Whenever Uranus stations, (the last RX was on August 7, 2018 at 3° Taurus and again this August 11 at 7° Taurus), there are always significant planetary ramifications, in addition to the individual effects.

For example, when Uranus first moved into earthy Taurus on May 15, 2018, ongoing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions began on the big island of Hawaii.  This set up some of the themes that we’ll be experiencing throughout the entire seven-year transit, which fully commenced in March 2019 and will last until 2026. 

Recently, since January 6, 2019, when Uranus stationed direct, we’ve had more earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wild fires and heatwaves all over the planet, with no let-up in sight.  This has been especially exacerbated by the heavy-duty eclipse season just past, but is still resonating with external and internal shake-ups, courtesy of Uranus in earthy Taurus, among other factors, especially global warming.

 All this instability is to wake us up to what is to come.  For, if there are no major course corrections in the way humanity as a whole nurtures its relationship with Gaia, Earth, as the Mother, but rather continues to take advantage and abuse Her with radiation, pollution and global warming, then we’re witnessing the opening scenes of our “New Normal” in terms of earth changes.

The direction the mass consciousness is evolving towards is still “up in the air.” This is the primary reason why our vote to consciously affect the mass tone is so imperative in the ripple effect.

 I’ve always envisioned the darker Kali Yuga probabilities playing out as if the Earth, as a conscious entity, shakes off humans like fleas off of a dog’s body. If this scenario triggers more feelings of internal insecurity on the personality/little self/ego levels than we’ve felt before, in this or perhaps any incarnation in quite a while, we can thank Uranus in Taurus, among other planetary influences for that. 

Uranus’s function is to agitate anything—internally and externally—that has become too safe, secure, rigid or stagnant.  His energy awakens our Divine yearnings and disturbs our complacency with the conditioning of society.  He uses the shock of crisis, chaos and emergency situations to “encourage” us to remember who we really are and why we’re really here.  For more on this, please read (especially the addendum): 

Embracing the Unexpected: Everything You Wanted to Know about Uranus (But Were Afraid to Ask)

        Leonard Cohen’s lyric, “There is a crack, a crack in everything—that’s how the Light gets in,” is especially poignant and pertinent now as there’s gonna be a whole lotta Light coming in:  More cracks in the culture, political systems, infrastructure, as well as cracks in our beliefs and in our bodies.  This is especially so with the building conjunction of heavy hitters Pluto and Saturn in January 2020, which we’re all already feeling.

         All of this “divine orderly chaos” on the world stage is, in truth, a spiritual opening in disguise, or what I call an FGO (f*ckin growth opportunity :)). Why?  Because there has always been a very thin line between madness and mysticism, or spiritual madness, if you will, but especially so these days. So, if you feel as if you’re going slightly insane, consider it as a good thing, in preparation for our reboots, as we welcome the crazy-making Uranus RX station of 2019!

        In all the great Eastern spiritual traditions—from Tantra and Vedanta, to Taoism and Dzogchen—there are a multitude of meditation practices for working with dissatisfaction and uncomfortable feelings around the chaos of life in an ephemeral plane, as well as on the themes of death and dying, emptiness, formlessness, inner space and the Void—but in modern Western religions—not so much.        

        Physicists’ and astronomers’ research have finally caught up with the innate wisdom of ancient seers: There’s a black hole, or Void, at the Galactic Center of our Universe out of which all forms of life have emerged, from the planets to us—and into which all forms will eventually return.

         But since all time is, in actuality, going on simultaneously—emptiness and form are unceasingly arising out of each other in a beginningless and endless infinite loop.  Our job is to ultimately learn how to play the Earth Game from a place of emptiness and form concurrently. 

         Or as Ram Dass so eloquently says:

If we come back into form from having merged with God, what the Buddhist call nirvana, we are in the world but not of it. We play the cosmic sport. We fill the forms though there is no one home, it is just more Leela, the dance of God.”

And from Pema Chodron:

“Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.”

For more on this, please read: LEELA


        Here are some quotes from a few of my favorite spiritual paths which corroborate this view:

 Dzogchen: “Emptiness is the essence of being. It is this emptiness which allows us to manifest. Emptiness is the most salient quality of what we are—it is the ground of being.  Energetic being arises from this emptiness as the play of energy, and material being arises from this energy as the play of form.”  Ngakâchang Rinpoche

Taoism: “The Tao is like the eternal Void:  filled with infinite possibilities. Empty yet inexhaustible, it gives birth to infinite worlds.”   Lao Tzu

 Vedanta: “Emptiness is not really empty.  Emptiness is full of everything.  The ‘everything’ just isn’t manifest.”  Ram Dass


        Physicists say that the Universe is made up of energy that is never lost, it just keeps changing form.  But Tantrikas take it to a whole new level by teaching that:  

“All energy is conscious.  Consciousness permeates everything—from a grain of sand to every cell in our bodies—from inner space to outer space to the infinite Void.” 


         Here are some suggestions as to how to integrate this view into our personal realities, which will help set the tone for the mass consciousness:  

I.  Cultivating awareness that, as microcosms of the Universe, we contain within us an inner Void that’s infinite and thus can only be truly filled by that which is also infinite:  Source, the Divine, the Tao, or the Flow of Life.

II. Imagining that, from the perspective of the Void, everything that arises in the 3rd dimension of form can be viewed without judgment as a manifestation of pure co-creative aliveness—in other words, Leela, Divine Play.

III. Maintaining an ever-present mindfulness of death and dying as an integral part of life makes each ephemeral moment that much more precious and poignant.  

IV. Owning our true nature as multidimensional Beings having a human experience and remembering that the Void is the foundation out of which all dimensions continuously arise.

As we savor the delicious wisdom that comes from living from the timeless perspective of the Witness, we can allow our Beings to emanate the tone that “All is Well” at each stage in our journey, regardless of external pressures, permeating our personal reality with an ever-expanding peaceful influence. 

Going forward, as we embrace the thin line between madness and mysticism, form and emptiness, stability and chaos, light and dark, we may feel as if we’re learning how to stay balanced on a journey along a rope bridge, as thin as a razor’s edge dipped in honey, as it sways over a bottomless abyss.


On a lighter note, on August 24, we have a planetary line-up in detail-oriented Virgo of the Sun, Mercury and, especially, an exact conjunction of Lovers’ Mars and Venus forming a flowing trine with Uranus.  This refined dance in Virgo will be affecting our personal reality, especially within our most intimate relationships.

To make the most of these discerning energies, we need to be flexible in the Flow and let go of any control issues or perfectionism, like not caring if the “souffle” fails to raise.  Then, we can enjoy a delicious tango with some new twists and turns available to be explored with our partners, or in our primary relationship with Life itself. 


In closing, here’s a famous story about a lute player who was discouraged with his meditation practice and went to the Buddha to ask for instruction.

“What happens when you tune your instrument too tightly?” the Buddha asked.

“The strings break,” the musician replied.

“And what happens when you string it too loosely?”

“When it’s too loose, no sound comes out,” the musician answered. “The string that produces a tuneful sound is not too tight and not too loose.”

“That,” said the Buddha, “is how to practice: not too tight and not too loose.”


Wishing us all the joy in Being that comes from feeling balanced—not to tight and not too loose—at the midpoint in an infinite loop outside of linear space and time,  



 “The failure and success of plans simply gives us an opportunity to experience failure and success as the ornaments of equanimity.”   Ngakâchang Rinpoche




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