2018’s Pluto/Saturn/Mars RX Triple Threat: “Resist Going Within at Your Own Peril”

April 22, 2018in Newsletter Archive

2018’s Pluto/Saturn/Mars RX Triple Threat: “Resist Going Within at Your Own Peril”
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“Someone once asked a great sheikh what Sufism was: ‘The feeling of joy when sudden disappointment comes.’  Don’t grieve for what doesn’t come.   Some things that don’t happen keep disasters from happening.”  RUMI


Dear One,

        This Spring, we have three planetary heavy-hitters’ retrograde cycles to deal with, all in structure-ruling Capricorn, that will be affecting our energies in major ways—personally and en masse—through September:

  •  Karmic Teacher Saturn stations retrograde on April 17.
  •  Transformational Pluto stations retrograde on April 22.
  •   Action-oriented Mars enters his retrograde shadow May 13.

       In general, planets in forward motion signify more positive timing for taking external actions. While planets in retrograde motion signify more positive timing for going within to reevaluate, revise and re-envision our next outward steps.

As the pendulum of Life swings deeply within, retrograde energies allow us time to firstly clear away any internal debris that could block optimal forward motion.  And then to focus on gathering our forces to prepare for a new cycle of external actions at a higher level of manifestation when the pendulum swings outward again as the planets go direct.


 Saturn governs the structure and rules of the Earth Game and especially so now, as he is in his dignity in his home sign of Capricorn. From the perspective of Saturn, traditionally called the Lord of Karma, the vast majority of souls in human incarnations are trapped within a karmic prison of their own making. 

Whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, our limiting karmic beliefs about what we think we deserve and what we think is possible for us create the personal reality we dwell in.  Some of our prisons are tiny mucky solitary cells and others are the size of giant sports arenas—but, either way, there’s always room for expansion.

        Now, with Saturn retrograde, there’s no better time to recognize that ultimately, we’re our own karmic judge, jury and parole board.  Who else could they be:)?  When we stop deluding ourselves that “It’s not so bad,” by hanging curtains in our windowless cells, then we can start doing the inner work to release and dissolve that which has kept us in bondage.       

So, how do we perform this feat of liberation while we have this window of opportunity?  Here are some questions to consider:

1.  Are we doing the best we’re capable of and being impeccable with our word?

2.  Can we forgive ourselves for being wounded and imperfect as we hold the vision of moving towards healing and wholeness?

3.  Do we believe we’re worthy of receiving our birthright of infinite abundance on all levels—health, love, resources—and know there’s enough to go around?

4.  Can we extend this view to all beings?


      When we can answer these questions in the affirmative, then we’re ready to stamp our records: “TIME SERVED!”  But, if we still resist being fully open to the deepest levels of self-love and self-forgiveness, then to this degree are we keeping ourselves in karmic lockdown with no set date for parole.

        Saturn RX exhorts us to shift from “woulda, shoulda, coulda” to “I will, I shall, I can . . . I AM!”  Can you hear him yet?


        Some of the worst cases of karmic lockdown I’ve dealt with over the years have been with a number of clients who harbor beliefs about what evolved “old souls” they are.  This spiritual arrogance allows them to judge others as “less than” and keeps them painfully separate and isolated within a delusional self-image cell. And while they may believe they’re more enlightened than most . . . nobody wants to play with them.  

        Conversely, cases of false humility, with feelings and beliefs of unworthiness and fear of stepping into power and failing (or succeeding), are another extreme but very common form of solitary confinement.

        Then there are those who have such fear, aversion and limiting beliefs about being alone (i.e., without a significant other in a romantic relationship) that they make themselves miserably unhappy in a self-imposed prison of loneliness, rather than choosing to joyously commune with all of Life as their primary relationship.     

These are just a few examples but, whatever type of karmic rut we’re stuck in—whether high and mighty or weak and low— there’s no possibility of parole until we reexamine our limiting beliefs and fears and become willing to accept that no matter how “legitimate” they might feel, they are unequivocally NOT TRUE NOW. ( Although many limiting beliefs may have been legitimate as part of specific karmic lessons in past lives.)  So, not only do these beliefs and fears no longer serve us in this life, but they are exactly what is keeping us from flying free. 


        We have just over four months until Saturn stations direct on September 6.  To make the most of this time to review, recalibrate, refine and re-envision the personal reality we want to cocreate this Fall, here are some questions and a Rumi quote to contemplate:

I. Do we know that anyone we’ve ever loved is always with us in our hearts—whether we see them again in this life or not . . . and smile?

II. Can we be without attachment or aversion—-clinging or pushing away— to people, places, things and circumstances coming into and out of our lives . . . and smile?

III. Can we accept that those circumstances or relationships which fate has taken from us seemingly against our conscious desires are always sparing us from some greater pain . . . and smile? (BIG smile here!)

IV.  Do we know in our hearts that it’s much better to play in solitude with ALL of Life than to be imprisoned in karmic bondage with others (or parts of ourselves) that are negative, draining or toxic . . . and smile?

V.  When we part from someone, can we wish them all good things on their journeys forward with heart-felt gratitude for lessons learned and karmic gains made . . . and smile?

“Which is worth more, a crowd of thousands, or your own genuine solitude? Freedom or power over an entire nation?
A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you.” 


        Every incarnation is a precious opportunity for awakening, and every moment in every relationship—especially with our selves—is a precious opportunity to catalyze an opening to our True Nature. Since Saturn governs the structure and rules of the Earth Game, especially in Capricorn, here’s a vision to hold:  Imagine your former prison cell becoming a playpen that is continuously expanding until it encompasses the whole Earth plane and beyond—ultimately becoming One with the cosmic playing fields of Source.   YAY!  For more on this: LEELA


If you think that all your actions have no karmic consequences, think again!  This is exponentially true now, with action planet Mars in his shadow from May 15 and stationing retrograde on June 26.  He will be joining retrograde Pluto, creating spiritual repercussions from our choices which will be affecting us through the Summer, Fall and beyond.

These three planetary retrogrades encourage us to go within and their powerful energies remind me of Sting’s lyrics (if channeled by the Lords of Karma:)):                                    

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
I’ll be watching you

Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you

Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I’ll be watching you

        The best spiritual benefit of this time is to recognize that how we use all our energy has soul-level ramifications, whether we’re conscious of them or not.  In each moment, unless we’re experiencing peace and equanimity with what is, karma is being generated, as this universal law is a perpetual motion machine of action and reaction, cause and effect.

The root of the word “psyche” comes from the Greek for soul (and butterfly:)).  All our choices and actions are intrinsically imbued with our psychic or soul energy. This means that not only is sex a psychic act (if it’s done right:)), but truly all our activities in Life are on a continuum of being either heart-centered, connected and soulful or heartless, disconnected and soulless.

   This season and in the seasons to come, a major theme is looking at how we distract ourselves from being present with our monkey-minds, thus sabotaging our ability to take full conscious responsibility for how we relate to life through our actions—or inactions.

Why is this especially important now?  Because Mars governs the use of personal power through our lower centers or chakras, from the midpoint of the heart center moving downwards and Pluto, the higher octave of Mars, governs the use of transpersonal power through our higher centers, from the mid-point of the heart center moving upwards in our vertical channels.

        And what is the nature of power?  Power is pure, neutral co-creative energy from the Universe, of which there is an infinite supply, that we are learning how to use through all seven chakra levels of consciousness in a balanced and integrated way as souls incarnate in the physical plane.

 We have at our disposal: survival/grounding power, sensual/creative power, personal power, heart power, channeling power, psychic power and spiritual power.  It’s up to each of us to use our discriminating mind in choosing which levels of power are appropriate to be utilized in any given situation.

Now, with both Mars and Pluto retrograde through the end of Summer, the Universe is supporting the focus of our attention on how and why we use power on all levels—or are afraid to—because of limiting karmic beliefs about the true nature of power and our worthiness to own it.

  Both of our power planets are now encouraging us to look for the deeper spiritual meaning and significance of how we develop our gifts as co-creators for our highest good, and not just to feed our endless ego desires of what we think we need but, in reality, only want.  There’s nothing like craving and the greed for “more, different or better” to keep us spinning on that infinite karmic wheel.

               Here are some tips to make the most of our relationship with co-creative power, especially if we’ve been wondering “What’s the point of it all?”:

1.   Being grateful for “what is, just the way it is” on the sense level, emotionally, and through our perceptions by always focusing on the glass as half full.  (I used to read holocaust memoirs as needed to maintain optimal gratitude levels:))


2.   Letting go of the idea that “If only people, places or things were more to my ego’s liking, then I’d be happy.”


3.  Communing with all of Life as a manifestation of the Divine or Tao as our primary relationship—and this includes nature and human nature—through spiritual and mind/body practices every chance we get.


4.  Sharing love with family and friends by being there for them and for Self as needed gives much more meaning to our lives than endless external achievements and accumulation of more and more stuff.


For those of you who are having a hard time with tip #2, please remember:  That which we resist persists, whereas letting go and accepting the reality of the Now is a very high spiritual action.  This unconditional releasing of any attachment to specific outcomes is much more likely to allow what we desire to flow in with no effort at the perfect time—especially if we don’t need it anymore because we are content just as we are.


        This Spring and Summer, we need to become more conscious of the process by which our Souls, or Higher Selves, progressively try to get our attention that we need to adjust our inner and outer bearings.  This process starts as a very soft whisper in a moment of contemplation or dream that something needs to change. Then, it’s slightly louder, as a mental or emotional undercurrent of uneasiness.  Next, it speaks to us as an “off” feeling of energetic imbalance.  And finally, it yells in our ears: “Course correction indicated!” many times through the guise of physical symptoms.

       For most of us, the subtle discomfort of our inner voice whispering to us is usually not enough to budge us out of complacency.  Nor is mental, emotional, or psychic pain.  Sometimes even chronic but semi-manageable physical symptoms of less than optimal health don’t do the job of stirring us into action either.  But physical pain, or a fear or diagnosis of a potentially life-threatening dis-ease usually does the trick.  Course correction indicated, indeed!

        Now, with Pluto RX and action planet, Mars, going retrograde (RX) in structure-ruling Capricorn as well as in change-ruling Aquarius, from May thru September (including the shadow periods) we have a double window of opportunity (acronym: WOO-WOO) to make the necessary course corrections in our relationship with our bodies for the next leg of our journey before we’re forced to through an FGO (f**king growth opportunity).

      For more on FGOs and Master Healer Chiron’s ingress into Aries on April 17, please read my last newsletter:

SPRING 2018’s CHIRON SWANSONG: “Are You Ready to Heal Your Deepest Wounds?”


 Mars rules the vitality of the physical vessel as well as our personal will and, in Capricorn and Aquarius, he’s encouraging us to make innovative changes in how we relate to our bodies through our physical structure as well as how we relate to the structure and rules of the Earth Game.  And Pluto rules our transformation through cycles of death and rebirth.  Pluto says: “If it takes burning everything down to the ground of Being to get your attention to be willing to transform . . . then so it shall be.”

For more on PlutoOwning Our Inner Pluto before . . . It Eats Us for Lunch


How to optimize these Mars/Pluto RX energies? Here are some suggestions:

1.  Perform a fearless and thorough inventory of the exact nature of your body karma and become willing to accept and take action to heal what you can in your relationship with your physical vessel. (If you’d like more clarity on this, please read: “Why is This Happening to Me?”  Body Karma Explained)

2.  If you’ve fallen into any level of self-destructive or life-force anesthetizing addiction, become willing to accept and take action to upgrade your addictions to life-force enhancing ones.  (If you’d like more clarity on this, please read: The Nature of Addiction—It’s Only Human)

 3.  Give yourself all the sleep your body is asking for and maximize your choices of foods, herbs and nutritional supplements so that you are continuously boosting your life-force energies. (If you’d like more clarity and guidance on this, please consider a psychic health reading:  Consultations)

 4.  There’s no better time to implement a daily mind/body/spirit practice that feeds your soul.  For much more on this: Spiritual Practices Reading List

Adding to the retrograde mix, we have abundance-ruling Jupiter, retrograde since March 8, and psychic Neptune in spiritual Pisces stationing retrograde in mid-May, both whispering “go within” as they always do for the summer season.

In closing, here are some final perspectives to meditate on:

I.  Life just as it—in all its horror, splendor and pure aliveness—is the perfect vehicle for our awakening.

II. Our True Nature is ultimately one Being with billions of faces.

III. Not distracting ourselves from being fully present in each moment to whatever is going on embodies the most skillful means of playing the Earth Game.

IV.  There’s nothing left to do after we’re living the above truths except to pass them on viscerally to others with an open heart.

 Saturn says: “Once we own our power and consciously choose to only manifest that which is for our highest spiritual good, this always equates—in Divine law—into the highest good for all concerned. How could it not be so?”

For more on Saturn: Becoming ONE with the Inner Guru . . . Or How to Make Saturn Your BFF  

        In closing, please remember to maintain the witnessing perspective and buckle your seatbelt as, when Trickster of Awakening Uranus barrels into earthy Taurus on May 15, it’s going to be a bumpy ride on the world stage.

Wishing us all enough equanimity and peace of mind to enjoy the most ALIVE ride of this or any lifetime. Yeehaw!

J   O   A   N

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