JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS: The Kingdom of Heaven is Within the Heart of the World

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JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS: The Kingdom of Heaven is Within the Heart of the World
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THE HEART OF FIRE         Joan Pancoe

“There’s no situation in which you can be without a partner.  If you have no human partner, then the whole of phenomenal reality is your partner.”   Ngakpa Chögyam

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Dear One, 

         On November 8, Jupiter, the planet of abundance on all levels, moves into his ruling sign of Sagittarius for the next thirteen months.  This is very good news indeed!  But, before we explore how to make the most of this most positive and enlightening transit of Jupiter through inspirational Sagittarius, we still have a few weeks to review our lessons from the transit of consciousness-expanding Jupiter in depth-charging Scorpio over the past year.

Jupiter’s journey through passionate Scorpio has been governed by transformational Pluto and is the natural ruler of the 8th house. This means that the transformation of our beings has been positively highlighted by Jupiter as it pertains to our sexual and psychic energies, as well as our attitudes about metaphysics, mortality in general and how we view other people’s value systems.

So, for example, if our partner—in romance or business—is going through something which seriously affects us, the high road is to not take their moods or actions personally.  Why?  Because one of the lessons of Jupiter in Scorpio is to mind our own business—in other words, not to get overly involved with the busyness of other people’s karmic business as it plays out.  But rather, to choose to support them by creating and sustaining a safe, sacred container or space for them to go through whatever they need to go through, without trying to control or fix them on our timetable.

How have you been doing with the above lesson of Jupiter in Scorpio?  There is still time to refine how we operate in maintaining healthier boundaries, personally and professionally, as well as in sustaining the witnessing perspective as we view all of the divine-orderly chaos, i.e., the new normal, on the world stage. 

For a more comprehensive review, please read:

JUPITER IN SCORPIO: “It’s Not Personal, It’s Just Business” (Karmic Business, That Is)


Now, on to Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius. Traditionally, whichever area of the life Jupiter is transiting through lays a foundation for a 12-year cycle of positive energy and abundance on ALL levels to flow in.  In the last year, while Jupiter was moving through Scorpio, these vibrational energies had quite a different focus and theme than what we will be experiencing in the coming thirteen months in Sagittarius.  

Jupiter is the natural ruler of the 9th house as is the sign of Sagittarius, which makes this year a particularly enthusiastic one for expansive Jupiter.  Since the 9th house governs our philosophy of life, higher teaching and learning, communications on a mass scale (i.e., publishing, movies, internet, etc.), as well as consciousness-expanding journeys, these themes will be highlighted through the lens of the house Jupiter will be traveling through this year.

Wherever Sagittarius resides in our birth charts, transiting Jupiter’s energies will shine on us in all our endeavors in the affairs of that area of our life.  This is especially true for those of us with our ascendant, midheaven or personal planets in Sag—the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars—in addition to the other fire signs of Aries and Leo.

This transit will bring in an abundance of creative and transformational opportunities, particularly if we’re willing to go deeper and stretch ourselves further than ever before.  This will allow all our bonds—with ourselves, others and Life itself—to become more intense and alive as we experience an opening, expansion and growth of our heart/mind (Taoist don’t differentiate) in all our affairs.

However, we will be inordinately tested this year in terms of our philosophy of life, particularly in dealing with other’s belief systems—personally and on the world stage—as they are expressed politically, socially and otherwise.

Taking the high road spiritually means that we need to maintain the witnessing perspective with compassion as we view ignorant, fear-based belief-structures continuously arising in the mass consciousness.  This sets up the core test of our level of awakening:  Can we observe more and more crazy-making, disturbing events erupting daily while simultaneously holding the faith as a heart tone that everything is unfolding perfectly in the Flow (i.e., Divine Plan) in the bigger picture? 

Meeting this challenge will allow us to continue to cultivate peace of mind and equanimity as Life pushes at us as a form of spiritual resistance training to make us even more internally strong and stable at the core of Being.

On a more personal note, Whenever I do an astrology reading and inform clients which house or area of the life Saturn will be moving through—which is usually a two-and-a-half-year transit—they always exclaim: “But why does it have to be there?”  And I respond, with a smile: “Well, our karmic lessons or, as I like to call them, FGOs (f**kin growth opportunities) have to be somewhere.”

Whereas with a Jupiter transit, averaging one year in every house or area of the life and being, that’s where all the good stuff will be flowing in.  So, no one ever complains about that!

For example, if Jupiter is transiting one’s 2nd house—more cash and prizes will begin to flow in, or at least the foundation will be laid for the next 12-year cycle of material abundance.  And, so it is, with the 5th house of romance, creativity and children; the 7th house of committed partnership (that’s when I met my sweetheart:)); and the 10th house of career opportunities.

So, if you’ve been thinking about gifting yourself or a loved one with an astrology reading from a unique psychic perspective—or are due for your yearly transit update—there couldn’t be a better time!

If you’d like to make the most of this Jupiter transit, an astrological reading from a soul-level karmic perspective is a highly useful tool.  A reading allows you to be more awake and alert to the timing of opportunities coming your way for abundance on all levels. 

Once you know which areas of your life will be positively highlighted this year, especially through the opportunities you attract, you can focus more energy and attention there. This is a brilliant way to consciously create and optimize the abundance that is your divine birthright and allow it to flow into those parts of you and your personal reality that Jupiter in Sagittarius will be shining on through December 3, 2019.


If you’re not familiar with your birth chart, you can get it here for free: Astro.com

For a brief description of the houses: Astrological Symbols

For a more thorough viewAlan Oken’s Complete Astrology


This coming year, it will help us stay calmer if we keep in mind that we’re in the Kali Yuga, i.e. Dark Ages, in terms of the spiritual evolution of human consciousness. In fact, we’re in a period up until 2025 of what I call a major spiritual cha-cha—two steps forward into the Light of unity consciousness and, since 2016, a giant leap backwards.  This is all a part of a natural cycle which, in due course, will result in even more forward momentum on the planet.

I have been writing a great deal over the last year about the present cycle of evolutionary growth we’re in.  For more, especially if you are feeling despair at the current state of affairs, I encourage you to read:

 2017 COMING ATTRACTIONS: “Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga (Darkest Age)”

Your 2017 Soul-Level Review: Five Stages of Mourning in the Kali Yuga

As a prime example of the spiritual cha-cha we’re in, more politicians are selling populist propaganda in the worldwide news. This regressive resurgence of patriotism and authoritarian nationalism (all thinly disguised forms of fascism) is trumpeted as the antidote to globalism. This agenda hits the nail on the head in terms of what will be coming up for each of us this year as we examine our philosophy of life, courtesy of Jupiter in Sag.

The highest road is to remember that we’re all individual waves in the cosmic ocean of consciousness.  Or, as I like to call it:  One Being; billions of faces.  And that all of the unconscious, reactionary rage of “us versus them” is not just the last dying gasp of the patriarchy but, on an even deeper more fundamental level, a very human expression of an ego-driven terror of annihilation of the little self in the Void.

It takes a bit of an awakened state to realize that emptiness is not really empty, but rather full of everything, just in an unmanifest state.  And that forms spontaneously and ceaselessly arise out of the Void in a dazzling array of fullness. Therefore, once we can embrace an infinite alternating current of form and emptiness, dark and light, chaos and calm, pain and pleasure, etc., in this plane of duality—then we can dance with this play of opposites as the nature of relative reality. 

But all of this spiritual regression may take quite a while to play out. And that is why, dear friends, it’s so important to take a veery long-range Taoist perspective on the whole earth game and choose to go with the Flow, i.e., wu wei, as it may take a good long while (to put it mildly:)) for each and every soul incarnate to awaken enough to not be ruled solely by their root chakra needs for security and survival.  But through it all, we can still choose to enjoy watching the earth game as Divine Play, aka Leela.

The mass consciousness is always the lowest common denominator as, IMHO, 90% or more of souls incarnate on the planet are in what I call “deep cover:” They’re here on an assignment; they’ve just forgotten what it is.

 It’s not our job to forcibly try to awaken or enlighten anyone else.  In fact, if force is used to turn someone towards the Light when they’re looking in the opposite direction, we could be doing harm.  But rather, we need to tend to our own deepening awakening, affect change through the ripple effect of our own tone of Being, and only actively encourage movement towards the Light for those that are peaking:).

Globalism, or internationalism, is the perfect political metaphor for holding a spiritual vision in the Light of: One Being all connected through the hearts of each of us forming the heart of the world, i.e., the Divine heart.  And, while we all have equal access to our birthright of an infinite supply of unconditional love from the Universe, we don’t all remember this truth yet.   So, it’s up to those of us who can claim this birthright to send this Divine love out as compassion to all suffering beings on the planet—asleep, ignorant, fear-based or otherwise—as lost souls, confused children, if you will.

This theme of holding to the witness perspective and feeling connected to all beings through the heart of the world or Divine heart, is especially reinforced by the transit of the Dharmic North Node into Cancer, also starting in early November, which will last for the next eighteen months.

The North Node in nurturing Cancer, will inspire us to finally, (if we haven’t already), consider love and all matters of the heart as the gold standard in terms of meaning and value in our lives.  This means personal love with friends, family and partners, as well as transpersonal or universal love for humanity in all its mutiplicitous guises.

 This placement of the Dharmic North Node inspires us to be loving mothers or fathers and view all beings as spiritually lost children who need to be objects of compassion and held in the Light of unity consciousness—rather than judged or punished for their fear and lack of awareness. Even as we witness those that do harm to others or the planet, how can our hearts not stay open towards them?  And who are we harming if we close our hearts?  The Dalai Lama puts it best:

“From the Buddhist point of view, the Chinese officer who is committing the cruel act against the young boy is initiating a new cycle of negative karma.  In the case of the child, there is a closure of a particular karma that the child is experiencing.  The perpetrator of the crime is in fact an object of more compassion and mercy than the child.” 

With the Dharmic North Node in Cancer, we have a choice. We can choose to send out, as part of our daily spiritual practice, infinite supplies of unconditional love with compassion to all suffering beings.  Or, we can regress to the Karmic South Node in pragmatic Capricorn and make all our choices on the basis of “what’s in it for me” in the short term. And, since transiting taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn is traveling with the Karmic South Node, as is shadowy Pluto, we may be seeing quite a bit of selfish short-sightedness playing out on the world stage.

For more on this, please read about Saturn in Capricorn:



For those of us committed to a spiritual path, the high road is to embrace the Bodhisattva Vow:

“Beings are numberless, I vow to awaken with them. Delusions are inexhaustible, I vow to end them. Dharma gates are endless, I vow to enter them. Buddha’s Way is unsurpassable, I vow to become it.”

“With a wish to free all beings 
I shall always go for refuge
To the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha,
Until I reach full enlightenment.
Enthused by wisdom and compassion,
today in the Buddhas’ presence I generate
the Mind for Full Awakening
For the benefit of all sentient beings.
As long as space remains,
As long as sentient beings remain,
Until then, may I too remain
And dispel the miseries of the world” 

So, obviously the low road is clinging to illusionary boundaries that separate us from our fellows, making judgements from this place of duality and wishing to punish or banish those we disagree with or, through their ignorance, wish to harm us.  Falling into this short-sighted view is so easy in this relative plane of opposites, as we see mirrored around us daily with the 24-7 news cycle. 

But, taking the high road and allowing everyone’s karma to play out without judgment, while continuously challenging, may actually allow us to live through this period in our history without creating an internal toxic emotional stew which will only make us ill and destroy our equanimity and joy in Being.

For a comprehensive look at all things Jupiter (and its shadow side), I encourage you to check out:

INFINITE ABUNDANCE:  Owning Our Inner Jupiter


         Adding to the current planetary mix, we’re in the midst of Master Healer Chiron’s retrograde journey back into Pisces this year from Sept 25, 2018 until February 18, 2019. This is a very big deal, as he won’t return back to Pisces again until 2070. 

This last pass of Chiron through the last degrees of the last sign, will bring up deeper and deeper levels of our oldest karmic wounds to be healed in a major way.  Also, Because Chiron orbits between Saturn and Trickster of Awakening Uranus, his transit will trigger profound soul growth in unpredictable ways to cosmically shake us up to wake us up to our true nature.  For more:

2018’s CHIRON SWANSONG: “Are You Ready to Heal Your Deepest Wounds?”

And let’s not forget that we’re also in the center of a crazy-making Venus Rx cycle in the Via Combusta (fiery way) with three oppositions to trickster Uranus, sure to bring up some limiting beliefs about romance which we have outgrown so that we can release them: 

VENUS RX’S FALL FOLLIES: All Our Karmic Kinks Are Coming Up for Review

In closing, here’s a quote that epitomizes the positive themes of Jupiter in Sag to which we can aspire:

“So, you find yourself to be fully human with all of these paradoxes. I mean, to acknowledge these planes of reality and live in them full time: we are one and we are separate. Suffering stinks and suffering is grace. When we can see beyond all the slide projections of who I am and who you are, when we can look past all the overlay of our habitual thought, we find to our surprise that there is only one of us. We find that it’s all an internal matter, that it’s always just God dancing with God.”  Ram Dass

Many of us will be sorely tested this year to not become shrill, overzealous and dogmatic in our thinking—all expressions of the shadow side of Jupiter in Sag.  And, yes, you can bet that we’ll be seeing a lot of Jupiter’s dark side on the world stage.

So, for those of us (me included, as I hope you know that I write what I most need to hear), who occasionally have a hard time maintaining the high road in our spiritual philosophy under all circumstances, here’s a quote of mine from a 2016 newsletter which I serendipitously found being circulated on the web that has helped me:

“Trump’s infantile narcissism and unrefined self-absorption invites us to examine our own areas of selfishness. His ignorance mirrors our blind spots. The fears he ignites and the isolation he promotes inspires us to transmute our own ego-based anxiety.  It invites us to merge and become One with All Beings and to courageously and faithfully take the SPIRITUAL HIGH ROAD where Light (enlightenment) prevails.”

Wishing us all an enLightening journey of awakening, courtesy of Jupiter in Sag’s high road to heaven which resides within the heart of the world, 

J   o   a   n

“When your heart truly desires something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve that thing, simply because it is a desire that originated from the soul of the world.”

Paulo Coelho

For more:   Notes from an Alchemist


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