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Dear Friend, 

        The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on August 5th in visionary Aquarius conjoins the ongoing triple-conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron, which will be in effect throughout this year.   Adding to these positive healing energies, the north node of the Moon, which signifies our karmic path of destiny, has just shifted into Capricorn, the sign of manifestation, for the next eighteen months.

 When I meditated on what this could mean, here’s what came to me: 

        During the years when Gandhi was working to free India from colonialism through non-violence, how many people actually believed he would succeed at that time?  During the decades when Mandela was working to liberate South Africa from apartheid, how many of us believed he would succeed at that time?  And, in the early 1960’s, when Martin Luther King predicted there would be a Black President elected within a couple of decades, how many of us really believed this was possible? 

        I figure, maybe 1%.  This means that, at the time of these huge shifts, 99% of the mass consciousness thought that manifestation of change at this level was almost completely impossible! 

        What does this mean for us in our personal reality now? The planetary energies are primed to carry us with accelerating forward momentum if we choose to open our mind/hearts to the possibility of manifesting our highest hopes, wishes and dreams. This is especially true if we’re feeling stuck in dead-end jobs or relationships, or have mental, emotional or body karma that we believe is beyond our control to change. (And who doesn’t?)

           Let’s call it the 1% Soulution!  That means that even if 99% of our limiting beliefs support the view that it would be almost overwhelmingly difficult to invest in growth and healing in these seemingly insurmountable areas—now is the time. 

        The Capricorn north node will support taking action to manifest our most meaningful destiny against all odds.  But, be aware that the Cancer south node, (which represents the path of least resistance in the sign of our safety, security and comfort zones), will simultaneously be trying to pull us backwards into powerlessness and that age-old lament, “Woe is me!  Can’t someone else do it for me?”

         Therefore, we get to choose either going for deeper meaning in our vocations, ever-deepening love in our relationships, and a better quality of life mentally, emotionally and physically through spiritual/ mind/body practices and higher-quality nutritional support—OR denial that there even is a problem and, in many cases, dependency on soul-numbing behaviors, addictions and medications that immobilize us further.

         If we look to Gandhi, Mandela, or MLK as role models, we know that the solution is never easy or effortless.  But—it is possible.  Divine Law states that:  Manifestation cannot come about except THROUGH US as we are the vehicles through which the Creative Forces work.  So if we don’t think something is possible for us—not even 1%—it ain’t NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! 

         We need to enthusiastically envision risking change in the areas we feel most stuck in.  And, while we’re at it, on a planetary level, seeding a vision of a healing earth, more evolution towards unity consciousness, and healthcare for all—couldn’t hurt! 

        If you haven’t already, it’s time to step on the co-creator bandwagon and open your heart/mind wide enough to hear your soul’s desire whispering in your ear.  For more on this topic, please check out my article: “Do You Know Where Your Nodes Are?” on the Newsflash page of my website. 

         In closing, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to let me know how much you’re enjoying my just-launched website.  If you haven’t dived in yet, here’s the link:  http://joanpancoe.com/      


And here’s the upcoming (very special) workshop reminder:




Would you rather fall in love, which is always ephemeral—or rise in love, tapping into the eternal? 


Come join Joan in her role as a Tantrika and Taoist adept as she shares her unique perspective on how these ancient practices allow us to merge with the Tao or the Divine directly or through the vehicle of our intimate partnerships.


We’re all born with sexual co-creative energies that need to be expressed and ultimately transmuted through the heart and soul.  Sooner or later, we realize that denial or repression of these primal life force energies keeps us from experiencing joy and contentment in our lives and releasing them solely through the sex center or lower chakras is an eventual dead end.


 The only way out is through learning how to raise the frequency of these energies . . . and we might as well enjoy the ride!


This introductory workshop is appropriate for anyone wishing to cultivate their receptivity to Divine communion, as well as:  couples desiring to move deeper into intimacy, women seeking to own their yin power, and men who support feminine empowerment.


Pre-registration is required as space is limited: 

212-982-6820 or joanpancoe@aol.com  $35.


Date:  Wednesday, August 19th

Time:  6:30-8:30 PM

Place:  Joan’s secret garden, NYC

Address supplied with pre-registration


Suggested reading:  Cosmic Sugar: The Amorous Adventures of a Modern Mystic, under the pen name, Leela Jones.


       (If you’d prefer a private consultation, please know that you can schedule a phone session on this topic and get customized “secrets” whispered directly in your ear.)


Sending out momentum,


J   O   A   N


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