For the early years of my psychic development, I owe a debt of gratitude to Gene Hardesty, Dagmar, the initial psychic groups, my first therapy clients, Suzanne Mauer, Irene Politis and, above all others, for his continuing love and support, James Rush.

I want to thank Robert Hand for giving me confidence in my intuitive gifts as a trance channel and karmic astrologer. And to Michael Lutin for his support in helping hone my skills in communicating these gifts. Their astrological wisdom through their books, websites, and articles continues to be a source of inspiration.

For my Taoist training, I owe Bruce Kumar Frantzis gratitude for his priceless teachings and to his students, Susan Rabinowitz and Frank Allen, for carrying on his lineage in NYC. I wish to thank Shen Hongxun for being my first teacher and many thanks to Lam, for helping me to heal myself.

For his ethereal sounds and for empowering me to own my inner guru and much more, I owe unending thanks to Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, Master of Naada Yoga.

I also have immense appreciation for Ngak’chang Rinpoche for his Dzogchen teachings. His ability to articulate and transmit the true nature of reality transcends all lineages.

Last but not least, I have ongoing gratitude to Dr. Avery Manchester for over twenty-five years of support with the pure heart/mind energy, equanimity and peace of mind that he emanates.

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