As the GREAT WHEEL of LIFE Turns, Your SOUL Is Whispering: ”WAKE UP!”

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As the GREAT WHEEL of LIFE Turns, Your SOUL Is Whispering: ”WAKE UP!”


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THE DWARF   by   Joan Pancoe

“Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning on an ever-spinning reel
As the images unwind
Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind”

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Dear One,

         In the last few months, I’ve counseled more than the usual number of you who’ve been going through a “Dark Night of the Soul,” a few even contemplating suicide.  This has moved me to share some of my views on this completely organic and essential part of our Soul’s journey of awakening, especially since I’m in such a challenging period myself and know just how yucky it can be.

These cycles are usually triggered by a major change and/or loss externally—be it relationship, work/money and/or health challenges—but they can happen at any time, even if one’s life is relatively stable.  That’s because the source of a “Dark Night” is always an inside job, and thus can only be resolved at its core with a spiritually based solution.


When I used to go on long spiritual retreats in nature in the Winter, I initially found the bleak landscapes—especially the fallow fields after the harvest season—uninspiring and depressing.  But, upon reflection, realized that Nature—as part of the Tao, the Flow of Life—doesn’t make mistakes, and to everything there is a season.  And I can either embrace the perfection inherent within what is—or not.

So too will we all, sooner or later, go through some seemingly barren times, when it feels like nothing is happening and despair that Spring will ever come with a renewed sense of growth and aliveness.  But, even if it feels like our present condition will never change, the higher truth is that the GREAT WHEEL of LIFE spins infinitely round and round, and that it’s not possible for what falls to not rise again, and for what ebbs to not flow again.  NOT POSSIBLE!

So, when there doesn’t appear to be any Light at the end of the tunnel, how do we make the most of this most crucial time in our Soul’s evolution?  Firstly, we need to remember—whether we’re dealing with body karma challenges, mental, emotional and physical, or an ebb in the flow of our birthright of abundance on all levels—that our Soul has devised the perfect circumstances to get the karmic lessons and healing that we took incarnation for. And that NOTHING LESS than what is on our plate could have gotten our attention to “wake up” and get on with our conscious spiritual evolution.

         For example, our society, and consequently most people in our life, tend to validate us on the ego level much more when we’re achieving externally—as expressed through our resumes, relationships, money and “stuff.”  But does anyone validate us when we have nothing going on externally—but only things going on internally?  NOT SO MUCH!

That’s one reason why so many of us creative, emotionally and psychically sensitive types cyclically fall into a slump, depression or despair whenever any major creative project or relationship ends. It’s all part of a natural cycle of death, fallow time and then—sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly—an eventual rebirth of our creative juices and life-force energies.

Therefore, we need to validate for ourselves that, when we are in a Dark Night, we’re actually being cooked in an alchemical crucible. The purpose of which is to transmute our inner gold through spiritual practices.  And nobody will be able to validate this inner spiritual growth spurt where it really counts—except our Self!

There is a saying: “When one door closes, another opens—but it’s drafty in the hallway.”  That’s because the hallway is really an elevator moving us up to the next level of conscious awakening and connection to our True Nature and Source.  But there can be a long lag time in the hallway, especially if we keep trying to go backwards or break down the door ahead on the same level as before because we are only open to an external solution.

  It’s only when we welcome a door opening on a new level of a relationship with the intangible fruits of communion with the Tao, or Divine—and cultivate a taste for being fed this way—that external manifestation can truly begin again.  This is how our Soul protects us from being a victim of going after endlessly unfulfilling ego desires.


I encourage clients who are feeling “down and out” to set up their daily lives as if they’re on a structured spiritual retreat—with pre-programmed times for meditation, mind/body practices, communing with nature, spiritual reading, enjoying the senses, healthy eating and restful sleep.

This is the way to make the most of our externally fallow times by maximizing our inner growth. The deeper in we allow ourselves to go and merge with Source so that we can be replenished with inner Light—the further out will the pendulum of energy shift into the external realm once it is time, in the natural cycle of our soul’s journey, to co-create and manifest in our personal realities again.

But, remember, manifestation can only occur if we believe:

1. It’s possible for us.

2. We’re worthy of what we desire.

3. We’re capable of holding the faith that it’s for our highest good and that, if it’s meant to be, it will unfold in perfect time in the Divine plan.

4.  It’s for our karmic healing and soul growth in the Flow of Life.

5. We can vote “YES” for our desires on the Soul level, not just from the ego, without equivocation.

To read more on this, the above was taken from:

It’s Time to Play Your 2015 Endgame: “TRUTH or KARMIC CONSEQUENCES”


 To get you started:

Spiritual Practices Reading List

Taoist Practices


If we resist going within and, instead, persist on looking outside of ourselves for the solution to our fallow season—we’re missing the greatest opportunity of our darkest times, which I call a FGO (f**kin growth opportunity).  The Universe gives us this time with nothing externally happening to our ego’s liking specifically to “encourage” us to go within for sustenance.  I call this Spiritual Resistance Training:  Life pushing at us to make us stronger.


We always have free will and this is never clearer than when it comes to considering suicide as an option to our Dark Night of the Soul. Some who come to me for guidance are in so much pain, suffering and despair that they see no other viable option than to “check out.” However, it’s important that they understand the karmic consequences that come with choosing to leave a precious human incarnation before the Soul Assignment is completed. (I do believe, however, that there’s a special karmic dispensation for end-of-life cases where the body is in the final stages of deteriorating and the Soul is ready to be free of it.)

Before making any irreparable decision, we need to fully understand that checking out means that whatever is unresolved will carry on the karmic wheel to be resolved at some future time.  How could it not?  Everyone I’ve worked with who was considering suicide, after comprehending the karmic repercussions, has chosen to stick around as an empowered choice.  With the heart of a warrior, of their own volition, they’ve chosen to dive deeper to get to the bottom of their karma and embrace what is, just the way it is—if not with joy, initially—then, at least, with equanimity.  Spiritual pragmatism, indeed!

It is especially important during a Dark Night to be loving, nurturing and nonjudgmental with our “little self,” or personality on the ego levels.  And to keep in mind, with gratitude, that we just might be in the greatest inner growth spurt—right here and right now—of this precious human incarnation.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t take positive actions for ourselves that are nurturing.  It’s in my job description, as my channels call being a “galactic cheerleader” to encourage those who come to me to give themselves permission to go for their bliss.  Usually, the only thing stopping them is that they’ve given away their inner power and authority by projecting judgment outward from their own super-ego, and they’re afraid that, if they’re not being “responsible” enough, “What will people think?” I always give them a new daily mantra, which I call the short form of the Serenity Prayer: “F**k ‘em!”

When we’re in a Dark Night, it’s imperative that we not give away our power to any outside authority.  But rather to recognize that the only higher authority we have to answer to is our higher Self.  Our Soul is the one who purposely set this whole game up to begin with so we would choose to release ourselves from the karmic shackles of self-judgment and projections of this—and go for our bliss.  Why else are we here?

It’s very common during a Dark Night to feel too isolated. So it’s important to seek help and support from loved ones who are heart- centered. There are also spiritually oriented 12-step programs that basically offer free group therapy and fellowship.  And these are not just for addictions anymore, so check them out:

List of 12 Step Programs

Wishing us all a fruitful Dark Night—whenever it may be and however long it may last—with Faith in the perfection of the Divine Plan for us all in the Flow,

J   O   A   N

“If you want to shrink something,
You must first allow it to expand.
If you want to get rid of something,
You must first allow it to flourish.
If you want to take something,
You must first allow it to be given.
This is called the subtle perception
Of the way things are.” 

Tao Te Ching


An astrology reading from a karmic perspective is a very useful diagnostic tool to help you embrace the “how, what and why” of your present predicament and know approximately how long this cycle will last.

If you’re dealing with mental, emotional and physical challenges and would like some clarity on why this is happening to you karmically with practical suggestions for healing on all levels, please consider a psychic reading by phone or in-person to help you get on track and moving so you can optimize this crucial time in your journey.

Mini-soul readings (with an astrological component if desired) are also available by phone.

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