Empowerment Practices

Empowerment Practices

Empowerment Practices


These psychic energy practices were initially channeled to Joan for her personal use.  Over the years, she fine-tuned these techniques by teaching them to hundreds of therapy clients.  In the last 20 years, she began offering them to psychically and emotionally sensitive children and adults as the need became greater.

When we’re surrounded by negative and toxic energies, these practices are the first line of psychic self-defense. They protect us by sealing the etheric body horizontally from harmful influences and reversing the flow of energy so that we’re fed vertically from Source.

Developing confidence in our intuition and discriminating mind may take practice, but it’s crucial in determining when it’s healthy to be open to receive energies horizontally, such as when we’re in nature or with heart-centered beings, and when it’s best to psychically seal ourselves.  Most sensitive beings already have this development intact; it just needs to be activated.

In fact, when Joan taught these practices to children who were like “psychic sponges” out in the world and, because of this, almost non-functional in the “normal” sense, they were able to accurately read the energies of anyone around them quite easily on a scale of very nurturing or “yummy,” to very toxic or “yucky” and empower themselves by sealing and reversing the Flow at will. Many of these children, who were home schooled, are now college graduates and out in the world enjoying Life.

When Joan taught these practices to sensitive adults who had a difficult time being out in the world, their response was a lament: “Why didn’t anyone ever teach me this as a child?”  After only one session, they were able to function better, without medication─some for the first time ever. If there were mystery schools for children, these psychic empowerment practices would be taught as “How to function on planet earth 101.”

So, if you’re sick and tired of being drained, assaulted or bombarded by lower frequency vibrations, empowering yourself with this training will dramatically improve your quality and enjoyment of life.



We’re on the threshold of the next Great Age in the sign of Aquarius, which will last for over 2000 years. Aligned with this, higher frequency galactic energies are bombarding us more than ever before to kick-start the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness. Joan calls these energies the Quickening.

Some of the side-effects of this intense download of energies include:  overtaxed nervous systems, strained psychic circuitry, disturbed sleep, overactive dream states, unexplainable fatigue and exhaustion, feelings of structural instability, irrational anxiety and brain fog.

In the vertical training you will learn:

Taoist practices to ground our bodies to the Earth to help stabilize and strengthen our nervous and psychic systems to more comfortably acclimate to these energies.

Psychic techniques to calibrate and step-down these energies as they move through our vertical channels so that we can become transducers and transmitters of these transformational frequencies.

These practices will radically improve your ability to function on Planet Earth in the years to come.

For children and adults in NYC or by phone:

For new clients: $330. for the hour

For established clients: $275. for the hour

Please add an additional $50 for in-person sessions

Two Taoist practices MP3s (a $40.00 value) are included with your psychic empowerment session.

For more info:

Taoist Practices MP3s

“The outer purpose belongs to the horizontal dimension of space and time; the inner purpose concerns a deepening of your Being in the vertical dimension of the timeless Now.”  Eckhart Tolle


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