TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN: Time to Re-Order the New Order

July 5, 2010in Newsletter Archive

TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN: Time to Re-Order the New Order
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 Vibrational At-Onement                     Joan Pancoe      

“We are born and reborn countless numbers of times, and it is conceivable that each Being has been our parent at one time or another. In this way all Beings in the Universe share a family relationship.”

The Dalai Lama


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Dear Friend,

        The Solar Eclipse on Sunday, July 11th, 2010 in the sign of Cancer takes us to the deepest waters of our Beings for a reboot of our priorities based on the Heart first.  All New Moons are times of seeding new beginnings—but when there is also a total eclipse, the energies are turbo-charged and the effects last for many seasons to come. 

        To make the most of these potent energies, here are some questions to ponder as we look at WHAT IS from the highest and longest range perspective possible. Do we know that:


  • Everything that is happening is ultimately for the good, even if it is presented in extremely distressing disguises.


  • Everyone we’ve ever loved or ever will love is always with us in our Hearts because there is no where else to BE.


  • There are no random acts or accidents in the Universe; threads of chaos are woven into the Divine Order to keep us on our toes.


  • The more we hold the faith that All is Well in the bigger picture and there is never any separation in our Hearts, the more we become part of the solution—rather than the other.


        As planetary, galactic and cosmic energies continue to accelerate to support the evolution of consciousness, Earth changes and the disintegration of man-made structures will continue to escalate as a parallel response.  However, we always get to choose the filter on the screen of our perceptions—regardless of how chaotic external flux becomes.



        In the Buddhist tradition, Nirvana is not some external divine place, but the purified state of consciousness in which we are free of all negative emotions. 


Nirvana has four characteristic features:

1.  A state of cessation of disturbing emotions from one’s mind.

2.  Absolute peace, a state of total tranquility of disturbing emotions.

3.  Exuberant satisfaction, which is free from all forms of dissatisfaction.

4.  Definite emergence, when one will no longer relapse to an  unenlightened state.

        I don’t know about you, but to my mind, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad. So, I’ve decided to go with the “Being in Heaven” channel of consciousness—which I sustain through my daily mind/body and spiritual practices.  I’ve always preferred to focus on what I do have power over—rather than the other.


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J   O   A   N


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