OUR DHARMIC DECISION 2016: “Help–Get me Outta Here!” or “The Wisdom of No Escape”

October 11, 2015in Newsletter Archive

OUR DHARMIC DECISION 2016: “Help–Get me Outta Here!” or “The Wisdom of No Escape”

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“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.  I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.  I do not ask any more delight–I swim in it, as in a sea. Oh while I live, to be the ruler of life, not a slave, to meet life as a powerful conqueror, and nothing exterior to me will ever take command of me. Henceforth I ask not good fortune. I myself am good fortune. I celebrate myself and sing myself.”


Dear One,

         We’re all here on a journey of spiritual evolution that continues from lifetime to lifetime.  In each moment, we’re given the opportunity to choose whether we’re spiraling upwards vibrationally and becoming freer as we unwind our karma–or devolving and becoming heavier, denser and more stuck within the baggage of our habitual patterns of identity.

         It reminds me of Sting’s lyrics, if they were channeled by the Lords of Karma:):                 

Every breath you take/Every move you make
Every bond you break/Every step you take
I’ll be watching you

Every single day/Every word you say
Every game you play/Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you

O can’t you see/You belong to me
How my poor heart aches with every step you take

Every move you make/Every vow you break
Every smile you fake/Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you


         So, even if we haven’t been consciously awake enough in the past to monitor all our choices, we’re being given a chance now to raise the level of our game as the Dharmic North Node moves into Virgo on October 10th, meaning that the South Node of our Karmic Past moves into the polarity sign of Pisces. This opportunity only occurs every 18.6 years for just 18.6 months.

          Added to this, we have the uplifting acceleration of planetary, cosmic and galactic energies which I call the quickening.  These new high frequencies are continuously bombarding us as “encouragement” to awaken and raise our vibrational capacity to heal our selves and the planet. The quickening is our “new normal” as these energies are heralding in the next Great Age in the evolution of human consciousness.

         Therefore, if you’re sick and tired of being stuck in repetitive patterns with increasingly diminishing returns, it’s a perfect time to utilize these supportive energies to shift your direction of evolution towards the Light and catch the wave of awakening that’s sweeping the planet. 


         Before we explore how to optimize the next eighteen months and beyond, let’s define the term Dharma first.  Originally from the Sanskrit, Dharma has accumulated a variety of connotations from the Hindu and Buddhist paths.  But, for our purposes here, I’ll define Dharma as:  The path of our highest truth

         When we’re on our Dharmic path, we become increasingly more aware that each choice—no matter how subtle–helps determine our future karma and destiny.  For, while we may be powerless over past karma arising to be healed, we have absolute power over how we choose to respond to our circumstances.  It is this factor that accelerates our upward spiral of spiritual evolution. For more on this:  “Why is This Happening to me?  Body Karma Explained.”


         Now that the Dharma North Node is in Virgo, we have the assistance of this impeccably finely-tuned discriminating sign to reevaluate why we’re  in this incarnation so we can make choices based more on our soul assignment which, regardless of specific karmic themes, is always for karmic healing and growth—rather than from ephemeral ego desires.  And, with Benefic Jupiter, also in Virgo through July, we can trust that our efforts will be almost instantaneously rewarded with the peace of mind of knowing we’re taking the high road in all our affairs. For more on this:  Jupiter in Virgo:  “Time to Clean Out ALL Your Closets”


         Here are some things to consider with the Dharmic North Node in Virgo:

1. APPRECIATION:  The earth plane is always the best show in town and where all the karmic action is happening. How could it not be?

2. SPIRITUAL PRAGMATISM:  In Taoist philosophy, crisis can be used as a time of opportunity.  Why? Because we grow faster, stronger and more internally stable when life pushes against us.  I call this spiritual resistance training. (Otherwise, we might all just lie around eating bon-bons :))

3.  EXPEDIENCY: The lines on “the other side” for souls waiting to incarnate into a precious human incarnation are veeery long—so we might as well make the most of the one we’re in. (Take my word on this as a hall monitor—Hall of Records, that is:))

4.  DISCRIMINATING MIND:  While we have our “yes” and “no” and are entitled to our preferences, from the perspective of the VOID, all that plays out in the earth plane is viewed as PURE ALIVENESS.

5. WITNESSING PERSPECTIVE:  As we observe our desires, aversions and the full play of emotions arise, we can learn to say:  “Oh look at that!” with a smile and not feel compelled to judge, act out, indulge or repress anything. Even science confirms that reactive emotions only last for 90 seconds, unless we feed them.

6.  DESIRE FOR SERVICE:  We can’t skip healing our personal karma—with our self, family and loved ones—by entertaining delusional expectations that saving the world will bring us bliss.  I call this the “Mother Teresa syndrome.”

7. RADICAL ACCEPTANCE:  Everything which happens in our lives and the earth plane, just as it is, is perfect fuel for healing and soul growth. 


And what about the Pisces South Node of our Karmic Past? 

         There isn’t a dreamier, out-of-this world, cosmic consciousness-loving sign than Neptune-ruled Pisces. But if we’ve had past lives in which we’ve become overly-attached to being more comfortable in other realms—whether through mood-altering substances, delusion, psychic and/or spiritual development—we may have a tendency to prefer not being fully embodied and rooted to the earth plane as it doesn’t feel like “home.”

         Additionally, for those of us that are Neptunian by nature, the Pisces South Node will be a siren call that will be hard to resist—activating a deep karmic longing to avoid dealing with the nitty-gritty challenges of day to day physical reality.

For more on this:  “Neptune: The Urge to Merge . . . and Then Some”

         Lastly, if we have more than 51% of our soul development in higher frequency dimensions than the physical plane, we may experience the messiness of the human condition, personal emotions and gravitational density challenging at best.  This makes us tend to lean towards the oceanic depths and out-of-this-world heights of the Pisces South Node.  For more on this:  Aliens Are Us.”

         Perhaps equally important to mention is that, if we’ve had past lives of powerless and suffering (and who hasn’t), in which our deepest desire was to check out because being in a body wasn’t experienced as particularly pleasant or safe, then our default karmic reaction to circumstances NOW that are unpleasant or feel insecure is “Help–get me outta here!”

         So, to make optimal use of the next eighteen-month transit of the Karmic South Node in Pisces, as all of the above karmic memories of wanting to be elsewhere will be coming up to be healed, here are some things to consider:

1.  LETTING GO:  Attachment, aversion or indifference to being fully embodied in a human incarnation keeps us firmly on the wheel of karma—which goes infinitely round and round.  The only way out is through.

2.  BEING FULLY PRESENT: Any regrets we carry when we drop the body of not allowing ourselves enough pleasure, joy and bliss during our lives keeps us firmly on the wheel of karma—which goes infinitely round and round.  The only way out is through.  For more see:  “On Pleasure, Joy and Bliss

3.  BE WARY OF NOSTALGIA:  If we indulge in nostalgia for other planes of consciousness instead of being fully present here, rest assured that, once we drop our bodies, our longing will be in the form of sincere regret for not embracing the fullest range of our humanness while incarnate which–you guessed it–keeps us firmly on the wheel of karma—which goes infinitely round and round.  The only way out is through!


     On a personal note, as many of you may know, (especially if you’ve read my memoir, COSMIC SUGAR), my soulmate and psychic partner, the healer Jim Rush, dropped his body after a prolonged illness on his 60th birthday in 1997 after twenty-seven adventure-filled years together—in which we got to play out a very full range of karmic roles.   And while it took me over a year to stop missing the comfort of his physical presence, I have to tell you that his soul and heart-connection is ever-present.

       In the first year after his passing, Jim took me on a trip in a waking dream to some of the higher-frequency dimensions where he plays—and all I can say is a:  “What Technicolor adventure we’re in for!  I call it “Unrelenting Spaciousness.”  It is, without doubt, what I had always been seeking—and, simultaneously, overwhelmingly terrifying—but in a good way, of course, as it blew the mind’s circuits wide open.

       After this last big adventure in other dimensions, Jim told me, “Remember this trip, Sweets, because I won’t be taking you on any more for a while.”  He knew that if I spent too much time playing in higher planes of consciousness with him, I would enjoy it so much that it would distract me from the work and play I still have left to do to fulfill my soul assignment for this incarnation.


      In closing, it’s important to keep in mind that longing for other dimensions—for whatever reason—before it’s our time to dwell there is wasting the opportunities available for us in this life.  We’re not here to distract ourselves by checking-out or leaving our bodies—but rather to work on opening ourselves up to experiencing these higher frequencies while being fully embodied.  In other words, learning how to be in heaven all the time.

     Besides, we’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose by raising our view to the timeless perspective of the Soul while in the Earth Game.  As the rollercoaster ride of this life, no matter how circuitous and death-defying, ultimately lead to the same destination:  We get to drop our bodies without losing our Higher Minds.  And, not only is physical death absolutely safe, it’s also the only thing in life that’s absolutely certain. That being said, why waste precious time pining for what is not yet to be, i.e. being elsewhere, when we can fully savor each moment’s potential for expanding our awareness and finally grok that the grass is always greener right here and right now?

      With The Nodes in Virgo and Pisces for the next year and a half we have a golden opportunity to relinquish our wrestling match with samsara (i.e. endless cycles of birth, death and rebirth) once and for all and embrace the universal laws of karma (i.e. cause and effect) which govern the Earth Game.  Once we stop fighting with what is, then we can claim our birthright of experiencing being in a precious human incarnation and simultaneously aware that we’re on all planes of consciousness.  In other words, experiencing samsara and nirvana as one and the same.

     And how do we learn to access this state of consciousness which dissolves the space/time continuum? Well, while it is possible to have an ephemeral visceral taste of our true multi-dimensional Being with mood-altering substances, it is only sustainable if maintained through a daily spiritual practice. Have you found one yet that gives you glimpses of pure Being and a joyful peace of mind?

For more:  Spiritual Practices Reading List

     So, our Dharmic decision 2016—is not a simple either/or—to be here or elsewhere–but rather AND and BOTH.  Human beings tend to be so extreme!  Ultimately, there is nowhere to go—if we’re fully present in the Eternal Now.  Then the reality of no escape spontaneously arises again and again and again.

Here’s to enjoying the show!

J   O   A   N

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