In the Midst of Two Life-Changing Eclipses and a Crazy-Making Uranus Station, A Psychic Looks into Her Hand Once Again

January 20, 2019in Newsletter Archive

In the Midst of Two Life-Changing Eclipses and a Crazy-Making Uranus Station, A Psychic Looks into Her Hand Once Again

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“Nothing comes ahead of its time, and nothing has ever happened that didn’t need to happen.”
Byron Katie

Dear One,

         On January 5, 2019, we experienced a powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse Conjunct Karmic Teacher Saturn in taskmaster Capricorn at 15°, followed by the final direct station of Trickster of Awakening Uranus at 29° of combustible Aries that will occur in most of our lifetimes.

         And now, we’re building towards a life-changing Total Lunar Eclipse just after midnight tonight, January 21, at 0° of Leo which is being strongly affected by a challenging square between warrior Mars in Aries with Saturn, an aspect that indicates frustration and a need for patience triggered by events beyond our control.

What does all this mean for us?  Well, the energies of the bi-yearly eclipse season ALWAYS ratchet up the intensity on the planet, setting the tones and themes for the month before the eclipses, as well as for the next six months and beyond.  But this one is particularly crazy-making with the Uranus station reverberating all month adding more unstable and unpredictable events—personally and en masse—than usual.

All of this signifies major endings and new beginnings coming to us with perhaps unprecedented velocity through seemingly random events that jolt us out of our complacency and awaken us to the next level of our karmic healing and soul assignments like nothing lesser could.

Please note that this total Lunar Eclipse is especially impactful if it is hitting our Sun or ascendant, although effects will be felt if they engage with any of our planets, and even asteroids like Chiron, as well as in the houses or areas of our life where they occur in our birth charts. To get your chart for freeASTRO.COM

So, if you’re feeling slightly insane, or everyone around you is acting a little nutsy, welcome to the crazy-making Uranus direct station of 2019 which is kicking up more than the usual amount of insanity in the midst of these two intense eclipses. We can continue to expect some more potentially explosive events on the planet—man-made and/or nature-made, to test our capacity to maintain a tone of equanimity and peace and the mantra that “All is Well’ in the bigger picture.  This way, we are doing our part in affecting the overall tone of the planet—rather than allowing the energies of panic on the planet to affect us.

 Trickster of Awakening Uranus stationed retrograde on August 7 at 3° Taurus. When Uranus first moved into earthy Taurus on May 15, the ongoing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions began on the big island of Hawaii.  This set up some of the themes that we’ll be experiencing throughout the entire seven-year transit, which will fully commence in March 2019 and last until 2026. 

Recently, we’ve had more earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, wild fires and heatwaves all over the planet, with no let-up in sight.  Courtesy of Uranus in Taurus, among other factors, especially global warming, we’re witnessing the opening scenes of our “New Normal” in terms of earth changes. This may trigger more feelings of internal insecurity than we’ve felt before in this or perhaps any incarnation in quite a while.

Now, as Uranus backs up briefly into Aries for one more pass, 84 years in the making, he will be exactly hitting the master degree of 29° of fiery Aries in November, 2018 and, in his direct motion, in January and February 2019, where he was during the initial events in Hawaii. So, we can expect more of the same, all over the planet, especially since volatility is the key signature of the last degree of Aries.

Uranus’s function is to agitate anything—internally and externally—that has become too safe, secure, rigid or stagnant.  His energy awakens our Divine yearnings and disturbs our complacency with the conditioning of society.  He uses the shock of crisis, chaos and emergency situations to “encourage” us to remember who we really are and why we’re really here.  For more on this, please read (especially the addendum): 

Embracing the Unexpected: Everything You Wanted to Know about Uranus (But Were Afraid to Ask)

         Leonard Cohen’s lyric, “There is a crack, a crack in everything—that’s how the Light gets in,” is especially poignant and pertinent now as there’s gonna be a whole lotta Light coming in: More cracks in the culture, political systems, infrastructure, as well as cracks in our beliefs and in our bodies.

         And while the natural human response to chaos, instability and insecurity is fear, worry and anxiety, all arising from the survival instinct in our animal nature, it becomes ever more important to remember that whatever we feared last year—usually issues of money, love, work or health—are probably not the exact same ones we’re wringing our hands over today.

At least, let’s hope so. Events will continue picking up speed because of the planet’s frequency rising, meaning that Trumpism may well be a thing of the past by the end of 2019 or, at the very latest, 2020.  This is supported by Uranus stabilizing in earthy Taurus and Saturn giving us more practical lessons as he moves through structure-ruling Capricorn this year.

In fact, since Uranus turned direct on January 6, we have ZERO retrograde planets within our inner solar system (all the way to Pluto) until March 5, when Mercury turns retrograde. This creates a warp-speed period of acceleration with nothing to brake our forward momentum.  Yee-ha!

This multitude of crazy-making energies, including the ongoing Quickening, which is the acceleration of frequencies that we’re all starting to vibrate at, is causing many of us symptoms of instability on ALL levels. As the Quickening Phase II continues to dissolve the veils between dimensions of consciousness, we may be experiencing increasingly intense symptoms of the Cosmic Flu.  I know I’ve been more challenged than ever before in this regard.

For much more on this, I encourage you to read my last newsletter:

2019 COMING ATTRACTIONS: How to Be in Paradise During a Cosmic Flu Pandemic

As well as:  The Quickening Phase II Is Here to Rock Your World 

All of this “divine orderly chaos” on the world stage is, in truth, a spiritual opening in disguise, or what I call an FGO (f*ckin growth opportunity :)). Why?  Because there has always been a very thin line between madness and mysticism, or spiritual madness, if you will, but especially so these days.

My definition of being a mystic is one who experiences unity consciousness as the true nature of reality. In other words, seeing the Divine, Source or the Tao in everything and everyone with no separation or boundaries: One Being, billions of faces. 

 I’ve had more and more clients coming to me who just want to “check out,” “get medicated,” or who are self-medicating so that they don’t have to feel their anxiety, depression or, what I call, “metaphysical angst” as it has become emotionally intolerable to live with. 

What I share with them is that, in addition to daily mind/body and spiritual practices, there are many nutritional supplements and herbal remedies to help calm our nervous systems, provide more restful sleep, and balance out our brain chemistry in just the way that pharmaceutical drugs do, but without all the unpleasant accumulative side-effects. 

But, and here’s a big but, one needs to be willing to go through this extreme emotional and mental roller coaster ride with: A sense of inner Being as our true identity, as well as maintaining the witness perspective to work with our thoughts and emotions mindfully and cultivating a taste for our inner journey as a spiritual adventure.  For help in getting started with mindfulness training, please check out my favorite book on this topic:

The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

On a similar note, in the last year or so, there has been a noticeable uptick in the number of clients of all ages coming to me who have already been diagnosed and labeled by mental health professionals as “clinically depressed” and either put on anti-depressants or are thinking about it as a last resort to manage their deep despair.

 I consider everything to be part of the Divine or Tao, including Western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs, regardless of their limitations and side-effects.  However, I also strongly believe that there are more refined and skillful ways to deal with a “dark night of the soul” with less downsides, unless one is in such a deep pit of despair that one is completely immobilized and suicidal, in which case drugs can be used in the short-term as a last resort.

  Sooner or later, we’ll all go through a period of a “dark night of the soul” as part of our natural spiritual evolution. This can be experienced over a period of weeks, months or, very occasionally, even years, when we feel that we are losing our connection to the world but are not gaining a connection to Source at the deepest level yet.

    In the Vedic system, we’re in the midst of the darkest of spiritual ages, the Kali Yuga which, while continuing for hundreds of years, transitions in 2025 to a time with a glimmer of Light, according to some scholars.  Synchronistically, 2025 is also the year that transformational Pluto moves into Aquarius, shifting the energy toward a cycle of beginning to rebuild on the ashes of what needed to be destroyed so that new seeds of growth in the mass consciousness can be firmly planted.

Here’s a quote from Pema Chodron in 1997 from her book, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times, which always helps me immeasurably when the going gets tough:

  “When the rivers and air are polluted, when families and nations are at war, when homeless wanderers fill the highways, these are traditional signs of a dark age. There’s so much resentment and so much resistance to life.  In all nations, it’s like a plague that’s gotten out of control and is poisoning the atmosphere of the world. Practicing loving-kindness towards ourselves seems as good a way as any to start illuminating the darkness of difficult times.”

  It would make sense that many of us more sensitive souls would be feeling these darker planetary energies and internalizing them.  This is especially so if we haven’t yet learned how to work with them in a more accepting, positive way, psychically and emotionally, through spiritual and mind/body practices such as various forms of mediation, chi gung or yoga, breathing practices, as well as supportive nutritional supplements to support healthy brain chemistry (such as Sam-e, 5-htp, and GABA, to name a few) without any of the side-effects of drugs.   (I use all of the above for daily mood maintenance as needed.)

The first stage in our consciousness evolution is to allow the Quickening to “encourage” us to crack open and allow our wounds to open and rise to the surface to be healed so there will be more room for Light to flow in.

   If you are interested in a personal psychic reading on your health on all levels—-physical, mental, emotional and karmic—with specific suggestions to aid you in healing your karmic issues, please read about this offering here:  Psychic Counseling.  This session is available by phone or in-person in NYC.


         In the ancient Tantric stories of India, the eighty-four Mahasiddhas (enlightened Ones) include beggars and thieves, prostitutes and hunters, madmen and morons, all achieved realization by utilizing their everyday occupations as their method of practice.  There are fearful ones who became enlightened when they cracked open by moving through their fear into courage, and talkative ones who became enlightened when they cracked opened by moving though their talking into silence.

         In fact, on the Tantric and Dzogchen paths of Buddhism, our neuroses and personalities are considered, not just ornamental display, but, in reality, our vehicles for awakening.  Utilizing these spiritual practices means that, not only do we not repress, judge or distract ourselves from all parts of our being, but rather fully dive into our full range—wounds and warts and all—as the perfect unenlightened mirroring of our innate, realized state of Being.

         Think about this:

  • We’re all wounded, or we wouldn’t need to incarnate to heal our karma. (Except those few rare souls who are incarnate Enlightened Beings, who are already broken completely open.)
  • We’re all mentally ill; it’s just a question of degree. (That is, unless we’re experiencing Unity Consciousness without relapsing into lesser states of duality at any time.)
  • Since we’re all pure Consciousness in disguise as imperfect human beings, doesn’t it make sense that our imperfections are the perfect vehicle for realizing our innate enlightened state?  Cosmic humor indeed!
  • Once we’ve experienced the truth that samsara (relative truth) and nirvana (absolute truth) are inseparable, which comes from our realization of the inseparability of our neuroses from our innate enlightened state, there is really nothing left to do but commit to the path of the Bodhisattva (i.e., loving-kindness for all suffering beings including ourselves first.)       

        While fear triggered by our lower nature may never go away completely, I’ve found it exceedingly helpful to view this instinctual arising as a perennial shell game run on cosmic trickster energy, meaning, if it’s not one thing that triggers fear, it’s another—and the focus of the anxiety just keeps moving around.  The only solution when any variety of fear arises—from dread or panic to the subtler forms of apprehension or trepidation—is to choose to witness it arising and dissolving—in every moment as needed—and not get fixated on playing the shell game at all. 

       Instead, as we view unfolding events—no matter how tumultuous—we can choose to stay calm, stable and compassionate at our core of Being by holding the faith that everything is unfolding perfectly in the Divine Plan for our personal soul growth as well as for the evolution of consciousness. Or, as I like to say to myself when I witness some metaphysical angst arising: “Nope, I’m not playing today!”

A human incarnation is like the ultimate multi-dimensional rollercoaster ride, and no matter how circuitous and death-defying it may feel, it always ultimately leads to the same destination:  We get to drop our bodies without losing our Higher Minds.  And, not only is physical death absolutely safe, it’s also the only thing in life that’s absolutely certain. That being said, why do we all waste so much of our precious time worrying, when we could be fully savoring each moment’s potential for expanding our awareness of joy in Being?         

         The only way out is through, whether it be our body karma, neuroses, emotional wounds or mental afflictions.  Loving ourselves and all others is not really possible without the unconditional acceptance without judgment of all our broken bits as the missing piece to experiencing unity consciousness.

      Also, please remember that Master Healer Chiron is moving into Aries on February 18. So, we only have one more month to wrap up this cycle of our karmic healing.  for more:

2018’s CHIRON SWANSONG: “Are You Ready to Heal Your Deepest Wounds?”


 On a personal note, a month before The New Moon Eclipse, which was exact on Chiron in my 12th house of karma with Saturn in attendance, I was diagnosed with a golf-ball sized ganglion cyst on my wrist that was impinging on nerves in several fingers of my left hand.  This was the same hand in which I had a five-hour surgery in February, 2016, to reattach a severed tendon in my thumb from an accident while on vacation involving a glass of lemonade, a beach umbrella and a strong gust of wind.

         Now that I’m fully recovered from a three-hour surgery to remove the cyst, which grew freakishly from the size of a dime in under three months, I am reminded again of what I wrote about my hand karma after my much more serious first surgery, when Transformer Pluto was transiting my Chiron:

“I envision perfect healing of my physical hand bathed in emerald green Light as well as the unwinding of all the body karma connected to this experience that is still continuing to come up on deeper and deeper levels. I’m sharing this as a way to encourage all of you to be alert and look out for whatever is coming up—many times quite forcibly and out of the blue—to be karmically healed in your lives and/or bodies. And focus on the soul lessons to be gained as the gifts inherent within the upsetting circumstances, with growing pains galore, of course.”


               After I reread my previous newsletter on this issue, I have to add what has come up for me this time:

1.  Be careful what you wish for:  In my past life when my hands were cut off for stealing bread, my most fervent wish until I dropped my body was that the relentless phantom nerve pain from my severed hands would stop.  In the last two years, I’ve lost 50% of sensation in my thumb, and before my surgery last month, had lost over 50% of sensation in three more fingers.

2.  I realized in a flashback that my hand surgeon both times was my hand executioner before.  Ah, don’t you just love how karma plays out:)!  When he was taking my stitches out, he said, “That was the biggest, most deeply rooted cyst he had ever seen.” 

3.  My New Year’s Reading for 2019 called this medical drama part-two a “karmic class action.”  And that if I get all the lessons at the deepest core levels by staying fully present throughout the entire surgical and healing process and not check out (i.e., just leave my body), which is my past-life modus operandi when things get tough, then there is an across-the-board healing of all of my structural body karma issues. Hurrah!

 For more on my hand karma, part-one:

  In the Midst of Two Volatile Eclipses, A Psychic Looks into Her Hand

Sending out love, light, healing energy and gratitude to all,

J   o   a   n       

I DREAMT I WAS FLYING   by   Joan Pancoe

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you will be broken open by death,
when it’s too late for all you could become.”

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