Mid-Spring Madness or . . . The Pause that Refreshes?

May 1, 2011in Newsletter Archive

Mid-Spring Madness or . . . The Pause that Refreshes?
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THE HEART OF FIRE                                          JOAN PANCOE

“We are born and reborn countless numbers of times, and it is conceivable that each Being has been our parent at one time or another. In this way all Beings in the Universe share a family relationship.” The Dalai Lama

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Dear Friend,

        The ancient sages knew that there has always been a very thin line between madness and mysticism and that, ultimately, it’s a question of perspective.

        In the coming two weeks, as we continue to witness all the different varieties of madness and mayhem playing out on the world stage, we have the opportunity to reboot our perspective and remember how to access that inner stillpoint of unchanging equanimity which is our True Nature.

        Why is this time so special?  Mars, the planet of action, conjoins Jupiter today, kicking off a major new cycle of healing.  And, next week, we have the support of the North Node of Destiny flowing seamlessly with a triple conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Jupiter—the planets of Heart, Mind and Expansion—in Aries, the sign of exuberant and ground-breaking beginnings.


        To make the most of these game-changing booster energies, here are some ideas to consider implementing:

1.  Sending out a heart-tone of faith that “All is Well” in the bigger picture makes us part of the solution . . . and smiling.

2.  Knowing that everyone in our lives and everything that happens (even if it’s presented in extremely distressing disguises) is supporting our karmic healing and soul growth, saying “Thank You” . . . and smiling.

3.  Making our primary relationship with Source, the Divine, the Tao—in other words, with ALL of life—unshakeable . . . and smiling.

4.  Seeing humanity as one Being with billions of faces . . . and smiling.

5.  Helping others anonymously whenever possible . . . and smiling, because we are always and only helping our Selves.



        In closing, to assist in restoring the lens of your perception to its original state, please contemplate the following:

I. The turbulent and chaotic nature of the Earth Game is all perfectly orchestrated for our awakening, personally and en masse.

II. Our spiritual power lies in becoming One with the smiling stillpoint at the Heart of the World.

III. In this plane of duality, an outer world that appears mad and an inner world of seeing the signature of the Divine in everything is a complete matched set.

        When we can hold the above perspective, then we have become mystics.  And in that Becoming, would we really want anything to be other than just as it is?


        Wishing us all a pause that refreshes and reboots our Being, setting a tone that will last a lifetime,

J   O   A   N




“The True Master is unattached to her accomplishments, taking credit for nothing at all; she guides the whole world by guiding the individuals who come to her. She shares her divine energy with her students, encouraging them, creating trials to strengthen them, scolding them to awaken them, directing the streams of their lives toward the infinite ocean of the Tao.”  Lao Tzu




PS  It’s no accident that I’ve chosen next Thursday, May 12th, for my final workshop of the season, to allow these benevolent Heart/Mind opening energies to accelerate healing.  If you haven’t already registered, now’s the time!

        If you can’t make it, but feel called upon to deal with your most pressing karmic issues now, please contact me for a private consultation.  For more detailsPsychic Counseling

         Here’s the workshop info:


The Karmic Quickening is Here!


 There’s no better time to get on with why we’re really here as high-frequency galactic energies are bombarding the planet now to herald in the next Great Age in the evolution of consciousness. 

During this period of acceleration, any karmic baggage that we haven’t dealt with that is ready to be healed becomes much heavier and more burdensome in reaction to the Light energies moving in.

In this workshop, we’ll learn experiential practices to work with the most challenging issues in our lives from the witnessing perspective of our eternal nature thereby transforming them into opportunities for karmic healing, soul growth and enLightenment.

Joan will channel individual mini-readings on this theme to clarify and facilitate our empowerment.  So, bring all your most pressing problems and be prepared to be illuminated!  

WHEN:  Thursday, May 12th, 7-9 PM, 2011
META Center NYC, 214 W. 29th St. 16 flr.


$35 in advance/$40 at the door


For more info and to pre-register:


JoanPancoe@aol.com  or 212-982-6820



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