JUPITER IN CAPRICORN 2020: The Sacred Tremor of the Universe Pulsates in the Center of Each and Every Being

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JUPITER IN CAPRICORN 2020: The Sacred Tremor of the Universe Pulsates in the Center of Each and Every Being

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“The venerated Shakti, source of energy, opens her eyes and the universe is reabsorbed in pure consciousness; she closes them and the universe is manifested within her.”

From Yoga Spandakarika, The Sacred Texts at the Origins of Tantra by Daniel Odier


Dear ONE,

Expansive Jupiter, planet of good fortune and ruler of Divine Law on Earth, moves into ambitious Capricorn on December 2 for just over a year.  On the world stage, we may be witnessing extraordinary levels of greed and avarice exposed, as well as the seeds planted for the karmic consequences thereof.

But, it’s not just those in positions of public power who will be karmically tested on the selfish/generous continuum this year.  For, with Saturn, Pluto and the Karmic South Node all lined up in wealth and influence-seeking Capricorn, all of us may be presented with opportunities for healing karmic patterns of self-seeking and greed, thus evolving spiritually to the next level of heart opening.

Before we unpack everything we need to know to make the most of this hard-working transit of Jupiter through structure-loving Capricorn, it might be good to review how well we’ve done in the past year with the transit of Jupiter through his home sign of Sagittarius, the natural ruler of the 9th house of philosophy and higher truth.

 We may have been tested in our judgments of other people’s belief systems, regardless of whether they’re based on philosophies which are religious, spiritual, new age or whatever. For, ALL belief systems are, from a higher perspective, merely mental constructs that we use to help us function in the Earth Game by giving us some illusion of control by categorizing the Infinite.  HA!

        Consequently, whether you buy into:

1. The Christian view of heaven, hell and purgatory

2.  The Tibetan Buddhism view of bardos and nirvana

3.  The Islamic view of paradise (the number of virgins for men is open to debate:))

4. The Vedic view of planes of consciousness called lokas

5. The Taoist view of eight bodies of consciousness

6. The new age view of the chakra system (“re-interpreted” from India), angels, aliens and other dimensions

ALL OF THE ABOVE (and any other belief systems you can think of) are ultimately just MENTAL CONSTRUCTS!

        Therefore, one of the lessons to integrate from Jupiter’s year in Sagittarius is to be able to witness everyone’s philosophical, religious and/or spiritual beliefs from a perspective of non-judgement as well as compassion, especially for those whose extreme fundamentalist views come from a place of such ignorance and fear that they’re incapable of being open to anyone else’s view.

        So, how’re you doing with the above ongoing consciousness-expanding test:)?    


  Beneficent Jupiter’s journey through pragmatic Capricorn is ruled by Karmic Teacher Saturn. And, since Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house of career, all our endeavors this coming year as they pertain to our creative and vocational aspirations will be positively highlighted by Jupiter and earmarked for growth and expansion, as will the house that is ruled by Capricorn in our birth charts.  This includes our philosophy and attitudes about getting to the “top,” as well as enhancing our public personas through our livelihoods.

However, we may also experience tests from the shadow or dark side of this Jupiter transit in the professional area of our lives. This is especially so if we think we can get away with using any means necessary to grow our businesses and, specifically, if there’s conscious knowledge that our actions might be harming others for our own gain. So, there’s lots of potential for stepping into some karmic poo-poo here for sure:).

The ways in which Jupiter operates in jovial, devil-may-care Sagittarius contrasted with Jupiter in saturnine, glass-half-empty Capricorn couldn’t be more different. In fact, of all the signs, Jupiter is most unhappy in Capricorn because it forces him to work harder, delay gratification and have patience, rather than his wont, which is to chill out and have a good time—with many adventures, philosophizing and socializing.

This difference is especially exacerbated by the fact that the transiting Dharmic North Node is still moving through an eighteen-month sojourn through Cancer until May, 2020, which is inspiring us to maintain the witness perspective and feel connected to all Beings through the heart of the world or Divine heart.

The transiting North Node only occurs every nineteen years in nurturing Cancer, and it behooves us to make use of these energies by choosing to consider love and all matters of the heart as the gold standard in terms of meaning and value in our lives.  This means personal love with friends, family and partners, as well as transpersonal or universal love for humanity in all its mutiplicitous guises.

 This placement of the Dharmic North Node encourages us to be loving mothers or fathers and view all beings as spiritually lost children who need to be objects of compassion and held in the Light of unity consciousness—rather than judged or punished for their fear and lack of awareness.

 For, even as we witness those that do harm to others or the planet, how can we not have compassion for their ignorance from a karmic perspective? And just who do we think we’re actually harming if we close our hearts? 

The Dalai Lama puts it best:

“From the Buddhist point of view, the Chinese officer who is committing the cruel act against the young boy is initiating a new cycle of negative karma.  In the case of the child, there is a closure of a particular karma that the child is experiencing.  The perpetrator of the crime is in fact an object of more compassion and mercy than the child.” 

With the Dharmic North Node in Cancer, we have a choice. We can choose to send out, as part of our daily spiritual practice, loving-kindness to all suffering beings OR we can regress to the Karmic South Node in pragmatic Capricorn and make all our choices on the basis of “what’s in it for me” in the short term.

Because taskmaster Saturn in Capricorn has been traveling with the Karmic South Node, as is shadowy Pluto and now Jupiter as well, this year may continue to bring us some of the biggest karmic challenges we may have had to face in this lifetime, especially in our Capricorn-ruled house.

 This means that, not only will we be seeing quite a bit of selfish short-sightedness playing out on the news, but also that any tendencies we may have to put mercenary considerations before the high road of the heart will be coming up to be reviewed and hopefully discarded.

For more on this, please read about Saturn in Capricorn:



The potentials for regressing to the Karmic South Node position are particularly exacerbated by the dark side of Jupiter in materialistic Capricorn, because it’s forcing us to question our spiritual philosophy or lack thereof and ask ourselves whether we would rather have all the cash and prizes or be:

1. Loving rather than right.  As we evolve, this becomes viscerally self-evident on the heart levels.

2. Truthful rather than dishonest.  This includes sins of omission, especially for selfish reasons such as fear of loss, with the exception of ruthless sharing that could harm a loved one.

3.  A giver rather than a taker.  There’s nothing as heart-expanding as the experience that making others happy gives us the most happiness of all.


The channeled guidance I’ve received about how to make the best use of this volatile line-up of Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn is firstly to become aware that all Beings, starting with ourselves, contain in the central channel of our energy bodies what is called Spanda in the most ancient Tantric texts of India.

Spanda is defined as the pulsing, radiating energy that comes from the absolute or Supreme Consciousness (Brahman). The origin of the term Spanda (“tremor” or “vibration”) is found in the spiritual tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. Spanda is the primordial throbbing of the Universe, and it is this pulse we feel at the center of our Being which is beating in sync with All That Is in every moment.

        Many of us have already become aware of this Divine vibration in our central channels viscerally, as it is being activated more and more by the horizontal and vertical acceleration of Cosmic energies, that I call the Quickening, which is here to shake us up and wake us up to the next level of our conscious evolution.

In the last year or two, more and more clients are coming to me expressing concern and anxiety about how some of the external manifestations of the Quickening may be affecting them adversely. But whether we choose to label this vibrational assault as coming from cell phones, WIFI, 5G, EMFs, smart meters, etc., we also need, for the sake of our sanity, to accept that all of these electrical frequencies are also All part of the Divine or Tao, and NOT separate from it. 

I choose to view ALL of this high-frequency bombardment as helping us to acclimate and become stronger internally as evolutionary guinea pigs.  Is this good news or bad?  In Tantra/Tao, it just IS—all part of absolute reality, with nothing separate from All That Is. How could it be?

Personally, I’ve been experiencing an extreme uptick in awareness of internal and external acceleration of energies rocking my central channel over the last few years and, most specifically, in the last few months. 

Everything feels like its vibrating louder and faster in all directions—outside of me, above my head, below my feet, and pulsing through my central channel like a liquid lightening-filled alchemical metal, as if I were a living thermometer. 

It’s been a very disconcerting ride and most challenging to ground and stay internally stable, to say the least. Standing chi gung is a daily must for me, now more than ever.

What I’m working on these days as an essential priority is a new level of psychic empowerment in which I choose to resonate with the primordial Spanda in my central channel and allow this vibration to set an invincible tone radiating outward from me into my personal reality.

 And we all have this choice: to affect the mass tone of the planet positively with our Divine Vibration that All is Well or to continue to feel powerless over the external manmade vibrational energies of the 21st century affecting us adversely, which then allows negative projections to feed into our view of reality just as it is. 

One of the most important things we can do now is to accept that the Quickening, in all its manifestations, is here to encourage us to remember that we contain the Universe as a microcosm in our central channel.  And that it is this elemental pulse of the Universe which we need to focus on, as what we focus on grows and becomes stronger.

Then we can radiate out the sacred Spanda, thus setting a powerful spiritual tone outward affecting 3D, rather than allowing the lower frequency external vibrations we’re feeling affect us and our personal reality.

Simultaneously, I’m also aware that all the escalating external horizonal and vertical bombardment is a form of spiritual resistance training to make us stronger at our core of Being like nothing lesser could. 

 My present hypersensitivity and hypervigilance to noise/vibrational assaults got triggered in August when, changes began in my garden apartment home in the East Village of NYC, (which I call my cave and have lived in, mostly beatifically and peaceably, since 1974).

At that time, a new boiler/ furnace was installed in my building’s basement (just under my bed) which allows for plentiful heat and hot water, but also a new on/off loud vibrational hum to acclimate to.  Good news/bad news all One in the Eternal now, indeed!

 Added to this, at the same time, I started become acutely aware, like never before, of loud noise and throbbing from nearby compressors, construction, neighbors running on treadmills above my head and thumping music through my walls, in my building and adjacent buildings. 

All of this, continuously round the clock, has been creating an ongoing assault on my nervous system and psychic senses, which multiple white noise machines in every room barely put a dent in.  So, I am in the process of surrendering to this FGO, (f**kin growth opportunity:)), as my new normal (for now).  And this letting go of resistance to “what is” is helping to make my internal forces and reliance on the eternal pulse of Spanda to set the tone of my reality much stronger.

I knew that Trickster of Awakening Uranus in grounding Taurus was slowly approaching, over the next few years, the nadir of my chart or core of Being, and figured it was going to rock my world.  I just didn’t intuit that it would be quite so literal:).


So, going forward, our spiritual challenge is to start to experience viscerally that, in the absolute level of reality, all energy is pure consciousness that contains this sacred vibration.  And, that all Beings contain this innate awakened state, no matter how irredeemable we may view them as being from the lower perspective of little mind/ego.

        This awareness of our innate awakened state, (which is called Sat Chit Ananda in Sanskrit:  pure Being, Consciousness, Bliss), triggered by Spanda, will continue to grow as we focus on it without the distraction of our monkey minds. And it is this focus which will allow us to flourish and bring more Light into the world in this Dark Age of the Kali Yuga, which according to Odier started about 3500 BC and will continue until about 2440 AD. So, if you still had any doubt, our souls chose to incarnate in interesting times indeed. 

        In other words, as challenging as this may be, we need to work on dissolving judgments about what we think is good or bad, light or dark, part of the phenomenal world or absolute reality, and instead embrace it ALL from a place of non-duality, one taste, in which not one aspect of anything or anyone in the relative truth of the Earth Game is separate from the Divine, Leela or cosmic play.  For more: LEELA

“The Great Way is easy for one who has no preferences.”

The Buddha

“What is the body? That shadow of a shadow
of your love that somehow contains the entire universe.” 


As Jupiter begins its journey into Capricorn on December 2nd, it will shortly trine Uranus in Taurus at 2° on December 15 and subsequently conjunct the total Solar Eclipse at 4° Capricorn on December 26. Then Jupiter will remain at 8° Capricorn on the South Node into the 2nd Full Moon Eclipse on January 10th 2020, which occurs simultaneously with Trickster of Awakening Uranus’s Direct Station just to add to the general intensity and insanity/chaos vibe out in the world.

 Two days after the Eclipse/Uranus Station, On January 12, we have one of the culminating big planetary events of the year, which all astrologers have been going on about, when Saturn/Pluto/Mercury conjunct at 23° Capricorn.

All in all, the above transits are setting up the tones and themes for all of 2020 and beyond, making for a tumultuous rollercoaster ride of extreme ups and downs, gains and losses, with many tricky and unexpected twists and turns as we view the world stage, as well as in our personal realities. So, buckle up, try to enjoy the ride and pass the popcorn (if your hands aren’t shaking too much from terror/excitement, an overflow of Spanda, or both:)).


Because Jupiter in ambitious Capricorn is exemplified by a desire for leadership and power, it’s shadow side can get especially dark and destructive.  For example, Adolph Hitler was born with Jupiter in Capricorn on his Karmic South Node, and, as we all know, his relentless drive for political power was based on fascist, racist ideologies that fed on the fears, ignorance and prejudices of the mass consciousness (always the lowest common denominator).

Positively, Jupiter in Capricorn can reflect the need to restore integrity and ethical standards to confront the abuse of power and greed, or abuse of ideologies. Let us hope!  For example, Richard Nixon, born with Jupiter in Capricorn, was exposed for the Watergate Scandal during a Jupiter return cycle in 1972.

At that time, Nixon was also having a Saturn transit in his career house, which is a textbook case for a time when karmic fruits ripen into their fullness or fall away in disgrace for taking one too many shortcuts on the way to the top of one’s career.

Traditionally, whichever area of the life Jupiter is transiting through lays a foundation for a 12-year cycle of positive energy and abundance on ALL levels to flow in. 

Wherever Capricorn resides in our birth charts, transiting Jupiter’s energies will shine on us in all our endeavors in the affairs of that area of our life.  This is especially true for those of us with our Ascendant, Midheaven or personal planets in Capricorn—the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars—in addition to the other earth signs of Virgo and Taurus.

BUT, with Saturn, Pluto and the Karmic South Node in the mix, wherever we have Capricorn in our charts will also be the area of our lives in which we concurrently have the most FGOs.

The good news is that with Jupiter following just behind these karmic heavy hitters, positive, growth-oriented outcomes will be coming our way.  That is, after a lot of turmoil and the falling away of parts of ourselves or our lives that no longer serve our growth (courtesy of Transformer Pluto) and karmic lessons From Saturn, of course.  For more:

“Owning Our Inner Pluto before . . . It Eats Us for Lunch”

Becoming ONE with the Inner Guru . . . Or How to Make Saturn Your BFF

When Jupiter finally conjuncts Saturn in December 2020, it will bring in more Light and glass half-full energies to what promises to be a very chaotic year. Thus, it is timely to gather our forces of inner stability through spiritual practices daily, now more than ever.

And, if we can choose to respond to all the shaking, chaos and external tumult as the perfect activator to more fully cultivate our inner Spanda and remember our true nature, then we will be making the most of this year.

This is especially so if we can choose to witness all the destructive chaos and abuses of power on the world stage as a wakeup call rather than allowing it to pull us down into the Darkness of the Kali Yuga.  I call all this tsuris:  Divine Order-ly Chaos:).

Before Jupiter finally catches up and conjuncts Saturn, it will conjunct Pluto three times: in April, July, and November 2020. Jupiter conjuncting Pluto is an unparalleled transit for issues involving power, politics and an insatiable drive for resource development as both are forces of growth and expansion.

 Think of Gandhi (Jupiter/Pluto in Taurus) and Mandela (Jupiter/Pluto in Cancer), both unbeatable spirits who fervently fought the darkest racist ideologies under the most oppressive circumstances.

The Jupiter transits of 2020 will bring in an abundance of creative and transformational opportunities, particularly if we’re willing to go deeper and stretch ourselves further than ever before.  This will allow all our bonds—with ourselves, others and Life itself—to become more intense and alive as we experience an opening, expansion and growth of our heart/mind (Taoist don’t differentiate) in all our affairs.

For a comprehensive look at all things Jupiter (and its shadow side), I encourage you to check out:

INFINITE ABUNDANCE:  Owning Our Inner Jupiter


                Whenever I do an astrology reading and inform clients which house or area of the life Saturn will be moving through—which is usually a two-and-a-half-year transit—they always exclaim: “But why does it have to be there?”  And I respond, with a smile: “Well, our karmic lessons or, as I like to call them, FGOs, have to be somewhere.”

Whereas with a Jupiter transit, averaging one year in every house or area of the life and being, that’s where all the good stuff will be flowing in.  So, no one ever complains about that!

For example, if Jupiter is transiting one’s 2nd house—more cash and prizes will begin to flow in, or at least the foundation will be laid for the next 12-year cycle of material abundance.  And, so it is, with the 5th house of romance, creativity and children; the 7th house of committed partnership (that’s when I met my sweetheart:)); and the 10th house of career opportunities.

But this year is much more complex to read, interpret and predict as Jupiter is traveling with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn creating a good news/challenging news scenario in whatever house (i.e., area of life) we have Capricorn.

 And while the negative side of Saturn/Pluto transits is about as bad as it gets in terms of abuses of power and corruption at the highest levels, I have faith that the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius coming on its heels in late 2020 will offset the most heinous misuse of power from being sustained for any protracted period and thus bodes well for humanity in the long-term picture. 

What I do feel confidence in predicting is that this coming year will end on a decidedly high note because Jupiter and Saturn conjunct as they both ingress into Aquarius on the December Solstice of 2020. So that, while the good news may come after a very rocky ride, it helps to know that whatever turmoil we have been going through will, in the end, result in more of an upswing than a downturn.  YAY!


And while some may partake more easily of the gifts of their Jupiter transits based on their natal predisposition, let’s not forget that, no matter how challenging some Saturn and Pluto transits can be, if we’re having some major Jupiter transits concurrently (like Jupiter on the Ascendant or a personal planet), I can predict that it bodes well for softening those rough transits, as Jupiter is always an ameliorating influence.

But, to reiterate, because Jupiter is traveling this year with Saturn and Pluto, the good news/challenging news scenarios will be spinning back and forth so fast that we need to stay calm and grounded so that we’re not swept into fear, anxiety, karmic PTSD and/or psychic whiplash before the full story plays out.


So, if you’ve been thinking about gifting yourself or a loved one with an astrology reading from a unique psychic perspective—or are due for your yearly transit update—there couldn’t be a better time!

If you’d like to make the most of this complex Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto/South Node transit in 2020, an astrological reading from a soul-level karmic perspective is a highly useful tool.  It’s also the perfect gift for a loved one going through especially challenging times.

 A reading allows us to be more awake and alert to the timing of opportunities coming our way for abundance on all levels as well as how to make the most of all the karmic lessons arriving for our growth. 

Once we know which areas of our life will be positively highlighted this year, as well as most challenged with FGOs, especially through the opportunities we attract, we can focus more energy and attention there. This is a brilliant way to consciously create and optimize the abundance that is our Divine birthright and allow it to flow into those parts of us and our personal reality that Jupiter in Capricorn will be shining on through December 2020.


If you’re not familiar with your birth chart, you can get it here for free: Astro.com

For a brief description of the houses: Astrological Symbols

For a more thorough viewAlan Oken’s Complete Astrology


In closing, here’s a useful Zen parable to keep in mind during these turbulent times when the little mind/ego is prone to be on the look-out for anyone else in the target-area to blame for one’s troubles:

“If a man is crossing a river
And an empty boat collides with his own skiff,
Even though he be a bad-tempered man
He will not become very angry.
But if he sees a man in the boat,
He will shout at him to steer clear.
If the shout is not heard, he will shout again,
And yet again, and begin cursing.
And all because there is somebody in the boat.
Yet if the boat were empty,
He would not be shouting, and not angry.

If you can empty your own boat
Crossing the river of the world,
No one will oppose you,
No one will seek to harm you.”

From “The Empty Boat” by Chuang Tzu

        And, finally, here’s one of my favorite old Taoist tales for some comic relief:

A formal delegation from the Confucian temple decided to visit a Taoist hermit in the mountains and seek his advice. When they arrived at his hut unannounced, they were scandalized to find him completely naked. “What are you doing meditating in your hut with no pants on?” They demanded. “The whole world is my hut,” he replied. “This small room is my pants. What I want to know is:


Appreciating Leela in all its wonders and terrors,

J   o   a   n 

 “Follow through on all your generous impulses.  Do not question them, especially if a friend needs you; act on his or her behalf.  Don’t sit around speculating about the possible inconvenience, problems, or dangers.  Do not hesitate!”

Epictetus  from The Art of Living


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