Your Psychic Checklist for Fall

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Your Psychic Checklist for Fall

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The Oceanic Kiss                                Joan Pancoe

“In the confusion we stay with each other, happy to be together, speaking without uttering a single word.”

Walt Whitman


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Dear Friend,

       It’s a given that planetary energies will continue to be challenging for quite some time into the future.  So then, how can we focus on making the most of What Is in our personal realities in the upcoming seasons of Earth School?

       I’ve chosen to concentrate my studies on the lessons that Saturn, The Karmic Teacher, is offering over the next two years as he moves through the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus, planet of Love.

       This transit, which only happens every thirty years or so, is giving us the opportunity to redefine and refine all our relationships.  And today is the perfect day to seed our intentions to always choose the high road of the Heart as Saturn and Venus conjoin in the dark of the Moon.

        Added to this is the rare opportunity that is building now as Pluto, The Great Transformer, is transiting towards a conjunction with the Karmic North Node in Capricorn in mid-November.  This gives us the possibility of moving to the next level of our curriculum through actions that re-align us with our soul’s purpose for this incarnation.


       Studies from around the world, (detailed in the book, Social Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman), have shown that, regardless of cultural differences, the number one source for personal happiness is through having nourishing relationships in our lives.  In this research, a nourishing connection was defined as one in which positive or nurturing energies outweighed negative or toxic interchanges by a ratio of 4 out of 5, or 80% of the time.

       In fact, having love in our lives trumps money, fame, power, success, and even health and security, as the primary prescription for a joyous existence.

       But, of course, the Dalai Lama already knew this, long before these surveys were done: “Cultivating a close, warm-hearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. It is the ultimate source of success in life.  We cannot survive without human affection.”



       Hopefully, over the last few years when Saturn was in Virgo, we upgraded and are now maintaining life-enhancing protocols for our bodies, minds and spirits, as this is the foundation necessary to make the most of what is to come. 


Now, here’s the checklist:


Saturn in Libra says:

I.  Make heart-centered connections from your side of the karmic street the number one priority in all your dealings—with yourself, with nature, plants and animals and with all others, personal and professional.


Pluto conjunct the North Node says:

II. Reevaluate all relationships based on the criterion of whether they are primarily nurturing and supportive of your expansion and choose to distance (or detach by psychically sealing) from those that don’t serve your evolution and feed your soul.  (For more on this:  Psychic Empowerment.)


Saturn and Pluto dictate:

III. Take responsibility for keeping all your associations on the heart-level and higher as the key to happiness.  Those relationships that once were nourishing but have become toxic, need to be pruned. If you won’t do it—We will.



       Clearly, the fall season’s prospectus is based on the theme of the Reality of the Now.  Uranus, the Trickster Planet of Change, is giving us one last review period (as it retrogrades back into Pisces from August 13th though March 2011) to really get the message:  “That was Then, but this is NOW.”  And, no, we won’t ever be able to really go “home” again, if that home was one—whether within ourselves, our jobs, or our relationships—that impedes our growth.

       In times as heart-wrenching and heart-opening as these, what is most helpful is maintaining the soul perspective on the higher purposes of the “Why” of whatever is unfolding—and, yes, it is always ultimately for our evolution.



       I’ve found one of the most useful tools for activating this higher perspective is Astrology.  To that end, I’m offering a series of new workshops this fall, starting on Tuesday, September 14th:



Are you ready to transform your life with more meaning and purpose?  These workshops offer a rare opportunity to clarify your karmic direction and confirm your soul assignment.

 In this series of four interactive workshops, we will explore:

 I. Birth Charts—Hold the key to unlock the challenges of our karmic past, develop our strengths and potentials, and guide us in the fulfillment of our soul mission for this incarnation. 9/14/10

 II. Secondary Progressions—Foretell our psychological evolution as it unfolds through its cycles and seasons, with pre-programmed activation at specific times for karmic release or review. 10/26/10

 III. Transits of the Outer Planets—Trigger the inner and outer ripening of karma that is ready to be healed. This information allows us to embrace change and growth in an empowering way. 12/7/10

 IV. 2011 Coming Attractions—Everything we need to know to make the most of the planetary energies as they impact us personally, revealing the next chapter in our soul’s ongoing story and globally, affecting the Earth and the next level in the evolution of consciousness. 1/4/11


WHEN:  Tuesdays, 7-9 PM
WHERE: The META Center NY, 214 W. 29th St. 



Each workshop stands on its own and is appropriate for all levels.  For full participation, please bring your birth chart and reserve your space.


$120 for the series (chart included)
$35 in advance/ $40 at the door.

For more info/to pre-register:  JoanPancoe@aol.com/212-982-6820.




              If you’d prefer a private reading, please click here:  Your Karmic Code.  My experience as a karmic astrologer, trance channel and past-life regression therapist for over 30 years gives me a unique perspective in reading all the soul’s secrets coded into your birth chart.




       In closing, I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the summer fully and get as much R&R as you can, because unlike the song, “School’s Out for Summer”—Earth School never is . . . but then, where else would you rather be!


Sending out Joy in Being as the next level of the Earth Game commences,


J   O   A   N

Saturn/Mars Conjunct                     Joan Pancoe

“We always have free will in how we choose to deal with our karma or fate as it arises, and this choice determines our destiny.”


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