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Dear friend,

       A total eclipse of the Sun occurs on Tuesday, July 21st, at 10:38 PM EDT.  Astronomers and astrologers concur that this will be the longest eclipse of the 21st century and the most powerful eclipse of the new Millennium to date, adding to its effects.  The Ancients feared these total solar eclipses portended the end of the world and this primal fear still resonates on many parts of the planet.


       What does this eclipse mean for us personally?  We can use this potent energy, which will be reverberating for years to come, as a cosmic reboot of sorts.  In other words, we have the opportunity now of allowing parts, or all, of our old “little selves” to fall away and a new Self to be born within the same body.  It’s like getting two incarnations of growth within the same lifetime!


       All new moons are times for seeding new beginnings, but this one is cosmically turbo-charged to help us envision a new way of Being in the world based on faith rather than fear, and the ongoing Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius is supporting this shift en masse.


       This eclipse occurs at 29° Cancer, which is the penultimate degree for letting go of outmoded “safety first” ways of being, as Cancer rules our security issues at the deepest emotional levels.  And because the south node of the Moon, which activates our karmic past, is moving backwards into Cancer next week (which only happens every eighteen years or so) and will be conjoining this degree in early August, our karmic fears and limiting beliefs around safety and security are coming up for review big time.


       As we think about where we’re most karmically blocked, we need to ask ourselves:  “Does it serve my highest good to keep holding on to these old ways of being, or am I ready to choose differently and go for realizing my full potentials?”


       This free will choice to go for the growth is HUGE because on the level of our psychic body’s cellular memory—our fears feel quite real and, from a past-life perspective, our limiting beliefs may seem quite legitimate, based on  karmic experiences of loss.


       For example, my greatest karmic fear has always been that it’s not safe to go public with my psychic gifts.  I have karmic memories of getting whacked both for not keeping my psychic powers a secret (known only to a select few) and even worse, for subtly misusing prophetic abilities for ego aggrandizement.  And these fears of getting whacked rise up with a vengeance whenever I’ve step into the public arena psychically.  (For karmic astrology buffs, the degree of this eclipse is hitting my south node/descendant almost to the minute.)


       That being said, I am overjoyed to announce, (with a soupcon on the razor’s edge of excitement/fear), the launch of my website:  JoanPancoe.com.  After lifetimes of backpedaling (and a kick in the butt from my significant other), it took me exactly nine months to give birth to this co-creative expression of my Being.


       This feels like the riskiest thing I’ve ever done—and I’ve done a few.  And you know what I always say about that:  risk===growth and safety===stagnation.


       So, now that I’ve shown you mine, I hope you’ll show yourself yours—biggest karmic fear, that is.  In the weeks and months to come, if you choose to move through your fear, here’s how to do it:  first, seed your intention, then, seal in your vision and, finally, take some actions towards manifestation—even if they’re small or symbolic to begin with.  If you do this, you will be, without doubt, on the path of realizing your highest potentials.


       Remember:  When you choose to take risks and go for the growth and fear arises, you need to transmute it into excitement.  The Universe will always support your growth—it’s why we’re here, after all—and you’ll feel more alive than ever before!


      Breathing deeply and sending out pure aliveness,


                            J   O    A   N


PS.  I hope you’ll enjoy exploring all the nooks and crannies of my website, and would really appreciate your feedback—as this is still a work in progress.  In fact, the animation is coming very soon!

       Please share this news as far and wide as possible, and FYI, there are “NEWSFLASHES” updated bi-monthly with planetary news and channeled wisdom that are available exclusively at JoanPancoe.com and always free!  Ta-da!

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