Joan Pancoe appeared in the A&E/Biography channel documentary series, The UneXplained.

In this show, you’ll get to watch Joan doing past-life regression therapy over the course of ten months with a 380-pound man with a chronic weight problem. He reconnects with his inner warrior and releases his karmic attachment to a larger body-type than what is needed for this life. You will see him dramatically transform himself with sparing and kick-boxing as he frees up his energies to expand and conquer the business world instead of struggling with extra poundage.

Here’s a 22-minute video of Joan’s episode entitled:
“The Weight of His Past.”

For Joan’s personal commentary on how she came to be on TV and what the year of filming was like:

PSYCHIC THERAPY: THE BACKSTORY or How the Universe Pushed me into Confronting My Deepest Karmic Fears by Putting me on Television

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