2019 COMING ATTRACTIONS: How to Be in Paradise During a Cosmic Flu Pandemic

December 2, 2018in Newsletter Archive

2019 COMING ATTRACTIONS: How to Be in Paradise During a Cosmic Flu Pandemic


How to Be in Paradise During a Cosmic Flu Pandemic

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“The universe that we inhabit and our shared perception of it are the results of a common karma. The actions of each of us have contributed to the world we live in.  We all have a responsibility for our world and are connected with everything in it.” 


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Dear One,

These yearly preview newsletters always inspire me to look back at some of the most compelling challenges and recurrent themes of those of you who’ve come to me for guidance, as well as the FGOs (i.e., f**king growth opportunities:)) in my own life. Then I study the ephemeris for the coming year to scope out all of the major astrological trends and themes.

After that, I sit with this cumulative review and let it percolate until I receive the channeled downloads that will be the most helpful in navigating the next level of this trip we’re all on, which I call the Earth Game. So, here goes!


In the last year or so, if you’ve been feeling more easily exhausted, destabilized, ungrounded and down-right dizzy, then you’re right on schedule in experiencing some of the brand-new special effects of the Cosmic Flu, all brought on by the Quickening, now moving into Phase III.

What is the Quickening?  I describe it as the continuous, unrelenting acceleration of planetary, galactic and cosmic energies heralding in the next Great Age in the evolution of consciousness. 

I’ve been writing about the Quickening since the 1990s and have been feeling its effects since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  But in the last few years, we’ve been experiencing an unprecedented surge of higher frequency waves bombarding the Earth Plane.

Based on my over-all read of the force of the current energies affecting us, I’ve concluded that we’ve entered the next phase of this ongoing bombardment with perhaps the maximum-speed of vibrational power that human beings have ever had to contend with to date.

The Quickening is affecting everyone, but for those of us who are psychically sensitive, it can be especially uncomfortable, even though the ultimate outcome is positive: The ability to handle more “juice” with an expanded consciousness of Being.

         In the meantime, we may feel as if we have what I call the Cosmic Flu, (aka the psychic flu). This is a confluence of symptoms that many finely-tuned souls have been experiencing cyclically for decades—me included. The main symptoms can be combinations of:  fatigue, body aches, joint pain, structural instability, nervousness, free-floating anxiety (i.e., metaphysical angst), restless sleep, overactive dream states, brain fog and feelings that the ego-identity is disintegrating.


And now, in Phase III, the energies flooding us are not just vertical anymore, but horizontally as well. This means that we’re being hit simultaneously by the denser, cumulative energies of the mass consciousness and the karma of the world.  The one/two punch of this onslaught can leave us feeling even more unsteady, with episodes of vertigo and short-term memory loss, as we’re are getting knocked out of linear space and time more and more.

The last time I felt this dizzy, as if the world was spinning around me, was when I was in Egypt in 1994 doing psychic initiation practices.  The entire three weeks there, I felt as if my inner gyroscope was being upended, (like the earth’s poles were reversing their axis, only as a microcosm in my central channel), and I had to hold onto walls, indoors and outdoors, so I wouldn’t topple over.

My partner Jim, who was with me on this trip, felt as if he was having psychic surgery done on his third-eye 24/7 and, while at Luxor, he felt so sick he told me he was leaving his body and to “bury him at Karnak.”  We both survived this psychic energy invasion, but were never quite the same again.  The good news is that we were able to sustain operational standards at a much higher psychic frequency. (For full details of this episode, please read: “When Time Falls Away” in my memoir, COSMIC SUGAR.)

The energies these days feel very similar to the psychic bombardment we experienced in Egypt, which is geographically one of the main space/time portals for cosmic energies to enter most directly into 3D.  But now, we’re all being affected by these accelerating frequencies—vertically and horizontally.  Yowza!

The cause of the Cosmic Flu symptoms is that the continuous transfusion of higher frequency galactic energies is much more than the “normal” body’s nervous system and psychic circuitry can handle without difficulty—exacerbated by periods of solar flares and dark matter effects which occur at regular intervals throughout the year. Our job is to learn how to adapt our physical vessels to handle these higher vibrations as a “new normal” way of Being or, during this adjustment period, experience the consequences.

But adapting is easier said than done, as during this almost continuous rewiring and downloading process, whenever our nervous systems and psychic circuitry get overloaded, our circuit breakers shut down the system so that we don’t blow a fuse, which can make us feel very sleepy.  When I do channeled readings in-person, I need to remind clients to breathe deeply and focus on their root, otherwise I have had more and more of them pass out or go unconscious in the middle of their session.

In addition, for several years now, I’ve been experiencing the daily need to take naps or, at times, have even passed out myself.   So, I’ve had to adjust my work schedule around the need for this daily down-time. This reminds me of all the times I felt very sleepy when I was learning how to run more psychic energy than my nervous system was used to in the 1970s when I was rewired for the first time.

    If you’re experiencing these symptoms, I know that it can feel debilitating, uncomfortable bordering on painful and, at times, alarming—especially if you don’t know what is happening to you—or why you feel under continuous psychic attack with a cyclical increase in mental and emotional disturbance and instability.

 I’ve been very aware that the Quickening III has moved to a whole other level of intensity in the last year. And, believe me, the new symptoms associated with this upsurge are coming from psychic frequencies as their root cause. And, yes, I’ve had a complete physical check-up (just to be on the safe side) which revealed nothing out of the ordinary—which is, of course, good news. 

When I did some research, I found that there has been an exponential increase over the last few decades globally in several catch-all medical conditions that synchronically have similar symptoms to the Cosmic Flu, but which the medical profession has labeled differently, and for which there is no agreed upon causation, treatment or cure for those with these diagnoses.

For example, in the last year, The CDC estimates more there have been more than 24 million new diagnoses of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) worldwide—with who knows how many more millions not diagnosed (and stigmatized), with more women than men receiving this diagnosis at a rate of four to one. For more details:  CFSTop of Form


In addition, the rates of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) on the planet have also been growing exponentially over the last few decades. In 2018, the CDC determined that approximately 1 in 59 children has ASD at the rate of four males to every female diagnosed. So, if there are currently 7.7 billion souls incarnate on the planet, you can do the math as to how many now have undiagnosed ASD.

 I see those with ASD as being so psychically and emotionally sensitive that dealing with the energies of the mass reality is too much for them.  So, they create their own personal reality—or world—to cocoon themselves in with their own rules, habits and behaviors for coping with the Quickening, i.e., the present karmic state of the world, which is our new normal.

I’ve also been hearing from more and more clients, especially the psychically sensitive ones—like canaries in a psychic diamond mine—that are afraid they’re getting physically sick, with overheating, exhaustion, shortness of breath, hypervigilance and passing out, in addition to many of the other symptoms of the Cosmic Flu already mentioned.

         My hypothesis is that it’s time to consider a paradigm shift in our view of mental, emotional and physical symptoms as, in many cases, manifestations of the Cosmic Flu—especially those disorders and syndromes like ASD and CFS with their exponentially rapid spread worldwide over the last few decades This also includes exponential increases in depression, mood disorders and IBS—to name a few more—that I’ll be addressing further in upcoming newsletters.

         I’ve always considered myself “on the spectrum” as well as, in the last few years, manifesting many of the symptoms, although in a less drastic form, that are thrown into the catch-all diagnosis of CFS.  And while there are many assumptions as to causes, such as vaccines, bacteria, or environmental factors, nothing has been proven definitively. As for any genetic component, I’ve always considered genetic predisposition for dis-ease as the tip of the karmic iceberg, as well as PTSD from childhood trauma.

         I tend to answer most questions as to what causes specific dis-eases—whether, mental, emotional, psychic, karmic, or physical—to be a multiple-choice answer of “all of the above.”  Western medicine, science and physics are all still far behind in working with these illnesses, disorders or soul sicknesses, and this includes addictive self-medicating with recreational drugs or alcohol to handle the reality of our new normal.  For more on thisThe Nature of Addiction—It’s Only Human

And:   Why Is This Happening to Me?  Body Karma Explained


Perhaps it’s time to start working with all of the various symptoms in the ever-growing list of this Cosmic Flu pandemic from a spiritual perspective.  As, whenever Life pushes at us like this, it literally forces us to gather our forces, get stronger and grow more internally stable as a form of what I call spiritual resistance training.  And, now more than ever before, we’re moving into a period of just such intensive training.        

The GOOD NEWS is that I’ve found a solution that helps maintain my sanity and equanimity on a daily basis.  In addition to Taoist practices to ground and stabilize the physical vessel and dissolve anxiety, I’ve developed new and improved psychic empowerment practices to handle these energies in ways that keep me peaceful and at least semi-functional as a trance channel in NYC for over 45 years. (No small feat:)!)

     Here are the key daily practices:                                   

I. Knowing that you’re not physically sick in the traditional western medical sense of having a physical cause, treatment and cure for your psychic symptoms, especially when they manifest through the physical body. (Many of my clients were so concerned about their symptoms that they also had complete physicals just to be on the safe side and all tests were normal.)

II.  Taoist standing chi gung practice to ground the energy, And Taoist sitting practice to stay centered and internally stable.

III. Psychic empowerment practices to handle the feelings of being energetically under assault vertically and horizontally.


For details:  Psychic Empowerment Practices

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On a personal note, even with doing the practices listed above, I’ve still had to adjust my daily schedule in the last year to accommodate more rest periods, naps, and time outs in-between working with clients, computer work or physical activity.  I’ve learned to accept my extreme swings of physical energy—fully “on,” and then completely “off,” and not push the energy envelope too much, as I’ve learned that I’ll pay for it the next day by having to stay in, rest and replenish.  In other words, a day when I play “in-valid” and surrender to just Being, with minimal doing. 

         I think that all of us who are being affected by the Cosmic Flu need to give ourselves permission to be human Beings, instead of human doings.  I know this may be difficult for those of us with over-full and busy lives:  hectic work schedules, bills to play, and loved ones to look after.

But however impossible it may feel to add on more rest breaks and just BE, with the Quickening affecting more of us, isn’t it better to wind down some of the hyper-active ego achieving horizontally, and focus on more vertical communing with Source and pure Being, before we’re absolutely forced to?

         This also includes cultivating more compassion and loving kindness and less judgement when it comes to how we view those who are debilitated in their capacities to be “doers” by their Cosmic Flu symptoms, whether emotionally, mentally, physically or all of the above.

In summation, my view of the exponential increases of ASD and CFS includes a multitude of causes, with the Quickening being the main factor that is exacerbating all the rest certainly.  And while genetic predispositions and exposure to viruses and bacteria may also be contributing influences, we need to focus more on what we do have power over in terms of what we allow into our beings re toxic drugs and energies. This also means focusing on improving our diet and sleep and cultivating a daily maintenance of our spiritual condition through communing with the Tao, Source, or the Divine. In other words, chilling out more, before we’re forced to. 

Pema Chodron, the Buddhist nun, who was diagnosed with CFS in 1994, found a way to make accepting “what is” work through living her teachings in books like: When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times,  Start Where You Are: A Guide to Compassionate Living, as well as: The Wisdom of No Escape, Start Where You Are, When Things Fall Apart, The Places that Scare You, No Time to Lose, and Practicing Peace in Times of War.

         In her words:

“The key to working with what is so deeply unwanted, is to let go of the ideas, (the thoughts), about how we shouldn’t be sick and what will happen to us if we remain sick. Somehow we have to respect the illness, welcome it, enter into it…we surrender and say, okay, what have you to teach me?…about letting go of control, about slowing down…about tasting the full experience of a moment…the light, the sound, the quality of our mood, of our pain, the sight of dust or birds or nothing special…respecting all that. It’s a kind of death, this illness, the best kind of death if we’ll let it be. It’s the death of old stuck patterns and opinions and habits and it makes way for something new to be born in us. Really, you can trust that. Something new will be born if you’ll let the illness show you where to let go your grip…And please don’t scold yourself for failing, ever.”

If you’re interested in reading more about how to cope with CFS, aka the Cosmic Flu, the metaphysical writer Ken Wilber and Laura Hillebrand, the best-selling writer, have also written extensively about their decades’ long challenges with CFS, which you can google. 

The latest movie about Van Gogh (directed by the painter Julian Schnabel) posits that he didn’t pass out while painting because of mental illness per se, but rather that he was so awake and tuned into the energy of the Universe he would black out from the sheer intensity of his consciousness while painting.  Hmmmm:).

So, another way to look at our need to nap more or even pass out after an intense burst of consciousness during a powerful download of energy is that the Quickening is helping us become more evolved, awake human Beings.  These symptoms “encourage” us to feed our souls more, rather than just being human “doings” caught in the rat race of feeding the ego more through external validation in this age of spiritual materialism. 

  But since we are still in the very early stages of this energetic metamorphosis, and the Universe is working on us in a way akin to psychic surgery, the naps or passing out are a necessary anesthesia, a time-out (of linear time) that may best be viewed as a gift from the Divine—just as everything we experience is, even if it is, at times, gift-wrapped in distressing disguises.

 Since, 1972, my personal channeled readings have always called me a “mutant” and an “evolutionary guinea pig,” which I used to feel ambivalent about. But now, dear Ones, many of us with the most sensitive emotional and psychic predispositions need to be very gentle with ourselves during this awakening process, and not get so hung up on medical labels, such as ASD or CFS, especially since there is no medically sanctioned cause, treatment or cure anyway.   

         In 2019 and beyond, as we witness more divine order-ly chaos on the mass playing field, we’re being given the opportunity to step up the level of our game with the assistance of the Quickening.  Here are my personal reminders to support this upgrade in consciousness:

 I.  Always maintain the witnessing perspective, which allows me to never take anything personally, no matter what is going on.

II. Keep in mind the deepest secret of Tantra:  Accept everything just as it is in the moment.  Resistance creates suffering.  Here’s a practice:  a) Lean into the pain, fatigue, desire, sadness or whatever is arising. b) Become one with it until it consumes and dissolves you. c) Experience being reborn from the ashes . . . and smiling.

III. The Flow of Life is not under my control; my true power lies in how I choose to respond and move with it.

IV. If I go for healing and growth in any situation and simultaneously enjoy the ride, I’ll have no regrets later.


         In closing, I think it’s helpful to keep in mind that we’re only on the threshold of the next Great Age in the sign of Aquarius, which will last for over 2000 years.  And that the higher-frequency galactic energies bombarding us—while necessary to kick-start this next stage in the evolution of human consciousness—are also playing havoc with all levels of our bodies, from the psychic to the physical.  We are all becoming evolutionary guinea pigs in the vanguard of this New Age.  

So, how do we make the most of this particularly challenging time with its overabundance of what I call FGOs coming our way?  And, especially, how do we best prepare ourselves to live in an empowering way in what can feel like a psychic combat zone—besides just yelling “INCOMING!” and hiding our heads under the covers?

         Since there are infinite levels of heaven and hell, all available to be experienced—right here and right now— we always have a free will choice to live with internal freedom and at peace within our conditions—no matter how difficult.

         So, if you’d like to learn how to be in your own paradise during this ongoing Cosmic Flu pandemic and allow inner peace to permeate your Being as the major emotional tone of your day—here are some of my personal guidelines: 

1.  Paradise is ALWAYS an inside job.  And while you might enjoy traveling to an external paradise from time to time as a treat, you actually NEVER have to leave your seat.  But rather, choose to travel deep within your own BEING to find that which you have been eternally seeking. 

2.  No amount of external flux can take away your capacity to experience paradise within—if you make it your priority, above all else. 

3.  While there are often mosquitos in external paradises and upsetting thoughts buzzing around internally, we can still choose to reboot our consciousness as needed to stay focused on peace of mind and joy in Being.  

4.  It’s impossible to be in paradise all the time unless you are comfortable first with sitting in emptiness, i. e. the void, as this is the primordial space out of which all forms (including all planes of consciousness) continuously arise and fall way.  So, for all you adrenaline junkies or “sick excitement” addicts out there (you know who you are) — you can choose to bottom out on this pattern now . . . or later.  And yes, I promise you, expanding your consciousness this way is just as intense—but in a much more life-force enhancing way.  

To explore more meditation options, please check out:

  Spiritual Practices Reading List


       Just as being in paradise all the time moves our experience of the Earth Game to a whole new level, in terms of horizontal movement—-the next leap in expanding our consciousness is to cultivate being in heaven, paradise or nirvana all the time vertically.

       All planes of consciousness are actually right here and right now, they’re just operating at different frequencies.  And, as we learn how to attune to these higher energies (which is the purpose of the Quickening after all) and loosen our attachment for identity to only being in the relative reality and density of the earth plane, then a more absolute reality—where all veils of illusion and separateness fall away—becomes our normal operating mode of Being.

For more on this, psychic Neptune just went direct on November 24:  Neptune:  The Urge to Merge . . .  and Then Some

       When we choose to identify more with our eternal soul than our ego/personality, fear of physical death naturally falls away. Then the transition to dropping our bodies, when the time comes, is relatively seamless as our personality is already multi-dimensional. 

         This allows us to enjoy being in the Eternal Now—i.e. all times and spaces—vertically and horizontally—simultaneously while being fully embodied in a human incarnation.  In other words:  Always in paradise. Then, as I say in my memoir, Cosmic Sugar“The wisdom of no escape becomes the ultimate sweetness.”  

         And, finally, here are my soul-level resolutions for 2019 and beyond:  

I.  Enjoy the ride today—even more—by acting as if each day is our last . . . and smile.

II. Hold the faith that:  Life goes on, our Souls live on and that which we have always been seeking—Source—has been inside us all along . . . and smile.

III. Be grateful that Life is doing its damnedest to help us remember why we are truly here . . . and just keep on smiling.

               Wishing us all a year of passionate equanimity as we awaken and open our hearts more to our true identity of pure Being.   Wishing us a year of dancing with whatever is in the Flow with neither attachment nor aversion to timing or outcomes.  And, so it is.

J   O   A   N   

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