The Jig is Up . . . Let the New Dance Begin!

May 7, 2010in Newsletter Archive

The Jig is Up . . . Let the New Dance Begin!

Kasatochi Volcano, Aleutian Islands, pre-eruption on 8/8/08


“Wise beings can be peaceful in the midst of chaos, experiencing delight in the changing play of forms.”  Ram Dass

Dear Friend,

        Volcanoes and earthquakes and mudslides, Oh My!  Mother Nature is certainly letting us know, just in case we’ve forgotten, that we’re living on the Earth by Her grace, and She appears to be getting quite agitated by our lack of appreciation and gratitude.  How many oil spills, toxic dumpsites and pollution would you be able to tolerate on your body before you reacted in self-defense?  


        On the exact day, April 6th, that Pluto, The Great Transformer, went retrograde, we had the coal mining disaster in West Virginia, followed four days later by the Polish plane crash that killed 80 including their President, and five days after that the smaller of two volcanoes in Iceland erupted, disrupting air travel in Europe.  Not to mention the ongoing environmental catastrophe of the oil spill in the Gulf.  And Pluto in Capricorn is just getting warmed up.  He moved into this cardinal Earth sign in 2008 and will be creating through destroying through 2024.  Think Shiva and Kali on a good day.


        Next we have Uranus, The Trickster Planet of Change, starting a revolutionary new 84-year cycle in fiery Aries, on May 27th.  When Uranus first moved into watery Pisces, the Great Tsunami of December, 2004 occurred.

         2010 is a transition year for Uranus, (moving back into water on August 13th and not fully moving into fire until March 13th, 2011), so we can expect to continue to see a mixture of fire and/or water events.  For instance:   The Icelandic volcano erupting through glacier ice, thus causing disruptive thick clouds of ash, or the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico creating havoc spreading in all directions.

        For more on Uranus, please click here:  Embracing the Unexpected:  Everything You Wanted to Know about Uranus But were Afraid to Ask.


        Whew!  Now that I’ve previewed the ongoing Earth Changes scenario, are you ready for some more good news?


        Just as Uranus slides into Aries, he conjoins Jupiter, the Great Benefic, on June 8th.  This is a spectacularly good omen symbolizing a positive long-term outcome from all these crises in the bigger picture.

        As Uranus forms a cardinal square to Pluto from 2011 to 2015, we can expect to see a lot more disintegration, dissolving and falling away of outmoded structures, systems and mass beliefs that are holding us back as a race from moving to the next level in the evolution of consciousness.  Yes, and it’s ALL good.

        We’re strapped in for the ride of our lives as the Galactic Forces are bombarding us with higher frequency energies than ever before to support us in experiencing heavenly bliss in the midst of earthly chaos.  Can you feel the excitement building . . . or is that fear? 

        Excitement/fear is a double-edged sword when it comes to taking risks and having new adventures in unknown territories of our psyches, culture and the Earth plane itself.  But we always have free will in how we choose to play the game of life, Leela. 


    To readjust your mindset, please click here:  The Wisdom of Dzogchen


        And, last but not least, Saturn is finally wrapping up his transit of Virgo on July 21st.  The past almost three years have been about getting our acts together in terms our how we manage our work and health protocols.  I call Saturn in Virgo the Karmic Accountant, because unless our balance sheets are in good order, Saturn has ways to let us know.  This is going to be especially true with the last of five Saturn/Uranus oppositions on July 26th occurring in their new signs of Libra/Aries.  This means that the jig is really up if we think we can still get away indefinitely with any self-destructive habits—mental, emotional or physical—that are incrementally harming our bodies.

         From my view, our last few months with the Karmic Accountant may be our last best chance for 30 years to move to the next level of optimizing our relationship with our bodies—meaning recognizing that each choice we make is towards life and health or the other way.  After July, Saturn moves fully into Libra, and our new theme will be focusing on relationships of all kinds.

        So, if any of you have been experiencing some karmauppance in the health area, NOW is an exceptionally unique time to upgrade the wellbeing of your physical vessel to the next level of operations.  For those of you who’ve already initiated detox protocols and other healthy lifestyle changes—congrats, you’re exactly on schedule!

                But, if you haven’t as yet dealt with any health issues because you really don’t know how to get started or feel stuck, now is definitely not the time to continue to put this off.  To that end, I’m offering a special $75 half-hour psychic health reading through July 21st to give you the jumpstart you need.


          Over the past 30 years, I’ve developed a multitude of holistic protocols which I will intuitively customize to your individual needs and level of body karma.  For example, did you know:

  • Most hard-to-lose belly fat is caused by a congested liver and gallbladder.
  • There are nutritional supplements to help deal with insomnia, depression, anxiety and memory loss—with none of the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • For healing symptoms of peri-menopause (so you don’t need to suffer anymore) and for rejuvenating your face, skin, body and natural juiciness, there are natural remedies and herbs.
  • There are holistic protocols with successful results for: constipation, IBS, obesity, allergies, psoriasis, gum disease, fatigue, fibrocystic breasts, bone and joint health and numerous other health issues.


      If you are dealing with any body karma issues, (and who isn’t?), I’ve written an article to clarify the deeper levels of whatever is arising:  “Why is This Happening to Me?”  Body Karma Explained.

For those of you dealing with any serious health challenges, you may find this article extremely helpful.


        To celebrate the new dance beginning on June 8th, I’m offering a new healing workshop in my magical garden which will address the specific body karma issues of those attending.

         Here are the details:




 Come learn the basic foundation-level practices of Taoist water-method breathing, chi gung and meditation:

Taoist Breathing

  We’ll learn how to bring in fresh life-force energy down to the cellular level and dissolve stagnate chi in our organs.  As we empower ourselves with the ability to reboot our body’s energy, our health and connections to the Earth will become immeasurably stronger.

Chi Gung

 We’ll learn how to circulate our chi—vital life-force energy—so that it is replenished and revitalized through these simple practices which we can easily implement into our daily life.

  Taoist Meditation

We’ll learn how to dissolve negative and toxic thoughts and emotions as the foundation for maintaining our physical health as well as sustaining peace of mind.


WHEN:  Thursday, June 10th, 6:30-8:30 PM

WHERE:  Joan’s Secret Garden , NYC, East Village

Pre-registration is required.  $40.  To reserve your space:



Wishing you all Joy in Being as the New Dance begins,


J  O   A   N


PS: As Leonard Cohen so eloquently wrote:


“There is a crack, a crack in everything.  That’s how the Light gets in” 


Cracks in the culture, cracks in the system, cracks in the infrastructure, cracks in our beliefs, cracks in our bodies—all cracking open our hearts wider still, to allow more Light in . . . and so it is.

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