JUPITER EXALTED: The Trip to Bountiful

June 22, 2013in Newsletter Archive

JUPITER EXALTED: The Trip to Bountiful


THE HEART OF FIRE          Joan Pancoe

 “What is the body? That shadow of a shadow of your love, that somehow contains the entire universe.”  Rumi

Dear Friend,

        When magnanimous abundance-loving Jupiter glides into heart-centered nurturing Cancer (the sign of his exaltation (i.e. highest expression) on June 25th, it kicks off a year-long theme of learning how to enjoy giving and receiving abundance on all levels. 

        I’ve always felt that, while energy is the currency of give and take that the Universe and each of us runs on, heart energy is the gold standard.  And there’s no better time than the coming year to base all our choices on the criterion of the gold standard.  Why settle for anything less?

        This means that we can choose to:

1.  Expand and deepen our heart opening to receive an infinite supply of Divine heart energy and allow it fill our Being down to the cellular level until we are overflowing.

2.  Experience the bliss of channeling this Universal trans-personal Love to all those in the life and the earth plane itself with no drainage.  (The bonus is we no longer need to feel stingy with ourselves or others.)

3.  Play the game of Life more and more with those who are also operating from this gold standard of always putting the heart first–by preferring to love unconditionally, rather than being “right.” 


        From this new energetic tone of Jupiter in Cancer, (ramped up now by the Sun, communicator Mercury, and love planet Venus ALL in Cancer), we can be sure that if we make giving and receiving love and nurturing to ourselves and others a priority–the Universe will more than meet us half-way. YAY!  Let’s open those heart channels W- I- D-E–vertically and horizontally–and start feelin’ the love.


        Think about this:  Just about everyone on the planet (on the little self/ego/personality levels) is imperfect, wounded and mentally ill (i.e. suffering under the illusion that we’re separate from Source)–it’s only a matter of degree.  But, to the degree that we maintain our spiritual condition by remembering that we’re one with Source (unity consciousness)===to this degree are we granted a daily reprieve from any soul sickness. 

        The fact is that most of us forget our true eternal identity from time to time–at least momentarily–as part of the earth game of cosmic hide and seek.  (For more on this:  LEELA)   It’s not BAD news–it’s just the way IT IS.  However, if we choose to embrace ourselves and others at this level of relative truth of WHAT IS in earth school, an amazing shift occurs:

I.  From this place of compassion and non-judgment, we can allow our birthright of Divine heart energy to flow into healing our wounds and the wounds of our fellows.

II. The desire to nurture and receive nurturing becomes ever more joyful as we access the infinitely abundant Flow of Universal love as our primary feeding Source.

III. Our relationships evolve from a lower chakra power struggle of who’s giving more to whom, to a heart-centered space of sharing in the Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness (i.e. the Flow state) where we can see the Divine ONE peeking out through everyone.


        In mid-July, we’re going to have the extraordinary blessing of a grand-water trine of Jupiter with powerful Mars in attendance, trine Illuminator Neptune in Pisces and Karmic Teacher Saturn (moving direct since July 8th) in Scorpio.  This will enhance our heart energies exponentially.  Because these energies personify Divine grace descending (the Taoist call it the “gentle rain”), I foresee moments of spiritual awakening, cosmic bliss and karmically fortuitous experiences that will resonate throughout the year–and perhaps for the remainder of this incarnation for some of us.


        If you’d like to really make the most of this Jupiter transit, so that you’ll be awake and alert to all the opportunities coming to you for abundance on all levels, an astrological reading from a soul-level karmic perspective is a very timely useful tool.  Once you know which areas of your life will be most positively highlighted this year, you can focus more energy and attention there.  This will lay the foundation for a 12-year cycle of abundance flowing into those parts of you and your personal reality that Jupiter is shining on through July, 2014.



        In closing, wishing us all a summer of being so open in the Flow that giving and receiving become as ONE in the Eternal Now.  Let’s enjoy the trip!

J   O   A   N   


“Once we get free of time and space, everything is just consciousness and energy.  Every moment is The Moment.”   Ram Dass

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