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“Don’t grieve for what doesn’™t come. Some things that don’™t happen keep disasters from happening.”  RUMI



Dear Friend,

         Inner stability is the key as chaos on the planet continues to escalate, heralded in by the new eighty-four year cycle commencing now as Uranus, The Trickster Planet of Awakening, burst into fiery Aries on May 27th.

        Adding to the mix through 2012 and beyond, Uranus will be in a challenging dance with the powerful force of Pluto, the Galactic Agent of Transformation in structure-building Capricorn.  What this means is that they both will be intent on destroying more of the old order as fast as they can to allow for a new cycle of creation.

        Uranus’s function is to shake things up that have become too safe, secure, rigid or stagnant.  His energy awakens our divine yearnings and shakes off the complacency and conditioning of society.  He uses the shock of crisis, chaos and emergency situations to “encourage” us to remember who we really are and why we’re really here.  For more on this, please read:  Embracing the Unexpected:  Everything You Wanted to Know about Uranus but Were Afraid to Ask.


        The Earth is going to get shaken up now more than ever before—at least in recent memory. And, in our personal reality, more and more people and parts of our selves will continue to fall away, especially if they are impediments to our illumination.

        The question we need to ask ourselves is:  “Are we going to allow ongoing external turbulence to affect our enjoyment of the ride of this life, or are we going to take responsibility for setting our own tone of joy in Being?


        There’s nothing sweeter than witnessing the show unfolding from the soul perspective with equanimity and wonder.   All we need to do is accept the cyclical nature of the ups and downs, gains and losses, births and deaths which epitomize the Earth Game in all its ephemeral glory without taking anything personally.  And the foundation for this acceptance is a stable core of Being which we maintain through our daily mind/body and spiritual practices.  For more on this, please read:  Leela


        To accelerate the evolution of consciousness, the Light coming in is at a higher frequency than we’re used to assimilating comfortably.  Consequently, those of us who have developed at least some inner stability and grounding to the Earth can be the vehicles to hold this tone for those who aren’t yet able to.  This is crucial, as sending out a vibrational message into the mass consciousness that “All is Well’’ is imperative to counterbalance the rising tides of fear that come from ignorance about the true nature of Being. 

        If you could use an adjustment to your mindset in this area, please read: The Wisdom of Dzogchen—especially if you wish to become a clearer channel for these new Light frequencies in your own life.  Then, all of us who acclimate to these accelerating energies can automatically create a ripple effect which forms an infinite holographic grid of Light and Faith and Compassion for all the beings that will be dropping their physical bodies as part of this new cycle of creation through destruction. 


        On July 26th, Uranus receives a powerful challenge in the form of an opposition from Saturn, the Lord of Karma, just one day after he goes into relationship-oriented Libra.  Added to this, the Saturn/Pluto square culminates on August 20th. This means that we can expect internal and external structures which no longer serve the evolution of consciousness—personal and enmasse, man-made and from nature—to continue to disintegrate unpredictably to allow more Light in.


            When I meditate on how ALL the in-coming energies—cosmic, galactic and planetary—will be affecting us, the message I receive of what is being co-created through us and for us is:  Divine Order-ly Chaos.  Therefore, we need to stay very alert and mindful of all signs and signals that are coming up in our personal reality and focus on how we can use everything as a vehicle for healing and growth.  (Or, every time we’re bombarded, we can just duck and yell “Incoming!”, although I really don’t think that will help much.)


            To integrate the cosmic reboot of our consciousness that is now ongoing, I am personally focusing on the following:

  • Remaining calm and centered through my daily spiritual practices, so as not to allow any external turbulence affect the stability at my core of Being. 
  • Allowing whatever is falling away to do so—whether people, places, things or habitual mental or emotional patterns—without attachment or clinging which causes suffering.
  • Accepting whatever is presented AS IS and embracing it without resistance or aversion before I decide on a response.  Moreover, if I really want to feel empowered within my conditions, I need to recognize that I am choosing to manifest everything in my personal reality.
  • Holding the faith that this multi-dimensional rollercoaster of life runs on tracks that go all the way through to Source. 


                    In closing, we have an amazing opportunity this week.  Jupiter, the Great Benefic, glides into Aries today, June 6th, and conjoins with Uranus this Tuesday.  Now is the perfect time to make our own personal declaration to the Universe that we are going to use whatever is arising for more growth and more Light.  So please do initiate something very positive and symbolically very special to make the most of these exceptionally encouraging energies for transformation BIG TIME.

        To that end, if you’re in the NYC area, I’m offering a new workshop this coming Thursday evening, June 10th to support the grounding of these high frequency energies in our bodies.  For full details and to pre-register, please click here:  “FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH AND VITALITY:  Get Your Chi Moving” Workshop .  If you won’t be able to attend or would prefer private instruction: Taoist Energy Arts.


        Sending out more Love and Light than ever before,

J   O   A   N

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And, if you haven’t already read “Why is This Happening to Me?”  Body Karma Explained—it couldn’t hurt!

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