SPRING 2017 SOUL-LEVEL CURRICULUM: The Karmic Consequences of Entitlement (and it might not be what you think)

March 19, 2017in Newsletter Archive

SPRING 2017 SOUL-LEVEL CURRICULUM: The Karmic Consequences of Entitlement (and it might not be what you think)



“We have the wrong perception that we are separate from the other. So, in a way, Trump is a product of a certain way of being in this world so it is very easy to have him as a scapegoat. But if we look closely, we have elements of Trump in us and it is helpful to have time to reflect on that.”  THICH NHAT HANH


Dear One,

        HAPPY SPRING!  Here’s some good news:  From a soul-level perspective, we don’t have to waste any more time or energy worrying about Trump getting his karmauppance, just as all big-league abusers of power throughout history, from Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun all the way through to 20th century ego-monsters like Hitler and Pol Pot have gotten theirs.

The Dalai Lama says it best:

“From the Buddhist point of view, the Chinese officer who is committing the cruel act against the young boy is initiating a new cycle of negative karma.  In the case of the child, there is a closure of a particular karma that the child is experiencing.  The perpetrator of the crime is in fact an object of more compassion and mercy than the child.” 

        From my experience with facilitating thousands of past-life regressions, I have been reminded that in the lives where there was the most abuse of power, the most karmic poo-poo was incurred.  And that some of the greatest karmic gains come from past incarnations with the most suffering.

 The wheels of karma grind exceedingly slow but exceedingly fine, and it all evens out in the end.  Everybody, sooner or later, especially evil clowns, get theirs, rest assured.  So, that’s just one less thing to ever be concerned about!  (Unless you’ve been veery naughty:))

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        This brings us to one of the main themes this Spring in our curriculum in Earth School.  It’s the perfect time to examine whether there exists even a teeny-tiny piece of Trump or any similar malevolent energy within the dark or shadow side of our natures, keeping in mind the potential in all souls to experience the full range of the human condition.  This endeavor will open us up to new levels of dissolving separation and living more in Unity consciousness. I’ve found this higher level of Truth that transcends duality (i.e., the relative truth of the 3rd dimension) to be quite liberating as it frees us from the toxicity of the judgments, indignation and resentments that plague the ego-mind.

For example, Trump’s infantile narcissism and unrefined self-absorption invite us to examine our own areas of selfishness. His ignorance mirrors our own blind spots. The fears he ignites and the isolation he promotes inspire us to transmute our own ego-based anxiety of merging and becoming One with All Beings and to courageously hold the faith that the high road and the Light will always prevail.


The definition of entitlement is: the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given special privileges. An entitlement complex is linked with narcissism and borderline personality disorder.        


“Hell hath no fury like a narcissist denied,” says Sandy Hotchkiss, author of Why Is It Always About You?” In her book, she explains that a sense of entitlement actually has nothing to do with real self-worth. Instead, a person with an entitlement complex is similar to a small child who never learned that he or she is not the center of the universe. They throw tantrums when outsiders don’t meet their demands.


How do you know if you have a sense of entitlement? Here are some of the main signs:  

1. You impose unrealistic demands on others.

2. You tend to feel sorry for yourself if things don’t work out the way you want them to, and you advertise it openly, in melodramatic ways to get attention.

3. You have been called a bully, manipulative, ruthless, egotistical, vain or a liar.

4. You believe that you deserve happiness and success, and you go to great or extreme lengths to get it, often at the expense of others.

5. You punish people when they don’t do what you want, either by gossiping, spreading rumors, giving them the silent treatment, or by shouting and being verbally abusive.

6. You tend to see other people as competition or a threat.

7. You exhibit many double-standards in your behavior and interactions with others. For example, it’s OK for you to be late or forget something, but it’s absolutely not OK for someone else to do the same.

8. You tend to take more in friendships and relationships while the other person gives.

9. You look out for yourself first. Your needs and desires are more important than anyone else’s most of the time.

10. You have a hard time negotiating or compromising in a situation.

11. You believe that you are a priority and you should always come first, even at the expense of others.

12. People often seem to be offended or upset by what you say.

13. Generally, you think that you are better or more important than other people, and that other people should see this as well and respect you.

14. You want to be admired and adored.

15. You find it second nature to assert your dominance or superiority over others, and you enjoy doing it.

The above list is excerpted and edited from: https://www.davidwolfe.com/15-signs-entitlement-complex/


Quite an ugly list, no?  That’s why so many of us feel quite nauseated while observing Trump and his antics.  Even if we only identify with a few of the entitlement traits, he is still an amplified mirror to our darkest selves individually and en masse.

On December 4, in my newsletter 2017 COMING ATTRACTIONS: “Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga* (Darkest Age)” I wrote:

” The North Node of Destiny moves into Leo the ‘me first’ sign in early May, and since the Nodes move backwards, it will be sitting on ‘his majesty, the baby’ Trump’s Mars and Ascendant at 26/29 degrees Leo, signifying that his ego will get even more outrageously overblown, crossing the border into megalomania. Oh boy!

That’s why it’s such a perfect time to review our own sense of entitlement this Spring as on May 10 the true North Node of our dharmic (i.e., intrinsic) destiny moves into Leo for 18 months.  And for you astrology wonks, the mean North Node moves into Leo on April 28.

This gives us an opportunity to choose to cultivate the high road of Leo traits of being: Self-assured and progressive, warm and sincere, affectionate in love, protective, cultivated and refined and, most importantly, inspired by universal love.

Simultaneously, over the next 18 months, we’ll see more of the low road or shadow side of Leo being played out on the world stage of being: Vain and self-seeking, lustful and hedonistic, extravagant and opulent, a braggart and show-off, and purely egotistical.  Sound familiar?

While it’s true that the more egregious the abuses of power are, the more karma incurred, even very subtle levels of selfishness and entitlement can be harmful to others and to our own spiritual growth, and thus create karma (i.e. unfinished business or baggage) to be resolved at some future time—in this life or beyond.

For more on the nature of karmaIf This Were Your Last Incarnation, What Would You Do?

        As the North Node of our future destiny moves into Leo, the South Node of our karmic past moves into the opposite sign of Aquarius.  This means that we get an opportunity to pass on taking the low road of our karmic past of being: Overly talkative and flighty, a zealot and fanatic, impractical with zany schemes, cold, aloof, with little human sympathy, and trying to impose our own ideas on others.  Sound familiar?

And simultaneously we get to choose to remember our “greatest hits” or high points karmically, when we developed the capacities for being:  Gregarious and social, loyal to a cause or idea, striving for brotherhood, intuitive, open-minded and loving all equally. 

(Astrological sign descriptions are excerpted and edited from Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology.)


There will be a spiritual opening this Spring, as Trump’s madness reaches its peak, to remember, “There but for the grace of the Goddess go I.”  Those of you who have explored your karma on the theme of misuse of power through past life regression know exactly what I’m talking about.  As do quite a few more of you, just from intuiting the potentials within your shadow or dark side and identifying with some of the entitlement traits.


In closing, I’ve gotten so carried away with the soul-level lessons of Trumpism (which will go down in history books as the definition of 21st century fascism), that I’ve decided not to focus on one of my favorite topics:  Venus Retrograde.  Every eighteen months for six weeks, we get to remember, revisit and review our romantic past from this life and past lives. This year, Venus went retro in initiating Aries on March 5, and while she will go direct on April 15 in the late degrees of longing-for-the-past Pisces, the planet of love will not move beyond her forward shadow until May 13.

For you die-hard romantics out there (you know who you are), who want to get a more conscious handle on your love-life challenges and lessons, here are the most pertinent newsletters for this particular retrograde cycle, especially since Venus is in mutual reception with passionate Mars in sensual Taurus from March 11 through April 4th.:

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Last but not least, please know that I’m a firm believer in what I call healthy selfishness, in the sense of putting the oxygen mask on oneself in an airplane to better assist the child in one’s lap.  I view all beings as my children, even very naughty ones, while simultaneously believing that there is ultimately only one Being with billions of faces.  This means that everything I do for you I always and only am doing for my Self.

Thank you for allowing me to serve Us with these newsletter offerings!  And thank you for all the good wishes, love and energy you’ve sent me to help in healing my hand, which is over half-way restored.  YAY!

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