YOUR FALL 2015 ECLIPSE AWARENESS ALERT: “The Pain Later is Part of the Happiness Now”

September 4, 2015in Newsletter Archive

YOUR FALL 2015 ECLIPSE AWARENESS ALERT: “The Pain Later is Part of the Happiness Now”

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 “In contrast with happiness, misery has clearly defined rules. Rapture is a somewhat unbounded state in which clear-cut definitions have no function. In comparison with sadness, joy is far more intangible and unpredictable. We all know the rules and regulations of melancholy but the perceptual patterns of carefree happiness are subtle and difficult to define.” Ngakpa Chögyam  

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Dear Friend,

        We’re entering our bi-annual Eclipse season this month, which always ratchets up the intensity on the planet.  Can you feel it building yet?

        As I meditated on ALL the contradictory and unpredictable energies affecting us through the end of the year and beyond—including the New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 13th in fastidious Virgo and the Total Full Moon Eclipse in combustible Aries on September 27th—I received a channeled download on how to make the most of this Fall’s cornucopia of paradoxical planetary delights.  


        If we think of the Earth Game as a version of “Let’s Make a Deal,” I’d bet the vast majority of us would choose to go with what’s behind the door that contains only good things, positive events and happy feelings—no lose, pain or sorrow.  But, as I always tell my psychic therapy clients, the Earth is a plane of relative truths—not absolutes—and one of its hallmarks is that it is always composed of matched sets of polarities—in other words: duality.

        So if we want to go for all the joy that can only come from an open heart, then we need to accept that it comes as a package deal with the full range of emotions–from happiness to sadness, from ecstasy to the depths of despair. Becoming a lover of duality allows us to be a more adept player of the Earth Game, as we work with this most challenging of spiritual concepts:

Pleasure or pain

Meeting or parting

Gain or loss

Praise or blame

Fame or shame



        Many of us, at some point in our lives, have been bashed so mercilessly against the shores of excruciating emotional pain and loss, that we have chosen to close our hearts and armor ourselves, to defend and protect against ever feeling so much suffering again. The problem is that, if we “take our marbles and go home” indefinitely, we’re relinquishing our co-creative power to learn how to play the Earth Game more skillfully and surrendering the opportunity of experiencing the highest of emotional highs again.  And, not only are we missing out on personal emotional highs—such as happiness and joy–but also on trans-personal emotions– such as ecstasy, bliss and rapture–that can only come from merging with the Divine, Tao or Flow of Life with an open heart.


        Consequently, we need to choose to risk opening our wounded hearts again and again and, in so doing, we just may discover that scar tissue actually heals stronger than the original.

Conversely, if we don’t take the risk, then the ongoing low-grade suffering of choosing safety by shutting down our hearts causes a stagnation of life-force energies that becomes increasingly more onerous, not to mention, boring to bear.  


        After conducting thousands of past-life regression sessions, I’ve found the karmic challenge for many of us is that we’ve developed, through dozens if not hundreds of incarnations, a default rut of identity epitomized by pain that comes from lifetimes of powerlessness and suffering.  This means that we know how to “do” pain—but, joy, not so much.

        From the soul perspective, the reason why we choose to experience painful lives is to crack our hearts wide open with compassion for human suffering—our own and all beings.  But, once we have already developed an open-hearted compassion from past lives, which is reactivated in this life by more pain, then the soul lessons from these incarnations can be integrated and remembered, and the visceral psychic, mental, emotional and physical pain can be released and discharged.

        The problem is that if we have forgotten our past lives of suffering, we’ll end up still carrying many levels of this pain around without knowing why.  From a soul perspective, we’ve already “paid in full” for our open hearts from these most challenging incarnations, not to mention, made some of our greatest karmic gains as well.   

        Therefore, as we consciously work on developing our full human emotional range by developing more tolerance for feelings such as joy, bliss and ecstasy—we also need to remember that we’ve already “paid in full.”  It is up to each of us to cast the deciding vote in releasing ourselves from a karmic prison of suffering that has been our modus operandi for way too long.

        That way, we won’t sabotage joy as it spontaneously arises in the Flow by allowing thoughts of unworthiness or survivor’s guilt to take over.  Our analytic minds are wonderful tools to serve us when needed, but lousy masters when it comes to letting good feelings in.   Also sabotaging our ability to tolerate more joy is attempting to cling to the high feelings out of fears of loss or scarcity–instead of just enjoying them in the Eternal Now.

        You may want a lot of joy—but can you handle a lot of joy?  For many of us, this involves developing new metaphorical muscles in our emotional body that can tolerate these higher emotional frequencies, as we are not used to feeling too good for too long without reactively shutting these feelings down.

        Last but not least, on the subject of joy:

Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served. But all other pleasures and possessions pale into nothingness before service which is rendered in a spirit of joy.

Mahatma Gandhi


        One of the purposes of our reincarnational cycles is to develop the fullest possible range of human emotions and this plane of duality allows us the perfect opportunity to explore and experience our range.  Once we embrace this concept of developing our range, we’ll have less aversion to the down emotions and less attachment to the higher ones.  As lovers of duality, we can enjoy being in the Flow of Life—in all its ups and down, highs and lows–because we’ve fully accepted that this is part of the intrinsic structure of the Earth Game.


        This Fall, we have so much planetary support to help us get on with our Earth School curriculum:

1., Love planet Venus just stationed direct on September 6th and is moving towards a third dance with Juicy Jupiter with vital Mars in attendance on October 25th.  We couldn’t ask for a better time to work on expanding our tolerance for joy as part of developing our fullest human range of Being. 

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2.  Karmic Teacher Saturn is finally moving out of dour Scorpio into jovial Sagittarius on September 17th.  We couldn’t ask for a better time to work on expanding our tolerance for joy as part of developing our fullest human range of Being. 

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3.  Transformational Pluto is stationing direct in structure-loving Capricorn on September 25th. We couldn’t ask for a better time to work on expanding our tolerance for joy as part of developing our fullest human range of Being. 

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        The other challenge this Fall is also about expanding our range, but in another way, as Uranus, the Trickster Planet of Awakening, in combustible Aries continues to create more external turbulence in the world.

        One of Uranus’s planetary functions is to create what I call “divine orderly chaos.”  This highly unpredictable energy’s purpose is to encourage us to cultivate more inner peace and stability as a balance to all the agitation around us in this plane of duality. 

        Now more than ever, we need to set the tone of our own personal reality with peace and equanimity rather than letting outer events and the mass consciousness–always the lowest common denominator (if we look at aspects of the current political climate, for example)—affect our tone and peace of mind. 

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        In closing:

“It is the very pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness.  For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side-effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself. You have to let it happen by not caring about it. The salvation of man is through love and in love. I understood how a man who has nothing left in this world still may know bliss, be it only for a brief moment, in the contemplation of his beloved.”

Viktor Frankl, psychiatrist and Auschwitz survivor

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        In other words, to make the most out of this intense eclipse season and beyond, cultivating an inner tone of peace and equanimity through daily spiritual practices will naturally radiate out in a ripple effect affecting all those in the life and the earth plane itself.  Therefore, if you are seeking “a cause greater than yourself” then, truly, inner peace and its outward ramifications is IT.

        With inner peace as the primary goal that gives meaning and purpose to our lives, we’ll be much more stable at our core as we’re bombarded horizontally by divine orderly chaos and vertically by high-frequency galactic energies, which I call the quickening.  With an inner tone that “all is well,” it is so much easier to embrace this intensity as the new normal while we work with it all as a vehicle of awakening.

        Once we have cultivated the middle part of our emotional range—peace, equanimity and inner stability–we can then witness the highs and lows of our emotional breadth and depth arising and falling away in perfectly matched sets over time.  Just as we observe the highs and lows of events on the planet—nature-made and man-made–unfold perfectly in the Flow.


         For the vast majority of us, I can’t help but see too much suffering through eons of earthly incarnations that have created a karmic rut of pain in the identity. Consequently, I can’t help but know that we are long overdue in claiming our birthright–not contingent on any external circumstances–of Joy in Being. The only thing stopping us from owning our joy is in not giving ourselves permission to relax into it because we’ve forgotten that we’ve already karmically paid in full.

         Here’s to remembering, allowing and enjoying floating in the Cosmic Ocean of Becoming.  Come on in . . . the water’s just fine!

J o a n

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“If you wish to become one with the Divine, abandon fancy theologies and imaginary idea, and do some ordinary daily work, such as healing.  Practice unswerving kindness and unending patience.  Avoid following impulses and pursuing ambitions which destroy the wholeness of your mind and separate you from the Integral Way. Neither become obsessed with circumstances nor forego awareness of them. To manage your mind, know that there is nothing and then relinquish all attachment to the nothingness.”

  From The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu

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