CRAZY WISDOM NEWSFLASH: What Kind of Mad Mystic Launches A Website Amidst So Much Global Chaos?

May 10, 2020in Newsletter Archive


“All madmen may not be mystics, but all mystics are mad. By mad, I mean they have gone beyond the mind. The madman may have fallen below the mind, and the mystic may have gone beyond the mind, but one thing is similar. Both are not in their minds.”  OSHO

Dear ONE,

I’m overjoyed to announce the launch of my brand new, state-of-the-art, safe and secure, mobile-friendly website:  JoanPancoe.com!   

Inearly December 2019, I was informed by my life partner, who works in IT, thatmy old website (birthed in 2009 after nine months of labor) would basicallydisappear by the end of 2020, as it runs on Flash and would no longer be supportedby Adobe. I went into shock as I realized: “The jig is up!”

Since2000, I knew I should eventually have some sort of online presence (with aNorth Node of Destiny conjunct my Ascendant at 29˚ Capricorn in my birth chart),but resisted as long as I could.

 In fact, for the first twenty-five years of myvery private practice, by personal referral only, I didn’t even have abrochure, only a business card.  On itwas my name, phone number and logo, an open-ended infinity sign—that’s it! Whensomeone called to book a reading, I first subjected them to the 3rd degreeabout who sent them to me—talk about contact tracing:)!

 It took until 2008, when a dear friend bought abirthday gift of my domain name with a year of web-hosting, that I knew the jigwas up for the first time, as I don’t believe in wasting anything, if possible,as a karmic imperative.  That’s when allmy past-life fears of going public really started coming up.

 As I started creating my first website, mykarmic PTSD got triggered in a major way, although it had been simmeringbeneath the surface unhealed all along. I began to viscerally remember all the incarnationswhere I got whacked for being an astrologer, oracle, channel, seer, sage,prophet or healer.

Added to this, I’m still slowly recovering from a high-techand computer phobia, (and no, even now, I don’t own a smartphone:)).  Furthermore, here are some of the other occupationalhazards I’ve developed as a trance channel, evolutionary guinea pig andmystical mutant:

  • I have little or no depth perception or balance.  That means walking down a flight of stairs feels like falling into the abyss, so handrails are definitely required, and bike riding is seriously accident-prone, even when out in Nature).
  • I was born with mechanical dyslexia.  This means that, while I’m ambidextrous which helps, I also naturally confuse left from right, up from down, and in from out.  So, driving a car is not such a good idea, as I tend to confuse the accelerator and brake and have capsized more than one sailboat by forgetting which way to turn the rudder to come about.
  • When I observe other people with my x-ray psychic vision, I see their full range: All their past lives and alien development, all the way down to the state of their colons.
  • On the days when I do the deepest trance work of soul readings, I can only fully function from my left brain before I activate full psychic power in my vertical channel—which I call the galactic autobahn:). Afterwards, fuhgeddaboudit.
  • I have what is called ligamentous laxity, meaning that my body’s skeletal integrity is very loose, exacerbating my structural body karma issues. My Taoist teachers have said that I was “too loose” and that all their Western students were “too tight” except for me. This yin fluidity of my body calls to mind past lives when I was a Mast (god intoxicated) in India, and my particular siddhi (psychic gift) was being able to disperse my physical body to the four corners and beyond.
  • All electronic devices tend to freeze or malfunction around me when I’m running high psychic frequencies (all the time, these days). This includes watches, dive computers, PCs, recording devices and forget about Skype, Zoom, etc.)
  • Dwelling outside of linear space/time is my normal operating mode of Being.

So,all of the above being stated for the record, I’m grateful that major progresshas been made over the last decade in regards to my computer/internet phobiaand the underlying karmic PTSD which fuels it.

This time, the creative process of designing a website from my psychic visions was accomplished with much more exuberant joy and delight and with much less karmic fear and angst.  And, of course, the launching of this website would not have been remotely possible without the wisdom, patience and outstanding tech support again from Vasken Kalayjian and his team. 

Infact, as I write this announcement, I’m feeling a tone of bittersweet equanimityin the Flow, with a strong dash of cosmic humor.  That’s because my channels keep reminding methat, while I’m projecting my authentic “brand” out into the world, at the sametime “nobody’s home.”

I’ve always felt there’s a very thin line between madness and mysticism, or spiritual madness, if you will.  In fact, Robert Hand, the world-famous astrologer and author of some of the most classic astrological textbooks, had a look at my birth chart, many moons ago, and interpreted it to mean that: “If you hadn’t found your way to being a trance channel (since 1972 at the age of nineteen) it looks like you probably would have ended up in a psychiatric back ward somewhere.

So, needless to say, I’ve my own uniquetake on the relative truth of the Earth Game, and maintain a primarilyTaoist/Tantric/Vedic/Dzogchen mixed-blend perspective on Reality. I feel most athome in multiple dimensions while simultaneously being fully embodied in the physicalbody, thanks to decades of daily Taoist grounding practices.

 “Earthto Joan” was what friends called out to me to get my attention in my twentiesand, now in my late-sixties, my partner and twin soul gets my attention by shakingmy feet, looking into my eyes, and saying “Nobody home!” while we mutuallysmile.

  Within 24-hours after my soul mate and psychicpartner, Jim Rush, dropped his body in 1997 after 27 years of collaboration onall levels, he came through with a message that contained one of the mostilluminating confirmations of my function which I’ve ever received.

Firstly, Jim apologized for alwaysteasing me about my sobriety and trying to get me to get high or have a drink withhim. (I now have over 38 years clean and sober).  Then he said: “From the other side, I cansee that your channel is crystal-clear because you have no alcohol or smoke in yoursystem. But your most important gift is not the clarity of your channel, but ratherthe tone of enthusiasm for the human adventure which you’re able to transmit toothers.”

Shortly after this message, Jim took meon a trip in a very lucid dream where I viscerally experienced alldimensions and all time going on simultaneously.  It was terrifying and yet, at the same time,something that I’d been waiting for my entire life.  I call this state of expanded consciousness“unrelenting spaciousness” and it has been my daily touchstone to the truenature of Reality ever since. Jim said he wouldn’t be taking me on a trip likethis again for quite a while because “You like it way too much and you stillhave work left to do here.”

For years, I’ve been calling all the “divine orderly chaos” on the worldstage a spiritual opening in disguise, or an FGO (f*ckin growth opportunity:)).  And, at this particular time on the planet, we have an especiallyprecious opportunity for awakening to our true nature.

Thepresent pandemic is triggering an existential crisis in all of us and is actuallyone of the major reasons our souls chose to incarnate at this time in humanhistory: To be part of the vanguard in birthing a New Age in the evolution ofconsciousness (built upon the ashes of the old) in our relationship toourselves, each other and Gaia.

Carl Jung wrote: “In all chaos there is acosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” 

 ChogyamTrungpa said: “We can change the world, definitely. The problem is that wedon’t smile when chaos occurs to us. When chaos occurs, even within that chaos,we can smile which cures confusion and resentment. Do you understand?”

In his book Crazy Wisdom, Trungpa Rinpoche describes this state of consciousness as: “Fresh, sparkling and completely awake.”  In other words, it’s like witnessing the world, in all its infinity variety, with the wonder of seeing it as if for the very first time.

His description of crazy wisdom reallyresonates with me because I’m still as much in love with the phenomenal worldas ever, taking as much delight in the diversity of human nature and Nature asalways. 

Here’sa sneak peek with my “official” bio; the unofficial one is listed above:)

I’ve designed the site to bevisually trippy, kind of like my paintings of alternate realities, but with no hallucinogensor mind-altering substances required.There’s an ancient book containing the Akashic Records rising from thedepths of the cosmic ocean withanimated dancing sea snakes, flowing sea grass, an overflowing treasure chestand a pearl just for you.

 As an avid diver and snorkeler, on almostevery page there’s an array of dozens of continuously rotating underwater images.All these visuals make me so gleeful . . . I hope they’ll put a smile on yourface too:)!

So, whether we’ve met before in this life−inperson, on the psychic plane or that meeting is yet to be−I hope you’ll derivepleasure from exploring all the nooks and crannies of this little taste of thecosmic ocean of consciousness and find some hidden riches there.  My wish is that the energy and ideastransmitted through this portal provide some entertaining, enlightening andnourishing food for your soul.

I’m presently hard at work on my Summer 2020 Triple Eclipse Alert Newsletter, which should be going out to subscribers by early June. In the meantime, please enjoy delving into my newest creation, which includes a new Media menu, a Photo Montage of my life to date, as well as revamped “Writings” and “Newsletter Archives” sections for easier access.

Now may be an especially good time to read one or two of the writings articles or newsletters in the archives as part of your daily spiritual practice. So, dive in; the waters are crystal-clear.  And, in the spirit of Leela, never-ending cosmic play, I hope you’ll visit often, as this portal will just keep expanding.

In closing, I would love to schedule a phone session to help you make the absolute most out of these extremely challenging times. Please check out my Services menu and feel free to reach out to me by phone or email anytime to discuss creating the perfect customized session for you or your loved ones.

Breathing deeply and sending out pure aliveness with a smile,

J   O    A   N


If we come back into form from having merged with God, what the Buddhist call nirvana, we are in the world but not of it. We play the cosmic sport. We fill the forms though there is no one home, it is just more Leela, the dance of God.”   RAM DASS



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