The earth plane is one of many schools for soul evolution. Each lifetime is a different class. In-between incarnations, any unresolved karmic baggage weighs our souls down and keeps us from flying high in other dimensions. In other words, we’re bound by the wheel of karma which pulls us back into countless incarnations to learn the lessons which can only be taught from within the human experience.

Imagine the earth plane as pristine and untouched before souls began incarnating here. Through time, each action of every soul has caused an equal reaction which needs to be brought into balance, so we ultimately leave the earth plane as pristine as we originally found it. If we multiply this by an almost infinite number of souls incarnating, one catches a glimpse of the universal karmic law of cause and effect in action. With this concept in mind, cultivating a very long-range perspective about the whole earth game allows us to relax and enjoy the show much more.

The Taoist view of going with the flow is helpful in diffusing the goal-oriented tactics of the ego/mind and allowing events to unfold with equanimity and peace. Buddhist philosophy is also valuable, as it sees all that happens here as an infinite simultaneous arising of form out of formlessness. And, in Vedanta, this reality is Maya, i.e., illusion, and our true eternal nature is in that which is beyond duality‒formless and unchanging: Sat Chit Ananda: Pure Being, Consciousness, Bliss.

Adding to this is my favorite screen through which to witness reality, which is derived from the most ancient tantric teachings of India: All is Leela, i.e., cosmic or divine play. This means that our relative plane of duality‒with all its creations, including us‒is a manifestation through which the creative Source energy of the universe seeks to express and know itself. In other words, we’re in a perpetual game of cosmic hide-and-seek.

So, how do we get off the wheel of karma or, as some of my clients ask, “Why would we even want to?

This brings us back to how free we are when not incarnate to fly in higher frequency planes of consciousness. And, not only that: The less karmic baggage we carry, the more our souls can shine through more easily while we’re here. Then, our little self, ego/personality becomes a translucent tool that the Soul, aka the Witness, can utilize as needed to function skillfully in the earth plane.

With each successive incarnation in which we choose to evolve rather than devolve, (and yes, we always have a choice), this allows us to have more free will in choosing a higher quality incarnation the next time around.

Yes, that’s right. We get to choose the circumstances of our birth. From the soul perspective, we tend to be very courageous in choosing very challenging conditions and quite difficult lives where there is the most potential for burning karma and growing our souls. The more life pushes against us as a form of spiritual resistance training‒the stronger we grow.

One of the trickier parts of the game is at the time of our births. That’s when a portion of our soul consciousness enters the baby’s body as it’s coming out through the birth canal. There’s a moment when our consciousness becomes locked in for the ride of this incarnation. This is what I call the “Oh, shit, what have I done! moment” when we’re struck with the enormity of the task we’ve taken on. Immediately following this moment, comes the “master erase” when we’re moved into “deep cover.” In other words, we’re on assignment, we’ve just forgotten what it is‒and the game of cosmic hide-and-seek begins again in earnest!

At any given time, the vast majority of the human race is under deep cover. After we die, when we drop our bodies and our soul reviews the incarnation, we just left to see how we did with our original intentions. There’s a lot of metaphorical head-smacking and saying, “Shit, now I’ll have to do it all over again.” Accordingly, our karma continues to wind and the wheel turns. Not surprisingly, since the deep cover rule applies until we become awakened to our true identity and purposes while in an incarnation.

Adding to this, every time we don’t fulfill our mission, not only do we have a “do-over,” but the laws of karma dictate that the next life becomes a little more difficult by giving us a little less to work with, as an added incentive to encourage us to get on with our lessons.

My function (and bliss) in this incarnation is in assisting souls in remembering why they’re here when they’re here. In other words, I’m a catalytic agent for awakening from deep cover. All my offerings to clients are to facilitate this on different levels.

My role is also in cultivating the optimal trans-personal emotional tones in myself and others. These are: enthusiasm for the adventure of awakening to our true nature which is Source, or home in the game, joy in Being and an embracing of Leela, in which all forms are aspects of Divine Being and becoming.

From the soul perspective, we’ve chosen all our circumstances, no matter how challenging‒from our astrology charts to the factors of our birth and childhood‒as perfect vehicles to activate our karma so it can come up to be healed. Now, how empowering is that?

Once we accept responsibility for our life circumstances, there’s much less resistance to making karmic healing and soul growth our first priority. Then, everything becomes grist for the mill, and the alchemical gold of awakening to our true nature becomes our sustenance.

To the degree that we accept responsibility for our conditions, to that degree are we free within them. Beyond this, what else is there to do, but pass it on and enjoy?

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