School’s Out for Summer . . . NOT!

June 16, 2012in Newsletter Archive

School’s Out for Summer . . . NOT!



“The earth plane is one of many schools for soul growth and each lifetime is a different class. The body is the vehicle, desire the motivating force, experience the curriculum and refinement the lesson.”  LEELA JONES (aka Joan) from her memoir, COSMIC SUGAR


Dear Friend,                                    

       Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a mystery school for children of all ages where we learned how to seriously enjoy the full range of wonders that is the Earth Game?  Well now that glass half-full Jupiter has just begun his year-long sojourn in diversity-loving Gemini, a celebration of all that makes life a wonderland has arrived.

With jubilant Jupiter now in carefree Gemini, it’s time for our expansive, creative and playful energies to be blissfully inspired by the amazing panorama of sensual effects that Nature seduces us with.  In addition, this energy catalyzes a renewed joyful enthusiasm for the multiplicity and uniqueness of the full expression of human nature surrounding us.  We’re aware as never before how miraculous it is that no two beings are ever exactly alike.

       If we truly are the Divine’s hand puppets, then it’s only through us that Source can appreciate all the phenomena of the physical plane through the physical senses, especially our 6th sense of perception.  Cosmic play indeed!  And with the planet of good fortune, Jupiter, to encourage us, expanding our range of pleasure, joy and bliss and getting an “A” for “AHHHH” in this class is a sure thing.

 For more on this“On Pleasure/Joy/Bliss”

To read about Cosmic Play:  LEELA


       The next course in the summer school line-up involves Neptune, Planet of Divine Love, retrograde in spiritually-oriented Pisces.  If you’ve been feeling whacked out lately, having a harder time than usual functioning from your left-brain analytical side, and keep wondering when the fog will lift—welcome to the Neptune in Pisces club! 

This 12-year transit is so important for our soul growth that I’ve written a more detailed overview of what it means for all of us:

Neptune in Pisces:  The Urge to Merge . . . and Then Some”

       As Neptune is considered the higher octave of Love Planet Venus, this article has a very special focus on romance and, (with Chiron, the Master Healer, now retrograde in Pisces as well), the parts of us that are coming up for review and healing over the next few seasons.  Hint:  The transformation of our growing pains into solace and peace will be an inside job.


       Relationships continue to be a major theme this summer as Karmic Teacher Saturn stations direct on June 25th and moves through the final degrees of other-oriented Libra for the last time in 30 years before entering depth-charging Scorpio on October 5th. 

If we want to not just survive but thrive in this class, without needing any karmic do-overs, we’ll need to get our major heart bond connections as healed as we can by choosing to take the high road in all our dealings. (And, Venus stationing direct on June 27th reminds us not to fall backwards by clinging to old karmic patterns.)

       Here’re some tips (remember to breathe):

We can choose to:

1.  Feel pissy that what we’ve received in the past from significant others is no more . . . OR be grateful for what we did receive . . . and smile.

2.  Stay stubbornly attached with a sense of entitlement to what we think others or the Universe owes us . . . OR be grateful to have paid everything in our karmic bank account for WHAT IS—right here and right now . . . and smile.

3.  Endlessly compare what others are getting in the love, looks and cash and prizes department . . . OR be grateful for all the progress and growth we’ve made on our own journey . . . and smile.

       For more tips on maintaining a calm and cool inner thermostat, please review:

SATURN RX SEZ: “Time for a Prison Break!” 


“If This Were Your Last Incarnation . . .

What Would You Do?”


Last, but certainly not least, on June 24th the first of seven squares (over the next three years) occurs between revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto.  There has been a lot of speculation about how much turbulence these accelerating planetary energies will create on the world stage to shake us up and wake us up en masse to kick off the next Great Age in the evolution of consciousness.

 I’ve written frequently about what is coming up for the planet in newsletters and articles on my website over the last few years and coined the phrase: “Divine Orderly Chaos” to describe it.  For more:  Newsletter Archives

       On an individual level, there’s no graduation or tangible goal inherent in working with the quickening of cosmic, galactic and planetary energies that are continuously bombarding us with higher frequencies than ever before. Therefore, we might as well go for the highest level of soul lessons available for what’s going to be the most exciting, exhilarating and death-defying ride of this or perhaps any incarnation to date.

Here’s the curriculum to contemplate (please remember to breath): 

I.  True abundance resides in the mind and heart, not in our bank account.

II. True stability resides in our grounding to the Earth and core tone of our Beings, not in the roof over our heads.

III. True security resides in faith in our eternal nature, not in any external conditions.

       If we can remember to work with these soul lessons every day AND smile, then we’ll be optimally affecting the mass tone by emanating an overflow of joy, peace and Light from the Higher Forces.  In the bigger picture, what else is there to do but cultivate this level of Truth and pass it on?

       I will if you will!  Wishing us all a soul-level summer school season of infinite wonders and Oneness unfolding,

J   O   A   N   


“Only the hollow bamboo can become a flute.”  OSHO


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