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The Deluge                                                              Joan Pancoe

“It is not as though we live a dozen, a hundred, or even a thousand different lives.  We live only One, migrating from body to body, insight to insight, liberation to liberation.”  Stephen Levine   

Dear Friend,

       In the last few months, many of us have been undergoing what feels like the most major “states of emerging-sees”  of this lifetime and perhaps even of any incarnation in quite some time.  And, let me add, that the Lords of Karma have not granted me an exemption by any means.

       Why is this happening so intensely now?  The planetary energies, especially the closing square of Saturn (karma) to Pluto (transformation) which culminated on August 21st and whose effects are still reverberating, are “encouraging” us to deal with any limiting karmic beliefs or fears—no matter how subtle—that are keeping us from moving to the next level of our soul’s evolution. 

       In other words, many of us are getting “whacked” in whatever areas—health, finances, relationships or all three—in which we have been cavalier about unconditionally accepting the rules of the Earth Game, governed by Saturn.  Therefore, if we’ve been playing “ostrich” and pretending to forget what we really know needs to be done within ourselves or our personal realities, then—Voila!—we’ve been on the receiving end of an accelerated assist in letting go of cherished but outmoded delusions of “specialness” as they relate to the inalienable Laws of Karma. Ouch, indeed!


       My psychic read is that the “breaking-down of inner and outer structures” portion of this ongoing program is now past the first major crisis point.  Now, we need to integrate the lessons by choosing to do the inner work of bringing up to consciousness whatever is lurking deep within our psyches (and lower chakras) and transmute these energies through the Heart and outward into our personal realities.  Then, we may not need to keep getting repeatedly whacked—let us hope.


       This fall is the time to commence the rebuilding of our Beings from the inside out.  To that end, on September 18th, Jupiter, (expansion) and Uranus (awakening) conjoin by retrograde for the second of three times in visionary Pisces. This gives us a rare opportunity to re-envision our inner and outer destinations and take actions to implement this vision before this aspect culminates on January 4th, 2011 at the Solar Eclipse.

       If we don’t make it a priority now to choose more heart-centered relationships of self with Source, self with Self, and self with the body, then we may be setting ourselves up for more hard lessons on the path of healing the karma (unfinished business) that we took incarnation for.  And this choice determines our dharma (highest level purpose of our journey).


       For example, here’s what I’m working with personally:

A. Adding on more spiritual and mind/body practices to my daily routine through:  meditation, mantra chanting, mindfulness, chi gung, yoga, tantra and communing with nature.

B.  Moving to the next level of healing my relationship of self with Self through more:  dreamwork, reading consciousness-raising books, channeling and journaling, spiritual and heart-centered sharing with peers, teachers, and therapists and 12-step meetings.

C.  Making it a priority to heal and maintain my physical vessel through more:  vigilant self-care, herbs and supplements, organic food and juicing, seasonal detoxes and purifications and regular bodywork such as massage, acupuncture and reflexology.


       If you would like psychic support in creating your own customized karmic upgrade, please click here: 


       I’ve chosen to respond to getting whacked on multiple levels this summer as an “inspiration” to move to a higher level of maintaining my health as well as connecting to Source and Self as mirrored in all my relationships through the Heart.  I’m intuiting that this is the optimal path to raise my quality of life and experience maximum joy in Being.

         Or, in the words of Osho:  “To commit a mistake is not wrong—commit as many mistakes as possible, because that is the way you will be learning more.  But don’t commit the same mistake again and again, because that makes you stupid.”  (For more from Osho, aka Rajneesh:  A Trickster’s Take on Life.)


              For those of you in the NYC area, I’m looking forward to seeing you at my upcoming workshop series, beginning on Tuesday, September 14th:




Are you ready to transform your life with more meaning and purpose?  These workshops offer a rare opportunity to clarify your karmic direction and confirm your soul assignment.


In this series of four interactive workshops, we will explore:


I. Birth Charts—Hold the key to unlock the challenges of our karmic past, develop our strengths and potentials, and guide us in the fulfillment of our soul mission for this incarnation. 9/14/10


II. Secondary Progressions —Foretell our psychological evolution as it unfolds through its cycles and seasons, with pre-programmed activation at specific times for karmic release or review. 10/26/10


III. Transits of the Outer Planets—Trigger the inner and outer ripening of karma that is ready to be healed. This information allows us to embrace change and growth in an empowering way. 12/7/10


IV. 2011 Coming Attractions—Everything we need to know to make the most of the planetary energies as they impact us personally, revealing the next chapter in our soul’s ongoing story and globally, affecting the Earth and the next level in the evolution of consciousness. 1/4/11


WHEN:  Tuesdays, 7-9 PM

WHERE: The META Center NY, 214 W. 29th St. 16th floor


Each workshop stands on its own and is appropriate for all levels.

For full participation, please bring your birth chart and reserve your space.


$120 for the series (chart included)/$35 in advance/ $40 at the door.

For more info/to pre-register:  JoanPancoe@aol.com/212-982-6820.




              If you’d prefer a private reading, please click here:  Your Karmic Code.  My experience as a karmic astrologer, trance channel and psychic past-life regression therapist for over thirty years gives me a unique perspective in reading all the soul’s secrets coded into your birth chart.



       In closing, I want to express my heart-felt gratitude for all the wonderful feedback I’ve received over the past year since the launch of my ever-expanding website.  Also, I especially want to give thanks for the faith and trust you’ve placed in me by sending me your loved ones for guidance and clarity—it means the world to me.  I hope you know that I love nothing more than mirroring to you all—who you truly ARE.


In Remembrance, 

J   O   A   N

Before the Fall


“I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round
I really love to watch them roll
No longer riding on the merry-go-round
I just had to let it go”

 John Lennon


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