YOUR 2013 SUMMER PSYCHIC PREVIEW: Approaching the Infinite

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YOUR 2013 SUMMER PSYCHIC PREVIEW: Approaching the Infinite

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WATER SNAKES I        Gustav Klimt

“To see a world in a grain of sand and a Heaven in a wild flower, hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour.”  WILLIAM BLAKE

Dear Friend,

The major theme of the summer season kicks-off this week as Neptune, ruler of the unlimited field of possibilities, is stationing to begin his annual five-month retrograde cycle on June 7th in oceanic Pisces, whispering softly:  “Go within, go within, go within.”

       After almost forty years, I’m no longer amazed by how many clients come to me with fear-based agitation as their normal operating tone in dealing with the ups and downs of Life.  These are usually people who either don’t meditate or have not yet learned how to integrate the fruits of their practice into their daily lives.

       When I suggest various forms of spiritual practices attuned to their level of development and personality predisposition (as there are literally tens of thousands of ways to go within), many of them look at me as if I just shocked them in their third eye with a psychic cattle prod!

       This also happens, for example, when I advise someone with chronic lung problems about how to quit smoking or when I make suggestions to a morbidly obese client with lower back, hip, knee, or foot pain about how to lose some weight. (For more on this:  The Nature of Addiction:  It’s Only Human.)

       You may laugh, but seriously, it’s just a day at the office for me!  A lot of clients wish I could just wave a magic wand and make the presenting symptom go away, without them having to do any work on themselves whatsoever.  And while my catalytic psychic energy and insights may help as a jump-start, and my inner child certainly empathizes, we are here, after all, as souls incarnate, to heal, learn and grow through our own free will choices and actions.

       So, whether you’re a seasoned meditator who’s ready to move to the next level of practice, a lapsed meditator who’s forgotten the benefits of maintaining a peaceful inner tone, or you’re finally sick and tired enough of being thrown off-center by every dip and turn on this rollercoaster of Life, (also called: LEELA), to want to change your operating system– let’s get on with it, shall we?

  For added incentive, think about this:  Why is it that, while there’s an infinite amount of co-creative energy available from the Universe, many of us still hold no belief that we have infinite or, at least, expansive probabilities in our personal reality? 

       The key word here is:  belief.  The majority of us have limiting karmic beliefs of what is possible based on legitimate past life experiences, reinforced in this life by EVEN MORE experiences that strengthen these beliefs, creating, what I call, a karmic belief rut.  Added to this, we allow ourselves (because of our karmic rut) to take in even more limiting beliefs from the mass consciousness.  All this produces a block that strictures our access to infinite energy, i.e. abundance on all levels. 

       Some of the most commonly held limiting beliefs involve:

I. Unworthiness:  Maybe other people deserve the good stuff but not me.  THE TRUTH:  We All have equal access to our divine birthright of an infinite supply of co-creative energy. 

II. Spiritual myopia:  Enjoying the senses, (especially erotic pleasure) and/or acquiring and appreciating material abundance are not the road to heaven or enlightenment.  THE TRUTH:  The senses and abundance are all part of the Tao or Divine.

III. Misunderstanding individuality:  Having a strong ego/personality/little self is “bad” or not spiritual.  THE TRUTH: the ego is, IDEALLY, a translucent tool which the Soul uses to function here.

IV. Fear of power:  Owning one’s power is dangerous (potentials for misuse)—disowning it is safer (and keeps one out of the target area of getting whacked).  THE TRUTH:  Power is just neutral co-creative energy.  It’s only our free will choice which determines right use: For the highest good of all concerned (including ourselves) versus misuse:  For selfish gains which harm others (including ourselves).

       One of the most empowering ways way to work on consciously dissolving these limiting beliefs and opening ourselves up to the unlimited field of possibilities is–you guessed it–through going within.

       During our practice, as each limiting belief arises, (many times in the form of self-centered fear of not getting what we want or losing what we have), we have the opportunity to recognize, by questioning, “Is this absolutely true?” that we’re all carrying a shitload of limiting beliefs. Then, we can do the inner work to release and dissolve those beliefs and fears that no longer (if ever) served us.      


       Here are three paths for approaching Infinity–in other words, the Divine, Source, or the Tao (by ease of practice):

1.  Merging with All That Is through communing with Nature in all its ever-changing–and yet, at the same time–Eternal glory.

2.  Being in the present moment with our full conscious awareness–whatever we’re doing–as if it were the only moment that exists, opens us up to the Eternal NOW.

3.  Choosing to be fully present with whomever we’re with as if they’re the only person that exists allows us to experience our Eternal Nature through dual cultivation.


       To delve more deeply:  Spiritual Practices Reading List

       To learn the Taoist practices I teach to dissolve blocks to becoming One with the Tao on ALL levels:  physical, energetic, emotional, mental and karmic:  Taoist Practices MP3s


       In closing, the deeper we allow ourselves to go within to replenish and stabilize at that infinite still point of Source, also called home in the Earth Game===the further out into co-creative manifestation can our personal pendulum of energy swing, when it’s time to go into action.

       From a higher perspective, the truth is that all is well in the sense that everything is always evolving perfectly for karmic healing and soul growth.  Therefore, isn’t it far better for each of us to affect the mass tone in a ripple effect through permeating our personal reality with the energies of peace and equanimity rather than living in fear-based agitation and mindless busyness?


       If this newsletter makes you–perhaps uncomfortably–more aware of the areas you still feel stuck in that are blocking your ability to access infinite Source through going within, then I have done my job!

              To that end, I’m offering a Super Summer Special of $50 off all one-hour psychic phone consultations booked by July 1st (mp3 included), to help clarify exactly how to clear your present karmic issues so you can more fully open to your birthright of unlimited co-creative energy. 

Just email or call to schedule: JoanPancoe@aol.com/212-982-6820.


       Looking forward to whatever comes next in the Flow for US all as our channels to Source open wider and deeper than ever before through going within,

J   O   A   N


“Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.”   VOLTAIRE


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