NEW YEAR’S NEWSFLASH ECLIPSE ALERT: Please Remain Seated for the Entire Performance

January 1, 2020in Newsletter Archive

NEW YEAR’S NEWSFLASH ECLIPSE ALERT: Please Remain Seated for the Entire Performance
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Pick the caption which makes you smile the most:

“Sit down, Sit down, Sit down you’re rocking the boat!”  from Guys and Dolls


 “If everything seems under control, you’re just not moving fast enough.” Mario Andretti

Dear One,

        Happy New Year!  I’m sending out this newsflash alert because I realized that, while I did post about the New Moon Eclipse on December 26 on Facebook and Instagram (yes, new for me), I really only covered half the story of this Eclipse season in a detailed way.

  I also know that many of you miss my bi-monthly (or more) posts on social media and have let me know how much you appreciate it when I repost the most important astrological events coming your way via email, even if I’ve already posted the info elsewhere first.   

So, to begin with, here’s what I posted on FB:

“We’re having a most auspicious NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE just after midnight EST on December 26 and the energy will feel so lovely and pregnant with potential.

        All monthly New Moons are seed-planting times, but this is especially so with our biannual Solar Eclipses as they inspire us to envision and plant seeds for manifestation over the next six months and beyond.

The reason this particular Eclipse is particularly promising is because it’s conjunct jovial Jupiter in structure-loving Capricorn. This means that the planet of kismet will be shining his benevolence and good fortune on us all.

So, it’s important to make the most of these most positive energies, as it will help shore up our optimism and faith as we navigate through the rest of this Eclipse season, which will set the tones and themes for many months to come.

For, there may well be some tumultuous, unsettled cosmic weather on the horizon with the Full Moon Eclipse in emotional Cancer on January 10 occurring in the midst of the always unpredictable Uranus Direct station and the Pluto/Saturn/Mercury heavy-hitting conjunction.

Just remember that, as things calm down a bit by mid-January after this culminating Solar Eclipse, there is definitely a rainbow in our forecasts following this storm.”


        The good news is that the positive vibes of the New Moon Eclipse are still resonating in our beings.  Accordingly, it’s the ideal time right now to make your New Year’s resolutions (if you haven’t already) and envision easily maintaining them in the Flow, as well as planting those seeds you want to bring into manifestation in 2020.

        Then, we need to start preparing for the culminating (i.e., ending of a cycle) Full Moon Eclipse in uber-sensitive Cancer simultaneously occurring with the Direct station of Trickster of Awakening Uranus in comfort-loving Taurus on January 10.

Combined with these energies, on January 12 we have the major boogieman astrological event of 2020 occurring within 48 hours of the Eclipse and Uranus station:  The triple conjunction of analytical Mercury, Transformer Pluto and Karmic Teacher Saturn in sobering Capricorn. All of these planetary events will bring an intensity that will be off-the-charts in an unprecedented way.

For, when the effects hit us, not only may we feel as if the top of our heads has been blown off (aka spontaneous crown chakra opening), we may also shockingly discover that some of the emotional comfort zones which no longer serve our growth have been blown away.  For more on this, please check out my Spring newsletter written when Uranus first moved into Taurus:

  All Your Stagnate Comfort Zones Are Going, Going, Gone

Before I share the visceral/visual images I received when I meditated on the entire package of this most important planetary event, a word about my philosophy of Life might help clarify the channeled description of the events to come.

In the most ancient Tantric and Vedic traditions of India, the earth game is called Leela, meaning Divine play, and is viewed as a giant amusement park for the Gods and Goddesses’ cosmic entertainment.

  For more: LEELA

This means that some of the rides in this life are euphoric and some are downright scary—or both simultaneously. This is especially so when we can embrace the concept that 3D is a relative plane of polarities/duality, and that from a higher perspective of the truth, the fullest range of emotions can be experienced as all One. 

That is, if we can let go of our attachment to any preferences in our emotional range,(very challenging, though), but rather, experience them all as pure aliveness. In the perennial teachings of Tantrikas and Vedic sages this is expressed as:

Pleasure or pain

Loss or gain

Praise or blame

All the same


Now, here’s my downloaded visceral vision: During this ride, we’ll feel as if we’re traveling internally at warp speed through different dimensions via a series of alternating horizontal and vertical wind tunnels.  Simultaneously, we’ll feel as if our vehicle is a psychic bumper car being blasted by continuous external turbulence.

Whew! Now I don’t know about you, but for me, the only way to stay calm and smile through this particular ride is to get that all this instability is to assist the universe/cosmic/planetary energies of the Quickening in blowing out our habitual mental, emotional and karmic patterns.

Consequently, our job is to allow our ruts of identity to fall away without a lot of kicking and screaming, resistance and clinging.  But rather, to witness those fragments of our little self/personality/ego that no longer serve our higher evolution being offered up as delectable gifts for the Divine (i.e., Higher Forces) to savor.

As Capricorn rules structure, we may feel as if parts of our ego structure are disintegrating—because they are! This may inspire feelings to arise of excitement and fear as a double-edged sword of aliveness with honey on the edge. Yeehaw!

Another of the images that is applicable to this event is one I’ve used to describe the Psychic Therapy process to clients since 1982.  That it’s like a rocket ship taking off and, while the ego structure is necessary ballast for the launch from the density of 3D, once one moves into higher frequency dimensions, then more and more parts of the ego naturally fall away.  Then all that is ultimately left of the personal identity/ego is a translucent shell that the soul can utilize for functioning, as needed, in the earth plane.

So, this month we have a true psychic FGO (f**king growth opportunity) of epic proportions as well as a spiritual resistance training exercise of Life pushing at us to make us stronger internally at our core of Being. And, I’m sure many of us are already feeling the surges of this internal process preparing us for liftoff.

Therefore, the best way to prepare for this ride, this show, this energetic performance of Leela is to keep our seats (i.e. core of Being) fully embodied by securing our root chakra and feet to the center of the planet for optimal grounding. (I use standing chi gung for this daily.)

        In closing, here are some quotes to contemplate, particularly if you’re still reverberating from my last newsletter:

JUPITER IN CAPRICORN 2020: The Sacred Tremor of the Universe Pulsates in the Center of Each and Every Being


“We have to make the first move ourselves rather than expecting it to come from the phenomenal world or from other people. If we are meditating at home and we happen to live in the middle of the High Street, we cannot stop the traffic just because we want peace and quiet. But we can stop ourselves, we can accept the noise. The noise also contains silence. We must put ourselves into it and expect nothing from outside, just as Buddha did. And we must accept whatever situation arises.”

Chogyam Trungpa

“Without this ‘wearying world’ we cannot find enlightenment. We would be bereft of the fabulous friction which illuminates our Buddha nature. We practice and we work with whatever arises—without attempting to convert the disorderly nature of existence into something more regimented. We have to be the ‘peace and quiet’ rather than expecting the world to supply it.”

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

For more:  The Wisdom of Dzogchen

Wishing us all an exhilarating ride this Eclipse season, coming out the other side much Lighter than ever before,

J   O   A   N  

We have lots of caves in apartments and in cities to meditate in, caves made out of concrete.  So keep sitting, inspired that you are a student and inspired that you could attain enlightenment in this life, this very moment.”  Chogyam Trungpa


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