Midsummer Doldrums? Time to Refresh your Screen!

July 22, 2012in Newsletter Archive

Midsummer Doldrums? Time to Refresh your Screen!

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THE WAVE                                            Joan Pancoe

“Emptiness is the essence of beings. It is this emptiness which allows us to manifest. Emptiness is the most salient quality of what we areit is the ground of being. Energetic being arises from this emptiness as the play of energy, and material being arises from this energy as the play of form.”  Ngakpa Chogyam


Dear Friend,

What is the absolutely best way to refresh the screen of your perceptions when you’re in the doldrums?  I’m so glad you asked!  As lately, so many of you have reported feeling more than usually:  slow, quiet, sluggish, stagnant, inactive, depressed, in the dumps, gloomy, bored, apathetic, inert, listless and dull—all synonyms for being in the doldrums.

The best way to move through these feelings is to “dive, dive, dive” all the way into them—like diving to the bottom of the cosmic ocean of consciousness.  Why?   Because once we can fully embrace being in the abyss, the void, the emptiness at the depth of our Being—with no judgment, resistance or aversion, I might add—-THEN these feelings begin to turn around.  As the old adage says:  “The only way out is through,” and retrograde Mercury, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all concur and add:  “The only way out is through going deeply within.”

        Imagine that the evolution of our consciousness is like an upwardly mobile spiral moving us to increasingly accelerating higher levels, planes or frequencies of Being.   As we come around the curve—just before accelerating to the next level of our spiral of growth—there’s always a momentarily pause that feels exactly like the immobility of the doldrums.

And, let me tell you, when I look at the planetary transits coming this Fall, there couldn’t be a better time to have a pause in the Flow of Life than right now.

 So, once again, it’s time to remember to throw out the ego/personality timetable and instead embrace the Divine timetable—where everything always happens at the perfect moment for our soul growth and karmic healing.


As we allow ourselves to go as deeply into the inner void as possible—and get still, centered and alright with pure Being, rather than any doing—we can hold the faith that we are gathering our forces for the biggest push into manifestation in this life to date. 

The further we can allow ourselves to go within and just Be with equanimity—the further out we can swing into action as co-creators when the coming attractions of the next season arrive.

 Here’s a preview of what’s just around the bend:

  1. On September 2nd, the Moon’s North Node of Destiny moves into Scorpio for eighteen months, signaling that diving deep this summer is the best prep for fulfilling the next leg of our dharmic journey.  Scorpio likes deep.
  2. Transformational Scorpio-ruled Pluto stations direct on September 18th and forms the 2nd square to Unpredictable Uranus on the 19th, signaling that maintaining internal stability and grounding is the most useful prep for not becoming blown off-center by turbulence on the world stage.
  3. Karmic Teacher Saturn edges into Scorpio for a two and half year sojourn on October 5th, signaling that learning how to ENJOY diving deep into the inner Void and being perfectly alright with sitting in it is the perfect prep for the next stage of our karmic curriculum.  Like I said, Scorpio likes—no, loves— deep.

So, all these variations of doldrums feelings are actually leading us to the depths of the cosmic ocean of becoming, aka the causal plane, out of which all forms arise.  And the more we savor this time of inner emptiness and stillness—the greater the positive manifestations in the Fall as we step up to being conscious co-creators and playmates with the Divine in Leela, aka the Earth Game.


 I hope these reminders refresh the screen of your perceptions enough so that you no longer feel the need to keep checking your psychic pulse to see if something needs adjustment to get you moving again.  But instead, that you now feel inspired and motivated to spend as much time as possible between now and Labor Day focusing on the following:

  • Becoming one with the Tao—the Flow of Life—through playing in Nature in all its ever-changing wonders . . . and smiling.
  • Cultivating equanimity, peace and bliss through spiritual practices—and grounding and stabilizing through mind/body practices   . . . and smiling.
  • Acquiring a taste for witnessing the full play of the Earth Game in our personal realities and en masse from a place of inner stillness and pure Being . . . and smiling.


        In closing, while it is hot out there, there is more going up than just the temperature.  We’re all gathering our forces on the cutting edge of the next spiral of our conscious evolution.  And the acceleration is coming soon and coming hard and fast, so let’s enjoy the doldrums, shall we?


Sending love, joy and smiles from the depths of the cosmic ocean,  

J   O   A   N

THE WAVE OF BECOMING                    Joan Pancoe   

“Does a drop stay still in the ocean?
Move with the entirety and with the tiniest particular.  Be the moisture in an oyster that helps to form one pearl.”


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