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Dear Friend,

        There’s good news on the horizon.  Late next month, Saturn begins a several year transit through his absolute favorite sign of Libra where he feels exalted and as much of a “mellow fellow” as the Lord of Karma could ever be!

        That means we only have seven more weeks to implement the gains we’ve made since the summer of 2007, when Saturn first moved into Virgo, highlighting the need to move to the next level of taking care of our bodies, minds and spirits, as well as upgrading our working conditions.  On September 11th, Pluto, The Great Transformer, goes direct in Capricorn, signifying that the Universe is supporting this growth—building one step at a time.

        There’s a sense of urgency in the air as Saturn moves through the final degrees of Virgo.  Can you feel it?  It’s time to tally up our inner and outer gains from this cycle and continue to go for as much forward momentum as possible.  The theme is: Invest now; reap the returns later.  In the spring of 2010, Saturn revisits these last degrees of Virgo again to re-evaluate how well our investments are doing.

        Have no doubt that this final vigilance will pay off very well as Saturn moves from the Virgo accounting department into Libra, governing all relationships under Divine Law.  A preview of Saturn in Libra is in store this month with Mercury retrograding from September 7th until the 29th over the very same degrees in Libra/Virgo that Saturn will be transiting all this year.  Old or estranged friendships will be coming up for review until mid-October, when Mercury begins moving fully forward.  Please choose forgiveness, gratitude and good wishes, if nothing else—as this will set the template for all relationships to come.


        When I meditated on the highest use of the energies of Saturn in Libra, here is what I received:


        Most of us still have at least some limiting karmic beliefs about what’s possible.  This belief structure forms a karmic prison that we live in—whether we’re consciously aware of it or not.  During this season, we have the opportunity to, not just own our inner Saturn, but transform him from a prosecutor to our advocate in the courts of Divine law.

        To prepare for our release, we need to ask ourselves:

1.  Are we doing the best we can do?

2.  Can we forgive ourselves for feeling wounded and imperfect as we hold the vision of moving towards healing and wholeness?

3.  Do we believe we’re worthy of receiving our birthright of infinite abundance on all levels—health, love, resources—and know there’s enough to go around?

4.  Can we extend this view to all beings?


        We’re ready to liberate ourselves from bondage when we choose to answer these questions in the affirmative.  Then, as our very own karmic judge, jury and parole board, (and who else could they be?), we can stamp our record, “TIME SERVED!”

         Some of our prisons are tiny solitary cells and others are the size of giant sports arenas—but there’s always room for expansion.

Over the next few years, with the help of Saturn in Libra as our Karmic Advocate, we can continuously open to the highest possibilities for ourselves and others.

        Here’s a vision to hold:  Imagine your former prison becoming a playpen that spreads out until it encompasses the whole Earth plane and beyond—ultimately becoming One with the cosmic playing fields of Source.


                In closing, if you’re ready to move to the next level of your spiritual practices, please check out my new post:  Favorite Meditations and Mantras on the “Writings” page of my website.  In addition, on the “Newsflash” page, there’s a new, quite revealing interview of me, posted in several online news magazines:  Portrait of a NYC Psychic.


      And, finally, I’m offering a new workshop to assist in making the most out of the planetary energies now:


Psychic Empowerment Workshop


        These energy practices are our first line of psychic self-defense when we’re surrounded by negative and toxic life situations.  In this experiential workshop, we’ll learn how to seal the etheric body horizontally from harmful influences and reverse the flow of energy so that we’re fed vertically from Source.  We’ll also work on refining our intuition and discriminating mind to aid in easily determining when it’s optimal to implement these practices.


        These techniques were initially channeled to Joan for her personal use.  Over the past thirty years, she fine-tuned them with hundreds of therapy clients.  In the last decade, she began teaching emotionally sensitive children and adults, who felt like “psychic sponges” and had a challenging time out in the world, how to use their sensitivity in a positive way.  After their sessions, they always responded: “Why didn’t anyone ever teach me this before?”


        If there were mystery schools for children, these psychic energy practices would be taught as:  “How to function on Planet Earth 101.”  So, if you’re sick and tired of being drained, assaulted or bombarded by lower frequency vibrations, empowering yourself with this training will dramatically improve your quality and enjoyment of life. 


When: Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, 7–9 PM

Where:  East West Living, in the Café

78 Fifth Avenue @ 14thStreet/New York City


Pre-registration is strongly advised.

Go to:  eastwestnyc.com/events

Or call: 212-243-5995 to reserve your space. $30


        If you can come, I promise it will be transformational.  Or, if you prefer, a psychic empowerment consult, customized for your individual needs, is available by phone or in person.


        Please share this newsletter far and wide.

        Sending out ever-expanding joyful possibilities! 


                      J   O   A   N


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