MIDSUMMER SIZZLER ALERT: “Time to Burn Some Karma!”

August 4, 2013in Newsletter Archive

MIDSUMMER SIZZLER ALERT: “Time to Burn Some Karma!”


IN THE SEA OF FIRE                 Joan Pancoe

“As the blazing fire reduces wood to ashes, similarly, the fire of Self-knowledge reduces all Karma to ashes.”  Bhagavad Gita

Dear Friend,

       It’s been way too hot for many of us this summer; we could literally fry an egg on the sidewalk.  Besides trying to stay cool, I’ve been contemplating how to make the most of all the major galactic and planetary support we’re receiving this season for accelerating the evolution of consciousness as part of our Earth School curriculum.

       The message I’m receiving is that the Universe is encouraging us to “LET GO, LET GO, LET GO” of all the karmic baggage we’ve been lugging around for way too long.  Picture a train that can’t accelerate fully until all the cars behind it full of heavy trash are cut loose. 

       To give you an idea of what I mean by karmic baggage, here’s an excerpt from one of my website writings:  

    “As we unwind our samskaras, i.e. karmic grooves, one layer at a time, from lifetime to lifetime, we get to dissolve three levels of karmic bondage, which most of us have going on simultaneous to some degree:

1.  Iron chains—which allow us to experience the balancing karma from past misuse of our energies towards others.

2. Silver chains—which allow us to experience the balancing karma from past misuse of our energies towards ourselves.

3.  And finally, golden chains, which allow us to experience reaping the fruits of good deeds we have done, but with attachment—no matter how subtle. This also keeps us on the wheel, because we still have to come back into incarnations to receive the benefits of our good karma.  

    The ultimate contemplation in action is in practicing being a channel for good—towards ourselves and all others—with no attachment—as if we were walking on sand and leaving no footprints. No small feat. But once we can get to the point of honoring All Beings including ourselves as aspects of the Absolute, Source, the Divine, or the Flow—then all the good that we do is always and only just for Ourselves.  And that makes it all very cozy.”

    For the complete article:  “If This were You’re Last Incarnation  . . . What Would You Do?” 

    Just as there are three levels of personal karma, there are also three types of overall karma stored in the cellular memory of our psychic bodies:  racial, familial, and personal.  For example, we can be karmically attached to a large body type not just because of personal karma, but also for survival during Ice Ages or times of famine (racial), as well as for survival as warriors or for attracting love, security and optimal procreative options when a larger body image was the ideal (racial/familial). For more on this:  Why is This Happening to Me?  Body Karma Explained.”


    But regardless of the type or level of our karma, the most important thing to keep in mind is that ALL the limiting beliefs and fears that make up the core of our karma are not part of our ESSENTIAL IDENTITY on the soul level and beyond. 

    Accepting that the weight of our habitual mental and emotional patterns is keeping us from flying free is the first step.  But dissolving these patterns is an ongoing challenge, as they’re formed through many legitimate past and present life experiences and thus become deeply ingrained parts of our karmic identity.

    Therefore, when we let go of these fears and beliefs that form layers of our little self/ego/personality, it can actually feel like parts of us are dying.  And they are . . . but in a very liberating way! 

           Once we get sick and tired enough of allowing feelings of unworthiness and fear of bad things happening (two of the most common forms of “silver chain” karma) to block and immobilize our capacities to claim our divine birthright of being channels of abundance on all levels—there is no better time than now for throwing all these non-essential habitual parts of identity into a symbolic bonfire and witness our Essential Nature rising from the ashes.

     Or, as I am always saying to my clients:  “If nothing changes (i.e. limiting beliefs)===nothing changes.  And:  “That was then—this is now.”  If we don’t use our point of power in the present moment to free ourselves from karmic bondage, the winding of our samskaras just keeps going into deeper and deeper karmic ruts. 


    As we let go of the parts of us and our patterns of relating that have become negative, toxic and draining—and this certainly includes levels of addiction that no longer serve—it is important to remember and cultivate the perennial philosophy that forms the spiritual foundation of Earth School:

I.  All energy is conscious—it never dies, but just continuously changes form—from formless to form and back again—in an infinite loop.

II. We can use ALL our life circumstances as the perfect vehicle for karmic healing and soul growth by staying vigilantly aware enough in every challenge to ask:  “What is the lesson here?”

III. We have the power to always focus our discriminating mind on gratitude (things could ALWAYS be worse:)), joy, peace and compassion.

    An example of these truths is embodied in this story:

    A Tibetan monk was interviewed after escaping from over twenty years of torture and imprisonment at the hands of the Chinese in Tibet.  When he was asked how he felt, he said “Optimistic!” When asked why, he said “Because it makes me happy.”

    For more of this view:  Teaching to Surprise and Inspire from the Dalai Lama.


    In closing, one of my favorite meditations, as many of you know, is sitting and watching all the wheels of everyone’s karma spinning round and round.  (Just like the John Lennon song: “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round”).

    In the last month, the next level of this practice has started opening.  From witnessing, all of a sudden I experience a leap in consciousness to where there is a visceral merging and becoming One with all soul wheels infinitely spinning. 

           As I become One with this spinning, I can’t help but smile . . . as it truly feels like the ultimate cosmic amusement park ride—Leela, Divine Play.  For more:  LEELA

     Along with this vision, I’m sending you the message: “I will meet you there”  . . .  until then,

J   O   A   N

I SEND YOU . . . Joan Pancoe

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I will meet you there.” 


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