In the Midst of Two Volatile Eclipses, A Psychic Looks into Her Hand

February 19, 2017in Newsletter Archive

In the Midst of Two Volatile Eclipses, A Psychic Looks into Her Hand
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“Nothing comes ahead of its time, and nothing has ever happened that didn’t need to happen.”
Byron Katie

Dear One,

        It’s seven long weeks since my last newsletter, and Life continues to be quite a volatile ride for me.  While out of the country on January 21, my left thumb was severely injured during a freak accident on an island with no major medical assistance.

Now, I’m still recovering from a five-hour surgery in NYC on February 9 to save the use of my thumb. But, fortunately, I have an excellent hand surgeon and the prognosis is good for a complete recovery, after many months of physical/occupational therapy, that is.  And, THANK GOD for OBAMACARE as, otherwise, I would be more than distracted by humongous medical bills rather than focusing all my energies on healing.


The energies of the bi-yearly eclipse season ALWAYS ratchet up the intensity on the planet for all of us, setting the tones and themes for the next six months and beyond.  But this one is a doozy. 

Since the Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on February 10, we have an explosive, challenging square coming up between Warrior Mars in fiery Aries and Transformational Pluto in structure-ruling Capricorn on February 23.  This is followed by an unstable and unpredictable conjunction of Mars with the trickster planet of the unexpected, Uranus, on the day of the New Moon Eclipse in Pisces, February 26.


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All of this signifies major endings and new beginnings coming to us—personally and en masse—through seemingly random events that jolt us out of our complacency and awaken us to the next level of our karmic healing and soul assignments like nothing lesser could.

In my own case, I knew that my travel karma was not great this winter, in terms of some ongoing tricky Uranus transits signifying potential accidents and unpredictable events, not to mention a nasty Mars/Saturn square on February 19.  Nonetheless, instead of just staying home, I willfully decided to travel anyway.

However, in an attempt to appease trickster Uranus, I chose to stay in the same hotel on the same island as last year (St. John in the USVI) and promised myself that I would stay close to the private beaches near the hotel and only engage in some minor snorkeling. Rather than pushing myself with major adrenaline-pumping, potentially life-threatening adventures, which is my usual wont on vacations.

This effort to avoid my fate, i.e., pre-loaded karma unfolding, is similar to the lesson I acquired many years ago from reading a story by W. Somerset Maugham, The Appointment in Samarra. And the lesson is:  When it’s your time to get whacked—karmically, literally or both—there is no escape. 

The back story is:  I have major hand karma from past lives that I’ve never fully resolved.  In fact, over almost 40 years ago, I painted a vision of a recurring nightmare of me walking out of the ocean to show my father that my hands had been cut off.  This was from a life where I had been caught stealing food and the standard punishment was losing one’s hands.

I will spare you the gory visuals, but let’s just say that the painting is my own personal version of Munch’s The Scream, which I used in November as a meme on Facebook and in a newsflash. (Bringing up my karmic hand memories psychically perhaps? :))

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Ever since these memories surfaced in 1978, it has been challenging to work with clients doing past-life regression therapy who have hand issues involving the nervous system, as it sympathetically activates my own karmic symptoms in this area.

Now, what has been ordered on the karmic menu of Life by my Higher Self for the coming months as part of my recovery is a primary focus on major nerve and tendon repair and healing.  This will take all the inner and outer resources I can muster. There is truly no escape and the lessons just keep coming.

I’m sharing this as a way to encourage all of you to be alert and look out for whatever is coming up—many times quite forcibly and out of the blue—to be karmically healed in your lives and/or bodies. And focus on the soul lessons to be gained as the gifts inherent within the upsetting circumstances, with growing pains galore, of course.


In closing, as I look at my injured hand with the many stitches still in it, I envision perfect healing of my physical hand bathed in emerald green Light as well as the unwinding of all the body karma connected to this experience that is still continuing to come up on deeper and deeper levels.

Also, I want to express my gratitude and love to my mate who has been taking such good care of me.  Without a functioning thumb, it seems I need help with just about everything.  It has been really hard to be on the receiving end of so much assistance. I’m used to being the helper and caretaker, with my nurturing Cancer Moon in the sixth house of service.

The other night, he helped me bathe, with my hand and arm in a splint and wrapped up in plastic.  Then, while putting me to bed and rubbing lotion on me, I said, “I feel just like a big baby.” And he said, “You are.”  And I was able to receive his loving care with a smile.

Sending out love, light, healing energy and gratitude to all,

J   O   A   N                    

Photo of my hands from last summer

“When you look at your own life . . . the sufferings you went through,each time you would have avoided it if you possibly could.  And yet, when you look at the depth of your character now, isn’t a part of that a product of those experiences?  Weren’t those experiences part of what created the depth of your inner being?”


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