Embracing the Unexpected: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Uranus (but were afraid to ask)


The Guardian of Transformation Joan Pancoe

On December 1st, 2009, Uranus, the Trickster planet of Transformation, stations direct and races through the final degrees of Pisces before entering Aries on May 29th, 2010. From then through August 15th, (as he won’t fully enter Aries until March, 2011), we’ll be receiving the coming attractions of what this entirely new eighty-four-year cycle of revolutionary renovations will be about.

Similarly to the Great Tsunami of December 26th, 2004, when Uranus was just barely peeking into Pisces at 3°, our preparation for what is to come needs to be a primarily internal process of stabilizing at our core of Being.

To understand Uranian energies, I looked up the word in the dictionary that most astrologers agree usually comes in Uranus’s wake. Chaos is defined as: utter confusion, pandemonium, bedlam, havoc, mayhem, Babel, turmoil, disarray, disorder and disorganization. Chaotic is defined as: formless, shapeless, incoherent, disordered, jumbled, turbulent, and tumultuous.

If any of these words turns you on in a non-rational, scary but excited in the pit of your stomach feeling of being more fully alive─then you’re tapping into that part of you that’s Uranian in nature. We all have it in us somewhere. But, if these words make you veeery nervous, then this topic is really tailor-made to prepare you for what is to come.

We can’t all be true Uranians, (meaning having a prominent Uranus, or lots of Aquarius in our charts), but we can all claim our share. It could be hidden, repressed, afflicted or drowned out by Saturn but, I promise you, it’s there somewhere. For us to claim, “I’m Plutonian by nature,” (or Venusian, Jupiterian, Martian, Mercurial, or Neptunian), is alright as a way to identify personality predispositions, just as long as we don’t get overly attached to any particular planetary energy as our true identity.

In Vedic philosophy the ideal is to be balanced in the three lingas or spheres of activity─in other words, the lower, middle, and higher chakras. So too, with planetary energies, the ideal is to own all of these energies as part of our operating systems.

Furthermore, unless we can learn to enjoy our Uranian energy and allow it to work in us and through us consciously, we’re much more likely to get whacked by Uranus transits, as we’re denying this component in us and projecting it onto others or life itself. Uranian transits can be quite shocking and are usually unpredictable, thus astrologers know not to predict specifics for just this reason─”if you name it, it won’t come.”

However, if we’ve been working our Uranus piece, we can learn how to bend and not break. Just because Uranus, the planet, wasn’t discovered until 1781, you and I know that this energy has been around since the beginning of time.

Here are some different ways of wrapping our minds around the power of Uranus:
The physicists and mathematicians call it Chaos Theory, which is the study of apparently random behavior of deterministic systems. The ancient Persians knew this and always sewed one thread a little “off” in their otherwise perfect rugs, to mimic the chaos and imperfection of creation and so as not offend the gods.
Crazy wisdom Buddhist teacher Chogyam Trungpa called it orderly chaos. Do you believe in magic? He defined magic as the total appreciation of chance.
Or maybe you can identify more with the Jungian term of synchronicity, lucky coincidences, happy accidents, or going with the flow. The Hindus call it Leela─cosmic play.
My proposition is that accidents─happy or no─reveal the will of the gods, our fate or destiny or, in other words, our karma playing out. Free will is in how we choose to respond. And while our appreciation of what appears to be random chance usually only becomes clear in 20-20 hindsight, that’s only because our vision isn’t operating from a high enough perspective in the moment.

I’m sure we all have stories illustrating this fact. If we review the most shocking, unexpected events in our lives in hindsight, (many triggered by outer planet transits, especially Uranus), we can begin to see the workings of the divine plan thru the orderly chaos that Uranian energies bring.

From the perspective of the trickster Uranian archetype─any change in circumstance presented on the path is “lucky.” It’s not about loss or gain; it’s about being loose enough to go with whatever is presented in the moment─and then the next moment, and the next, without attachment.

The Greek philosopher, Heraclites, said you can’t step in the same river twice, and most spiritual teachers advise not to become attached to any experience, even a blissful spiritual one or an orgasmic pleasurable one. Why? Because it’s impossible to ever duplicate it─and it’s our attachment that creates the suffering.

Just as Neptune is the higher octave of Venus: personal love at a higher frequency becomes Divine Love. So too is Uranus the higher octave of Mercury: lower mind at a higher frequency becomes higher mind, which is our personal conduit to Divine Mind, if you will.

The god Mercurius in Rome, (called Hermes in Greece), was called many-sided, a shape-shifter, changeable, deceitful, a go-between, a mediator, charming, playful, eternally childlike and, last but not least, a troublemaker. It is said of Hermes: He leads the way or he leads astray.

Carl Jung said of Mercurius: “The trickster is the forerunner of the savior. He mediates in the space between heaven and earth, humans and gods. And because he lives on the borderline between planes, like a tightrope walker, he contains all conceivable opposites.” (Jung had Uranus in his 7th house opposing Saturn in his 1st house and square his Moon in the 4th.)

The Uranian trickster archetype was known as Coyote or Raven in American Indian myths, Loki in Nordic tales, the Monkey King in China, Legba and Eshu in African tribal lore, and Krishna the butter thief in Hindu mythology.
What does this trickster energy do in all of these different cultures? He steals, he crosses boundaries, he opens the road between heaven and earth thru his antics, he confuses distinctions between sacred and profane, male and female, right and wrong, living and dead. He’s the original story teller of “Who’s on first”─not Abbot and Costello─they just stole his routine.

There is a saying in Taoism, as well as in Vedic philosophy: pleasure or pain, loss or gain, praise or blame─all the same. This is trickster’s domain. Trickster’s good works are done by mischief, by stirring the pot, by deceit, contradiction, ambiguity, trouble-making, gossip─whatever it takes to shake things up, loosens things up that have become too safe, too secure, too rigid, too stagnant. I’m sure we all know some people like that─and love ’em or not, they’re never boring.

Chance and accident are intrinsic parts of the primeval chaos of creation. What this means for us is that embracing chaos as part of the divine order is the optimal stance for accelerated transformation.

Louis Pasture said: “Chance favors the prepared mind.” We could call it “smart luck.” An open, flexible, agile presence of mind makes meaning out of unlikely coincidences─for example, penicillin. Pasteur had a stellium of Uranus/Sun/Mercury/Neptune in Capricorn in his 3rd house trine Saturn/part of fortune in Taurus in his 7th house (signifying his working partnership with his wife, Marie).

The mystic, Meister Elkhart, said: “We are made perfect by what happens to us, not by what we do.” In other words, our readiness to let our mind change as contingency demands is a prerequisite to a happy life.

Here’s a quote of someone with Uranus/north node/MC in Cancer (i.e. Uranian karmic direction and public image) square Mercury at the ascendant. Let’s see if you can guess who it is: “Only God knows absolute truthI’m human, I know only relative truth and that changes from day to day. My commitment must be to truth, not to consistency.” Spoken like a true Uranian trickster: Mahatma Gandhi.

Trickster energy rules thresholds, crossings, boundaries between different planes of existence, different paths, and different lives. It embodies ambivalence. Just listening to all of these descriptions of Uranian energy with an open mind can loosen up psychic boundaries and enliven our mindset─if we allow it to.

The Hindu god Krishna steals butter from his household cupboard as a child. Why? Because he can. And because stolen food is sweeter. When his mother catches him─he says, smooth as butter─”I didn’t steal itbesides wasn’t it ours anyway?”

It’s sweeter to steal because it disrupts Saturnian structure and rules. The adult Krishna steals the hearts of 16,000 young maidens, and then steals himself away. Why? Because he can. And because it awakens divine yearning and shakes off the complacency and conditioning of society.

Tricksters know no shame, no tact and no silence. They love to see how many plates they can spin at the same time. So, what if they all might come crashing down. That’s the thrill. What would life be like without this energy? BORING.

What’s the difference between being a trickster and being sociopathic? One needs to examine the motive first. True tricksters love to make mischief to get things moving that have become stale, stuck or stagnant─but not just for selfish reasons at the expense of others.

Please note: Since this article was adapted from an astrology lecture, the following examples of Uranian energy may be a bit challenging to digest but, if you skip over the “astrologese” portions, (unless it’s your second language), you’ll still be able to catch the gist.

And, even more importantly, by the time you finish reading this, you might want to have your birth chart and transits updated for the coming year, so you can be prepared psychologically for what parts of you or your life to expect the unexpected in.

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To get more of a taste of how Uranian trickster energy can express thru personality, (and remember, the level of consciousness always determines the level of expression as well as the ability to integrate it positively), here are some examples:

Who liked to shake things up with Uranus on the ascendant in Libra? Hitler or Monica Lewinsky? Both. Different levels, obviously, and Hitler’s was in a grand cross, with Uranus retrograde in the 12th. But remember, Uranus, or any planet in the 12th house could mean much more secretive or solitary Uranian energy than one who would flash it more openly in the 1st house. T.S. Eliot had Uranus/Venus in his 12th house in Libra conjunct his ascendant with Mercury rising.

Bill Gates has Uranus on the ascendant from the 12th house in Cancer trine the Moon at his MC.
Allan Ginsberg, the poet of “Howl” fame, had his Moon in the 12th house conjunct his ascendant with Uranus in Pisces rising.
Sartre─the French philosopher who said “Hell is the other “─had Uranus in his 1st house opposing Sun/Neptune/Mercury in his 7th house.

Here’s some examples of what I call “foot in mouth,” usually meaning any personal planet in hard aspect with Uranus─causing impulsive actions that can get you into trouble:

Mel Gibson’s Uranus in 1st in Leo opposing Mercury in 7th.
Vanessa Redgrave’s ”Uranus at the MC in Taurus opposing Mars and square her Sun─remember her at the Oscars?
Then of course, there’s always Rosie O’Donnell with a Jupiter/Uranus opposition and Mike Tyson with Uranus/Pluto in a T-square with his Mars and Moon─making him quite explosive and easily combustible.

Here are some examples of Uranus in the 7th house of committed partnership, which means being easily bored or smothered, or having a preference for unconventional relationships:
Jack Kerouac, always on the road with Uranus/Sun/Venus in Pisces in his 7th house, opposing his Moon on the Ascendant─so he could let it all hang out through his writing.
Isabella Rossellini, who hooked up with David Lynch during the making of the movie, Blue Velvet─Uranus/Mercury in 7th in Cancer with the Sun/Venus in Gemini also in the 7th.
Yoko Ono─Uranus in 7th in Aries square Pluto/MC in Cancer
Sean Young─Uranus in 7th square Sun/Mars in Scorpio
Angelica Huston─Uranus/Sun/Mars in Cancer in 7th.

As for Feminist writers risking to write outside of the box: Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf─both had Uranus quincunx Mercury, and an ambivalence about life, which was written about and lived (both committed suicide).
Anais Nin─erotic memoirs─Uranus/Moon at her nadir square Venus in Pisces on descendant.
Betty Freidan─Uranus/Mercury in the 2ndhouse, indicating a revolutionary value system.
Erica Jong─Venus/MC in Aquarius square Uranus/Mercury/Mars in 12th.
Dorothy Parker─Uranus in 2nd square Mercury in 4th.

Here’s someone with a restless core at odds with a responsible-mother persona: Angelina Jolie─Uranus at 28° Libra at the nadir, square Saturn/Venus at 28° Cancer in the 12th on the ascendant.

And, of course, there are lots of celebrities and public figures with Uranus at their midheaven (MC), ruling their public image through their vocation:
Tracy Ullman─of the many faces, Uranus/MC in Gemini.
Michael Jackson─Venus/Uranus/Sun in Leo in 10th, signifying an eccentric but fame-loving charisma.
Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino─both with Uranus in 10th with Sun/Venus/Mercury/Saturn.
Yasser Arafat─Uranus/MC in Aries,
Jerry Lewis─Uranus/Sun/MC in Pisces,
Deborah Harry─Uranus/MC in Gemini,
 Judy Garland─Uranus/MC in Pisces.

Now for some guilty pleasures: celebrities with Uranus in the 8th house of sex (and metaphysics.) Remember: wherever Uranus is, there’s the potential for some kinks or at least a low boredom threshold.
Michael Douglas has Uranus in the 8th in Gemini (sex addiction), but can still function because it is trine Mars in Libra, and square Mercury/Jupiter in Virgo in 10th.
Leonard Cohen─famous for “Death of a Lady’s Man”─Uranus in 8th in Taurus.
Warren Beatty─Uranus/Venus/part of fortune in 8th in Taurus, with Saturn on the descendant in Pisces, and his Sun/Mercury in Aries in 7th.
Andy Warhol─Uranus in 8th in Aries trine Mercury/Sun in Leo in 12th.
Robin Williams─Mars/Uranus in Cancer in 8th.
Marilyn Monroe─Uranus/Mars in 8th in Pisces.
Ava Gardner─Uranus/Mars/Moon/South Node in Pisces in the 8th house.
As for erratic behavior: Naomi Campbell─Venus square Uranus in 8th conjunct Pluto─how could she not have a low threshold for exploding?
And just for some pure wackiness:
Anne Heche─Moon/Pluto/Jupiter/Uranus/south node in Virgo in 12th opposing Chiron/North Node in Pisces in 7th.

Then there are the creative innovators, or creatively eclectic with Uranus in the 5th house:
Dennis Hopper─Uranus/Venus in the 5th.
Elvis─Uranus in Aries in the 5th square Venus/Mercury/Sun in Capricorn.
Vivian Westwood─the fashion designer, with Uranus/Saturn/Jupiter in 5th in Taurus.
Bob Dylan─Saturn/Moon/Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn in Taurus in 5th trine Neptune (Gemini Sun in 6th conjunct his stellium).

Uranus in 11th─for some movers and shakers:
Mayor Bloomberg─Mars/Uranus/Saturn in Taurus in the 11th squaring his Sun and Neptune for drive and vision.
Donald Trump─Sun/Uranus in Gemini in 11th opposing Moon trine Jupiter in his 3rd house, indicating a propensity for communicating his wealth status with almost every breath.

How about some evolved souls:
Meher Baba─Uranus/Moon/MC in Scorpio─called the “Avatar of this Age.”
Ramakrishna─in love with the Divine, with Mars/Sun/Uranus/Mercury in his 1st house.
Krishnamurti─Uranus/MC in Scorpio in an exact trine with his north node in the 2nd house of personal value system.
Eva Periokkos─the Pathwork channel─Uranus/Venus in 8th.
Thomas Merton─a Catholic monk who wrote about Eastern spiritual paths, with Mars/Uranus/Sun/Mercury/Jupiter in Aquarius in the 12th house opposing Moon in Leo.

From my own case studies and personal experience, I’ve found that Uranus’s influence is always felt by others as never bashful─even if the person acting out from these energies is unconscious of them. People with Uranus in the career house have some of the longest resumes─at least every two years they get itchy to try something new. You can almost time how long it will take them in a new job before they find things to complain about and begin planning their next prison break. It’s the same with those who have Uranus in the 7th house of committed partnership. They find it very challenging to stay in a long-term relationship unless it’s open, unconventional and structure-less enough for them to breath. And they need a lot of breathing room.

This can also be the case with Uranus conjunct the karmic South Node, which creates a predisposition to be easily bored or smothered in whatever house or area of the life this conjunction is in. And those with a North Node/Uranus conjunction need to loosen up and take more risks as part of their soul assignment (focused in the area of the life or house this aspect is in).

I knew of a NSA senior career officer─who operated throughout his life as a spy and assassin─-with Uranus/Venus in his 12th house on his Ascendant, all in Gemini. I called him the man of a thousand faces─all of them a disguise, but quite a charmer nonetheless.

And when there is a Uranus opposition to a personal planet─such as the Moon, for example─there is usually an alternating current emotionally. Sometimes they’re one way─then they switch unpredictably to a diametrically opposed way. It’s like watching a continual tennis match within one being─which is true of many oppositions, but more erratically so when Uranus is involved.

If you know your own natal chart, think about the placement of your Uranus. Where are you the most rebellious? Where do you find structure imposed the most chafing? How do you deal with it? If your Uranus is challenged by being in a t-square or grand-cross─there’s even more of a need to find an expression and outlet for it. Of course, also look to where you have Aquarius by house or any planets in Aquarius for this same energy potential.

If the South Node is conjunct Uranus, one needs to consciously own one’s karmic need for excitement or low boredom threshold by house, before one can transmute it through mature choices. If you try to deny or repress these energies─they will be projected out and come at you as Uranian people or events to force you to move. Or these energies will eventually implode and come at you as sudden physical symptoms that force you to change.

Now, let’s look at how Uranus by transit can affect us as it moves through each house in our chart, in other words, each part of our beings and lives. And, of course, this also applies to the natal predisposition of where one needs to shake things up the most.

When Uranus is in the:
1st house: there’s always a need to loosen up, develop flexibility in the flow and let go of attachment to a fixed identity.
2nd house: security issues and personal value system need to be revolutionized.
3rd house: loosening our tongue, watching what comes out of our mouth and finding more skillful means of communicating is called for.
 4th house: letting go of attachments to identity through home or childhood memories. Ask yourself─who would you be without the baggage of these memories for identity? That’s a trickster question!
5th house: expanding our attitudes towards children, creativity, and romance is triggered, internally and externally.
6th house: health/work/service─letting new ideas in or these areas become stagnant.
7th house: one needs to refresh one’s view in a committed partnership─to practice seeing one’s mate as if for the very first time. A fresh eye is needed. If not in a committed relationship─there’s a need for freedom or an unconventional arrangement.
 8th house: trying new things sexually, open-mindedness, rigidity is in inverse proportion to potentials for pleasure, using sexual energies for spiritual development, such as Tantric or Taoist practices.
9th house: being open to exotic travel that is mind-expanding, or taking advanced courses that will open up the higher mind.
10th house: creates a lack of perseverance or low-boredom threshold on any single career path. There is a continuous need to expand and try stretching into new fields.
11th house: being open to new groups, new friends, new dreams and visions.
12th house: trying spiritual practices, therapies and retreats to unearth unconscious or karmic layers and unwind and dissolve them.

In my own case studies, I’ve counseled clients (who were stuck in untenable marriages, for instance), to make a break from their karmic prison when Uranus transits their Moon, or any personal planet, in fact. If they’re really stuck (especially if their Sun or Moon is in Capricorn or Taurus, or another fixed sign like Scorpio), I encourage them to use the energies of a Uranian transit to move through the two-year tunnel of unwinding, as that’s how long a typical Uranus transit lasts.

Many times, I’ve seen loved ones and clients become completely metamorphosized as Uranus transits their Sun, Moon, Mercury or even Venus and Mars. In my own case as well, I survived a near-death experience as Uranus backed over my Ascendant─and came out the other side more resilient and less afraid of death than ever before. Uranian transits (as with any trans-Saturnian planet) are always a major life-changer─especially over an angle of the chart. We may initiate the changes ourselves─or they can come at us from unexpected people or events.

Uranian transits, whether by conjunction, square or opposition, teach us how to have flexibility in the Flow. We all get whacked by Uranus sooner or later, but if we’re adaptable and loose, rather than rigid, we’ll bend and not break. It’s like getting caught in a riptide─we need to surrender and move sideways, rather than fight the current. Or like falling off a galloping horse─we need to roll gently. If we are too inflexible, there’s much more potential for damage.

When we look at all the examples of celebrities and other case studies, we can feel their Uranian energy on the different levels of their conscious evolution. This can help us to recognize that we have a choice to consciously activate our Uranian energies internally now by loosening up, so that when Uranus hits by transit, we’re much less likely to get seriously upset or injured.

In closing, if we can accept that the orderly chaos the Cosmic Trickster brings is a natural part of life then, instead of dreading the other shoe dropping, (when and where and how we least expect it, because it always will with Uranus), we can choose to cultivate the faith that whatever is coming down the pike is divine will and our karmuppance. In my book, they’re a matched set.

So where does free will come in? The only free will we truly have is to choose to use whatever Uranus brings for transformation and growth. My definition of free will has always been: You can do it now, or you can do it later. In the broadest karmic perspective, this means: If not in this life, then in some future one.
Hopefully, even if we can’t go for the growth in the exact instant we get whacked by an unexpected turn of events, then, at least as soon as we get over the initial shock─we’ll remember to go for the lessons inherent in any situation.
My mantra, whenever trauma and crisis are thrown my way, is to repeat to myself, “I’m stable at the core”─ even if it takes me a few moments (or hours) to calm down completely. We’re all potentially at our absolute best in emergencies, as shock blows the safety seals off our third eyes in those of us still being protected from seeing psychically all the time. Then, we can see more clearly what needs to be done and how calm we need to remain to do it. After all, it’s an emerging-see!

It’s Uranus’s function to awaken us from “deep cover” and help us remember what our soul assignment is. He uses the shock of crisis, chaos and emergency situations to “encourage” us to remember who we really are and why we’re really here.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime─coming to a live theater near you very soon!


In the Spring of 2010, we received a taste of the coming attractions of Uranus’s revolutionary new 84-year cycle as he zoomed into Aries for a few months before returning to Pisces. And what occurred on the exact day of Uranus’s entry into Aries on May 29th? An Icelandic volcano erupted, bringing all air travel in Europe to a standstill for almost a week. During this same week, we also witnessed the Gulf oil rig explosion and subsequent oil spill. Both fire and water events involving nature-made and man-made elements and both were eerily prescient of what was to come when Uranus fully moved into Aries on March 11th, 2011. 

And what arrived exactly on March 11th? The ongoing disaster in Japan, which was a combination of earth changes and the explosion and disintegration of man-made structures that followed in their wake. Witnessing the aftermath of these events as they all continue to unfold on the news─from the initial earthquake and tsunami to the ongoing nuclear meltdown with worldwide implications─has been called “disaster porn” by some comedians. But from Uranus’s perspective, he’s just doing his job as he always has─of shaking us and waking us out of our sleep of complacency like never before. Are you awake and alert yet for what is coming next?

Uranus is just getting started in his 7-year cycle in Aries. Ratcheting up the (divine order-ly) chaos exponentially, he is forming an ongoing challenge (square) to Pluto the Transformer in structure-ruling Capricorn through 2015. This means, without doubt, that we will be witnessing a lot more toppling and disintegration of man-made structures─some courtesy of Mother Earth─but not all.

In fact, if we are keeping tabs on the domino effect of regime change explosively coming to multiple heads (literally) in the Middle East, we might be asking ourselves: “Where will it all end?” And Uranus is smiling from a job well-done that he doesn’t plan on retiring from any time soon. Six countries have become destabilized or have undergone regime change so far─in only two months─starting with Tunisia in mid-January.

So, the real questions we need to be asking ourselves are: Have we been awakened from our sleep of complacency as we witness the old order of things on Planet Earth falling away? Do we feel more alive and grateful for what is─just the way it is─than ever before? And if not─what’s it going to take?


Uranus went retrograde just a few short days ago on July 9th, kicking off a review cycle of all that he has wrought as a catalytic agent of the Higher Forces, since he first went into Aries in the Spring of 2010.

This review will continue until December 9th, 2011, when Uranus stations direct and begins the next level of creating Divine Order-ly Chaos as he begins forming a series of exact squares or challenges to Pluto from 2012 through 2015.

In the last week or so, as Uranus was stationing, we’ve had the fires near Los Alamos, a 7.8 earthquake in New Zealand and, on the exact day of the station, a 7.0 aftershock in Japan in the exact same area of the March 11th disaster. While I’m sure there were many more destabilizing Earth events going on during this time than on average, since I’m not a CNN habitué, I’m choosing not to keep track of them all.

What I am sure of though is that destabilizing Earth events during this period between now and December are giving us a preview of the “new normal”─in terms of an ever-expanding frequency of Earth changes causing destruction of outmoded man-made structures to allow for new growth to eventually replace what has fallen away.

Uranus’s retrograde cycle may bring up review, repair or re-ignition themes in some of the very same areas we’ve already experienced, such as more political unrest in the Middle East, most recently, Syria and Libya. I’m hesitant to make more precise predictions, because Uranus is the Cosmic Trickster of Awakening and rules the realms of the unexpected. Therefore, if we predict it, it won’t come─at least not in that exact space and time.

We need to prepare ourselves psychologically to acclimate to the more frequent and bigger Earth changes that are coming: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and tsunamis─as well as man-made disasters─oil rig explosions, nuclear meltdowns and structural disintegration and combinations of the two. And, we need to ask ourselves the big question: “How can we use all of this Divine Order-ly Chaos for the evolution of consciousness on the planet?”

My suggestion would be to buckle our seatbelts, raise our hands up high and enjoy the ride. Developing a taste for wild and wooly, death defying and exhilarating, edge of our seats and ultimately life changing is the only way to go. This is easier said than done unless we can simultaneously remember our True Nature which is eternal. For more on this please read: LEELA

And, of course, since we’re all microcosms of the Universe, any parts of our personal reality and ego structures that have become outmoded and no longer serve our highest good will also be falling away. We can either loosen our grip and let them dissolve or have them ripped from us by “circumstances.” Have you noticed this theme playing out in your own life yet?

Pay attention, because we’re still in the coming attractions phase . . . but not for long!

In closing, here’s a Uranian koan: How many earthquakes does it take to change one human consciousness?

PS 2020: I know that I’m WAY overdue in updating this article on Uranus, now that he’s in Taurus from 2019 until 2026. But I have written quite a bit about this transit in my newsletters. Here’s a good taste:

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