Year of the WATER SNAKE: Yin Power MANIFESTO

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Year of the WATER SNAKE: Yin Power MANIFESTO


Walangari Karntawarra “Colours of the Rainbow Serpents

“From the view of Vajrayana, patience does not mean acceptance, forbearance, and suffering.  Patience involves intelligent open-minded striving, in which the situation is propelled at its optimal velocity—neither forcing it, nor failing in the attempt to facilitate movement.” The Ten Paramitas, Khandro Déchen, Aro Encyclopaedia


Dear Friend,

       Welcome to the Chinese Year of the Water Snake!  Every winter, the Chinese New Year begins propitiously with the New Moon in Aquarius (February 10th, 2013 at 2:20 AM EST), setting the tone and themes for the year with the New Moon energies of planting our seeds—of word, thought and deed—for unfolding fruition over the twelve months to come.

       I’m sending this out more than a week before the New Moon, because the next three weeks may be the most auspicious time this year for sowing—so it’s important that we don’t waste a moment.  That’s because we’re in a relatively rare window of golden opportunity when ALL planets are in forward motion: From January 30th when abundant Jupiter stationed direct in multi-tasking Gemini until February 18th, when structure-ruling Saturn stations retrograde in serpentine-Scorpio.  All this accelerating flow makes the seeds we plant now turbo-charged with miracle-grow energy.  And, as the Snake personality knows more than anyone:  Timing is everything.


       In Chinese astrology, there are twelve animals and five elements, which means that every twelve years we have a year of the snake, and every 60 years we have a year of the water snake.  So, for those of you who are water snakes like me—this year is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let our unique snake-charming energies shine.

       (In fact, I’m so enamored with water snakes, I’ve created animated dancing water snakes undulating through sea grass on every page of my website:  JoanPancoe.com)


       But for ALL of us, to make the most of this special time and to fully utilize the water snake energies to manifest our dreams, desires and visions this year, we need to cultivate our yin power.

       Snake energy is wise in the ways of timing:  intuitively knowing when to strike or when to draw in people and events through being magnetic, receptive, still and open . . . with a seductive and welcoming smile.  In other words, yin power—aka the Divine feminine energies.

       In the Flow of Life, the snake knows that going with the Flow and not resisting it is imperative because dissonance with What Is dissipates our life-force energy, which the snake is expert at conserving.  That means that 99% of the time, the snake knows that it’s “just not her move” and patiently bides her time.  But, when it is time to strike, the snake is capable of leaping into action with impeccable speed, accuracy and skillful means.

       We’re just coming out of a Yang Water Dragon year, so this year of the Yin Water Snake will bring our energies into the perfect balance.  I like to think of the snake as a little dragon—just as potent and powerful—but without the bells and whistles of threatening size, roaring noise or breathing fire.  Yin, indeed.


       To manifest our desires in the Earth plane with optimal speed, we need to be able to run our energies at a vibrational frequency high enough to cut through the density of 3D like a knife through butter—or a cobra when it strikes. 

       If you’ve found that, no matter how much work you’ve done with affirmations and positive thinking, your desires are still not manifesting, PLEASE KNOW it may mean one of two things (and possibly both):


1.  Your channel to Source is blocked up with limiting or ambivalent beliefs about what you think you deserve or think is possible for you in this life—many times based on legitimate past experiences in this incarnation or from previous chapters in the soul’s story. This means there is more inner work needed to raise unconscious karmic beliefs to the surface to clear your vertical channel for higher frequency manifestation.

       (Soul readings and psychic/karmic consults are helpful illuminators and clarifiers at this stage.) 

2.  The Universe is protecting you from incurring more negative karma by NOT giving you what you desire, as it is coming from a lower-chakra level of ego desire based on what you can get or take, rather than a desire to share your gifts with the world.


       So, if you’ve been kicking and screaming against fate or whining and complaining that “life is unfair” if you’re not manifesting your desires, it means you have more inner work to clear your channel so higher-frequencies can get through and/or that the Universe is protecting you from incurring more karma until you raise your primary level of operations from the lower chakras to the heart and higher. 

       Or, you can just stay pissed off. (You know whom I’m talking to.) The Universe always gives us free will in how we choose to work with Life.


       Conversely, if you have been manifesting your visions, dreams and desires, even in small ways that signify progress and movement on your path—CONGRATULATIONS!  This means you’re clear enough internally so that your reality is mirroring in a positive way exactly where you’re at and how you’re doing.  It’s especially important to pay attention to even subtle signs of encouraging cocreation and focus on these with gratitude.  As whatever we focus on and feed with our energies and attention always grows faster and more expansive, until it encompasses our personal reality.


        In fact, I always tell clients that, if they’re not happy with the life they’ve been creating as their ultimate work of art, then they need to:


1. Go back to the drawing boards of their limiting beliefs and loosen them up. 


2. Re-examine the intentions and motivations behind their desires so they can consciously cop to the fact that—yes indeedy—the Universe has been protecting them from their lower selves—until they’re more evolved.


       It’s important to remember that, from a karmic perspective, ALL desires manifest sooner or later—either in this incarnation or  some future one.  For example, many times, in soul readings or past-life regression therapy, it has become abundantly clear that what the personality has on their plate now was ordered off the menu of karmic unrequited desires from past lives—it’s just that it took so long to manifest that, now that they have it, they no longer want what they formerly desired.  AH, cosmic humor!


       Consequently, it’s imperative that we take conscious responsibility for the intentions and motivations behind our desires because—sooner or later—all of them will be fulfilled.  For those of us who are already manifesting at lightning speed, we need to be especially vigilant—even on very subtle levels of the mind/heart—as instantaneous echo or boomerang karma comes into play when one is operating from high-velocity psychic frequencies. This means that even almost imperceptible momentary wishes or desires can manifest so fast—it either feels instantaneous or, if we’re not alert enough, can feel as if we’re getting whacked in the back of the head.

       If you’ve felt the effects in a good way of instantaneous echo or boomerang karma, congrats!  It means that your channel to Source is open enough to take advantage of all the accelerating galactic and planetary energies now carrying us forward.  But, if you’re repeatedly getting whacked in a not so good way, please take the time to re-examine internally why the Universe keeps giving you the same type of karmic placement exam.  


       In closing, because “being careful what you wish for” is not just a timeworn adage but also a spiritual truth, here are some karmic rules of the Earth game to keep in mind (which are especially important now with Saturn in Scorpio, as what we manifest or the ways we might get whacked may have longer ranging repercussions than usual):


I.  Be conscious and vigilant with our desires, thoughts and wishes—so that we only cultivate that which feeds our soul and dissolve without judgment that which arises from old karmic patterns from our lower nature.


II. Remember that it’s a package deal in this plane of duality:  If we desire more pleasure and joy, we’ll also get more sadness and pain.  But, if we can let go of attachment to what gave us the pleasure and joy once it is no more, then the pain will be of the clean sharp growing pain variety—rather than ongoing chronic suffering. (This is my most challenging lesson personally—for more on this:  On Pleasure, Joy and Bliss)


III. Hold the faith that if we choose to cultivate a desire to be of service and share our gifts with the world and/or to commune with the Divine blissfully—these desires will ALWAYS be manifested with optimal speed with the support of the Universe. And, the reaping of these desires is a win-win—as their fruits are non-ephemeral.


       May we all enjoy the bounty of our yin power this year and graciously receive all the Universe provides with a smile, 

J   O   A   N


“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in you.  Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation”  The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu



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