SPRING FORECAST: Love the ONE you’re with . . . or ELSE!

March 1, 2014in Newsletter Archive

SPRING FORECAST: Love the ONE you’re with . . . or ELSE!

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“The essential thing is not to chase after ecstasy. It arises naturally if your presence in the world remains relaxed, without goals and constraints—free, opened and light.” 

Daniel Odier in Tantric Quest

Dear Friend,

        We all have felt the pain of having loved and lost someone dear to us at some point in our lives. How we choose to deal with this challenge will be coming up for review big time between now and the end of July.

        The planetary energies conspiring to make this theme a perfect storm of emotions are:

1. Passionate Mars in love-oriented Libra AND karmic teacher Saturn in intense Scorpio are both stationing retrograde this week signaling a five-month review of who we love, how we love and why.

2.  Also this week, buoyant Jupiter stations direct in nurturing Cancer and relationship-oriented Venus finally comes out of her shadow to play in innovative Aquarius, encouraging us to focus on new ways of loving based on abundance rather than scarcity.  

3. Last, but certainly not least, we’ve just begun an eighteen- month karmic reevaluation of all our deepest bonds—past and present—signified by the North Node of Destiny in Libra— encouraging us to do the right thing for the highest good of all concerned—including ourselves.

        So, if you’ve been feeling especially nostalgic for the good old days with that special someone who is no longer available for whatever reasons—now you know why.  But there are some karmic warning labels on feeding our nostalgia, especially if it also fans the flames of unrequited desire in ways that create dissatisfaction with what is:    

I.  The old adage “Be careful what you wish for” is actually a karmic truth, as whatever or whomever we desire—we will manifest—sooner or later. The only problem is that it may not be in this incarnation, and by the time we do get the object of our desire—our point of evolution and circumstances may be so different—that we may find we are inextricably stuck with something we no longer want.  Ah, cosmic humor indeed!

II. Another adage, “Comparing is a killer,” is also a truth, as the more we compare what we cherished and is no more (including our youth), with what is available to be cherished now—the more we are killing our capacity to fully enjoy being in the present moment—with ourselves, just as we are —and loved ones, just as they are.


        So, how do we make the most of these most interesting potentials for expanding our emotional range this Spring?  One of my favorite tantric meditations is to experience the person I am with in any given moment as the only person that exists AND that this is the first time, the last time and the only time we will ever be meeting.  If you like Technicolor emotional intensity—then this practice may be a good one for you to try.


        Next, it’s important to keep in mind how many varieties of love there are—from love of plants, animals and nature, to friends and family, to the juicy romantic and erotic varieties—and, ultimately, just pure love with Being and all of Life, whether one calls it the Flow, the Tao, the Divine, or Source.


        Here are some ideas to ponder:

1.  The Universe is made up of energy that never dies but is continuously changing from form to formless and back again in an infinite loop.

2. All energy is CONSCIOUS.

3.  If the currency that runs all things is energy—than heart energy is the gold standard—as it is what we all really want.

4. Since there is an infinite supply of love (aka heart energy) available from the Divine, the question we need to ask ourselves is: “How much of this gold standard of abundance can I handle?”

5. And if the answer, is not “A LOT,’ then this is the season to look within and figure out what limiting beliefs of worthiness are blocking this flow.


        In closing, while it’s important to remember that all true heart bonds are Eternal outside of linear space and time, if we  focus too much on what is lost and may never be found again in this incarnation in physical form—we’re really missing out on all the love we can share during this time of our lives. What a waste!

        One thing is for sure, not putting love first on our list of priorities will be our biggest regret when we’re getting ready to drop our bodies. This has been confirmed by thousands of interviews with people in hospice.  And there’s nothing like regret—the “woulda, shoulda, couldas”—to keep us on that wheel that just keeps spinning.      

        Even too much nostalgia incurs karma, as it is a subtle form of attachment that distracts us from the NOW.  To paraphrase Heraclites:  “We can never step in the same relationship river twice.”  Therefore, if we choose to continue to delude ourselves otherwise, instead of being fully grateful for who or what is presented at this time as a gift from the goddess, we are not making optimal use of the lessons of this season for our growth.

          Wishing us all a heart flowering this Spring like never before,

J   O   A   N          


“A life without love is a waste. “Should I look for spiritual love or physical love?” Don’t ask yourself this question. Discrimination leads to discrimination. Love doesn’t need any name, category or definition. Love is a world itself. Either you are in, at the center…or you are out, yearning.”  Shams Tabriz

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