VENUS RX: Ghosts of Lovers Past

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VENUS RX: Ghosts of Lovers Past

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VENUS RX:  Ghosts of Lovers Past


“If you do not confront your shadow, you will find it coming to you in the form of your fate.  Carl Jung

Dear Friend,

       Venus, The Planet of Love, is now in her retrograde (astrological symbol: Rx) cycle from October 8th to November 18th.  During these 40 days, we have the perfect opportunity to review:  who we love, what we love and why we love.  


       Jung’s philosophy about our shadow or dark side is particularly relevant now as Venus is moving backwards through the sign of Scorpio, before she goes direct at 27° of Libra.  The Plutonian energies of Scorpio encourage us to go deeply within and root out any parts of our love preferences that have become semi-conscious or semi-automatic in ways that no longer serve our highest good.


       In the Taoist tradition, any habitual mental and emotional patterns that we allow to rule us are called “ghosts.” If we want to evolve, we need to face these ghosts and dissolve them.  On the Tantric path, these patterns are called samskaras, and they’re viewed as karmic grooves in our psyche that we’re here to unwind.


       Until we own our dark side, we tend to project it outward into our relationships and personal reality in a continuous loop of disempowerment.   So, if you’re still drawn to “bad boys” (or girls) and periodically find yourself lamenting: “Why is this always happening to me?” or “How could he do that to me when he said he’d love me forever?” —then you know what I’m talking about. 


       However, once we choose to own these powerful parts of ourselves and transmute them through the heart, we raise the level at which we relate to others and to life. To the degree that we’re no longer compartmentalized or fragmented, to this degree do we stop longing for people, places or things to fill us up with the illusion that the “other” will make us whole.

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       If we’re able to non-judgmentally accept our shadow with forgiveness—since it is more often than not repressed or unconscious—the rewards, in terms of empowerment on the heart levels, are immense.  I’ve found that one of the most consciousness-expanding ways to own our imperfect humanness is through past-life regression therapy.

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       Now, if you’re ready to upgrade your heart’s desire, here’s the Venus prescription:

1.   REVIEW everything that has given meaning and value to your life to see whether these Venusian preferences will continue to feed your Soul as you move forward.  This includes: your relationship with money, resources and “stuff,” the foods, clothes and material things you crave, your taste for beauty through your esthetic sensibility and enjoyment of the arts.  And, of course, ALL your personal relationships.


2.  RE-EVALUATE.  Ask yourself:  Does what I desire still “do it” for me in terms of giving me more self-worth and self-esteem?  Or, am I stuck in a rut of sabotaging behaviors and relationships that no longer nurture or enhance my life-force energies?


3.  RECONFIGURE.  On November 18th, Venus stations direct and moves into her direct shadow through December 20th.  This is an auspicious time to consciously choose new upgraded Venus preferences to begin investing your heart energies in.  Ones that truly fuel your soul’s highest aspirations and bring joy in Being—rather than just fleeting pleasure.


       AND, YES, WE WILL ALL BE TESTED DURING THIS PERIOD by our inner “ghosts” or by our shadows projected outward into our personal relationship with life.  If we want to move to higher ground and transform our relationship patterns, we need to choose to PASS on what is presented—especially literal lovers past or the same dynamic in a different disguise.

       These tests may also take the form of a relapse into addictive behavior to “sick excitement” in the romance area.  So, beware and be AWARE—as any lessons here can leave an aftertaste of aversion.

       Also, during Venus retrograde, if we have a strong desire to invest in a big way in something new—materially or emotionally—it’s probably best to wait until around the Winter Solstice when Venus is full steam ahead, before we are.


       If you would like some more clarity about your Venus issues for support in making life-changing decisions, a karmic astrological consult is exceptionally fruitful in helping move to the next level of loving your Self more and manifesting THIS outward.
    For more details:  YOUR LOVE KARMA


       In closing, the time is ripe to support all relationship healing—at least from our side of the karmic street. This is especially true with Saturn, The Karmic Teacher, moving through Venus-ruled Libra.


       To make the most of ALL of this fall’s planetary energies, here are some final thoughts to contemplate:


1. Forgiving ourselves and others for any harms done helps discharges destructive emotions from the body.


 2.  Having gratitude for gifts received and lessons learned regardless of the price paid dissolves self-pity, regret and anger.


 3.  Sending blessings to all those we have ever loved, no matter the heartbreak, allows us to continue on our journey with open-hearted acceleration.


And, last but not least:


       On the physical plane, outmoded external and internal structures will continue to break down to allow more Light in.  At the same time, on the higher planes,  one of the few infrastructures we can rely on without fail is becoming more accessible:  the infinite link grid of Light and Love that is made up of All Souls.  Therefore, the more we focus on our heart connection with all those we have ever loved— the more stable we will be.

        This will also prepare us for the transit of Neptune through Pisces commencing on April 5th, 2011.  When the Planet of Divine Love and higher octave of Venus moves into her home sign of Pisces, we will feel connected, more than ever before, to the Heart of the World and all Beings as One in the Cosmic Ocean of Consciousness.


Now THAT’s an Ocean we can always enjoy floating in!

J   O   A   N



“All these things shall Love do onto you that you may know the secrets of your heart and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life’s heart.”

Kahlil Gibran, from The Prophet


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