TRIPLE ECLIPSE SUMMER FORECAST: All the Time in the World and Not a Moment to Waste

May 29, 2011in Newsletter Archive

TRIPLE ECLIPSE SUMMER FORECAST: All the Time in the World and Not a Moment to Waste


    THE CREATIVE OCTOPUS                                                 JOAN PANCOE

 “Does a drop stay still in the ocean?
Move with the entirety, and with the tiniest particular.  Be the moisture in an oyster that helps to form one pearl.” Rumi




Dear Friend,

       All hands on deck!  June 1st kicks off a relatively rare series of three eclipses in one month.  This ratchets up the intensity exponentially while simultaneously setting the tone and themes for the next six months and beyond—even more so than the usual eclipse season which happens in pairs twice a year.


       So, what does this mean for you and me?  Here’s my psychic read on these planetary energies:

1.  On June 1st, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini is a seed-planting time for our intentions, which determine our future karma.

2.  On June 15th, the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse conjunct the north node of destiny in Sagittarius is an action-taking time (at least symbolically) on the intentions we’ve planted.

3.  On July 1st , the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer is a going deeply within time to experience the heart/mind beginnings of the next level of our assignment for this life.


       Adding to the mix:

I.  Pluto is retrograde, whispering in our ear . . . “Go within, if you truly want transformation.”

II. Then, Neptune stations retrograde on June 3rd, whispering in our ear . . . “Go even further within if you want to strengthen your connection with Source.”

III. Finally, on July 9th, Uranus stations retrograde, almost yelling in our ear . . . “Now’s the time to go more deeply within than you’ve ever gone before to receive downloads of your coming attractions!”


       It’s not always easy to put our inner spiritual needs first.  But this summer it’s imperative that we carve out at least some time to stabilize at our core of Being through reconnecting with Source through communing with Nature, mind/body practices and meditation to prepare for what is to come through the fall and into 2012.

If you would like more inspiration on this, please read:  Favorite Meditations and Mantras

       Going with the flow of planetary energies now means planting seeds to give ourselves the gift of some inner growth time this summer while scheduling for the fall what needs to be put into action in the world, when all the outer planets will slowly be moving into forward motion.

        If we allow the pendulum of our focus and energy to swing deeply within for a season, it will build more momentum to swing further outward into manifestation with much more power than if we didn’t allow ourselves this time to gather our forces for the journey ahead.


       Saturn, the Karmic Teacher, supports this decision with discipline and diligence as he stations direct on June 12th in Libra, the sign of relationship, balance and skillful means.  This is the summer of cultivating healthy boundaries by communicating and putting into action our own needs for inner nourishment before the demands of others—for some of us, perhaps for the first time ever.

       It’s time to reclaim our power in this area and embrace the concept of healthy selfishness—like putting the oxygen mask on our self first in flight, before taking care of anyone else.


       And last, but certainly not least, on June 4th, Jupiter, the planet of all good things, even to excess, moves into Taurus, the sign of enjoyment of the senses, especially to excess, and pronounces: “Let’s get this party started and have a great time!”

        I’m all for that.  But we do need to be mindful and pace ourselves as Jupiter will be in Taurus for an entire year.  Consequently, we‘ll need to watch out for over-indulgences at the expense of the health of our body, mind and spirit. 

       For more on this, please read:

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       In closing, I wish us all a summer filled with inner journeys of joy in Being that feed our souls and make us smile with appreciation for All That Is, just as it is . . . like never before.

J   O   A   N

THE WEB IN THE WOMB                                                  JOAN PANCOE    “Ordinary people hate solitude. But the Master makes use of it, embracing her aloneness, realizing she is one with the whole universe.”  Lao Tzu

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