JUPITER IN PISCES: Dipping, Diving and Dissolving into the Cosmic Ocean of Consciousness

April 28, 2021in Newsletter Archive

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
―Mary Oliver

Dear One,

I’m delighted to announce that, starting on May 13, expansive Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and abundance on all levels, is dipping his toe into the Cosmic Ocean Consciousness of Pisces for ten weeks, giving us a well-earned taste of what’s to come, as he will more fully move into one of his favorite signs for over half of 2022. Jupiter is considered in dignity as a co-ruler of Pisces with Neptune. This means that he expresses his most positive qualities and has the most extraordinarily powerful influence on all of us and the planet.

The dates for these spacious feelings of boundlessness of Jupiter in Pisces are from May 13 until July 28 of this year, and then from December 28, 2021 until May 10, 2022, and finally from October 28 until December 20, 2022. From May through October of 2022, Jupiter will blast into Aries for six months, giving us a preview of a new cycle of creation in 3D in 2023.

The last time Jupiter transited through Pisces in 2010, the Great Teacher, as he is called, helped us recover from the great recession of 2008-2009, just as will happen this time as we recover from the pandemic in 2022. Last time we had the good fortune of a newly elected Obama and, this time, we have a newly elected Biden (perish the thought of alternative:)), along with the energies of Jupiter in Pisces showering us with optimism and hope, his hallmarks.

The other side of Jupiter in Pisces, as he always amplifies the full range of the sign he’s moving through, is a tendency towards addiction, delusion, dreaminess and wearing rose-colored glasses to see the world through. I literally used to wear rose-colored eyeglasses, as an expression of my natal Jupiter/Moon conjunction in late Gemini/early Cancer giving me a glass-always-half-full take on things. And, while I only wear this joyful tint on the screen of my perceptions metaphorically now, I still embrace the concept that optimists and visionaries live longer than pessimists and worriers and have a much better time while doing so. So, in terms of experiencing the fullest range of Jupiter in Pisces, I say: “Bring it on!” For more on this:  On Pleasure, Joy and Bliss

Adding to this cosmic ocean of expanding consciousness, Neptune has been in his home sign of spiritual Pisces since 2011 and will remain there until 2026. And, Karmic Teacher Saturn will move into Pisces starting on March 7, 2023, picking up the Piscean theme a few months after Jupiter fully exits from it. So, as this Piscean line-up of outer planets continues to expand, it will keep inspiring us to become more spiritually awake in our 3d personal reality and perhaps even encourage some innovative, creative solutions for healing our ailing oceans.

If you wish to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”—Nikola Tesla

Some of you may be asking: “What is this cosmic ocean and how do I open to it?” Well, in the Taoist system of cosmology there are eight bodies of consciousness, all contained within each of us, as we’re all microcosms of the macrocosmic Universe of All That Is, which the Taoists call the Flow of Life.

So, beyond the grosser level of the physical body of consciousness, we contain within us energetic, mental and emotional bodies, each operating at a sequentially higher vibrational frequency. And, beyond this, we contain psychic, causal (aka cosmic ocean) and galactic bodies culminating in the eighth body of consciousness of the infinite Void, which resides in the central channel of our Being.

This inner emptiness contains the entire Universe in unmanifest form, which makes us all gifted with the capacities to be co-creators with All That Is, Source, the Divine or the Tao. Just as in quantum physics there’s a theory that the Universe exploded out of a black hole, so too do the other seven bodies emanate from the Void in our central channel, vibrating within us at increasingly denser frequencies expanding outward to the physical body, like an infinite set of energetic Russian dolls. In other words, as mystics have always known and physics is just catching up with:

“The black hole is a place where the laws of physics break down. Their gravity is so strong, their density so tremendous, nothing escapes their pull, not even light. The star collapses and gravity and density go completely unhinged, literally forming a hole in the fabric of what Einstein called ‘spacetime.’”

I remember when I finally “got” that not only is the Universe made up of infinite energy, but that all energy is conscious. It changed everything for me! That’s when I also realized that the gold standard of energy, that which we are all seeking, is Love—and of this there is an unlimited supply available as our Divine birthright.

During this same realization, I started viscerally experiencing always being in the Eternal Now and that linear space and time are just tools to help us focus and function in 3D without being overwhelmed by what I call unrelenting spaciousness, where all planes of consciousness co-existing simultaneously.

At this point, it’s important to keep in mind that the whole Universe is a mental construct, just as in quantum physics most everything is just a theory. This means that, just as in any spiritual system of cosmology, all eight levels of body consciousness in the Taoist system are solely labeled for our convenience, for truly they are all interwoven and boundaryless.

As the great Sufi mystic, Hazrat Inayat Khan said:
“The soul in its manifestation on the earth is not at all disconnected to the higher realms. It lives in all the spheres, although it generally is only conscious of one level. Only a veil separates us. The seer’s own soul becomes a torch in his hand. It is his own light that illuminates his path. It is just like directing a searchlight into dark corners which one could not see before.”

In 1982, I created Psychic Therapy, which is an innovative system utilizing altered states to help accelerate the clearing of energetic, emotional, mental and psychic blocks in the first five bodies of consciousness in the vertical channel. The therapy culminates in relaxing into the cosmic ocean of consciousness which is called the causal plane in the Taoist system, and which I like to call the Universal Flow State. Being in the Flow becomes the new normal operating mode of consciousness for those who have consciously integrated their 10-session intensive with me.

An added plus is that, after Psychic Therapy, hallucinogens are no longer required for expanding the consciousness. For, as many of my therapy clients have shared with me, they find themselves tripping on the pure interconnected aliveness of Being in the Flow State, aka the Cosmic Ocean of Consciousness, with no return to lesser states, as is usually the case with mind-expanding drugs, where one merely gets an unsustainable taste or peek of unity consciousness.

To get to the Flow State, after clearing blocks in the lower three bodies of the physical, energetic, and emotional, the core of the work is done from the witnessing perspective of the soul (aka the psychic body), and entails a number of sessions of past-life regression therapy, to clear and release karmic blocks in the vertical channel, so that there is a clear channel for information and energy from the soul level/psychic body to the personality incarnate in the present life.

After this, the causal plane (aka the cosmic ocean of consciousness), is one exponential level of frequency up from the psychic body. It contains each individual soul as a wave within this infinite body of energy. This is where one can learn how to dissolve the individual boundaries and experience being ocean consciousness, while using the breath at will to form back into the separate, semi-permeable boundaries of wave consciousness as needed.

This allows functioning in 3D to be 100% in the Flow as the new normal, while simultaneously being connected to all souls in this cosmic ocean. This means that the causal plane contains within it the divine blueprint for all souls, and thus is the location of the Akashic Records, the ongoing infinitely evolving history of each and every soul’s journey. So, one of the outcomes from living in the Flow is to be able to do Akashic readings for self and, with more practice, for others as well.

Mystics have perennially dissolved their Beings into the Cosmic Ocean while staying fully embodied. I started calling this plane of consciousness the Flow State, because it’s a visceral translation of the Tao. So far, the closest modern science has come to identifying this new way of Being in the world but not of it, was first explained in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s classic book:
Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement in Everyday Life.
To read more, here’s a more current take:
What Is a Flow State in Psychology?

In addition, in the books of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dawson Church, brain wave studies are cited in which mystics, monks, serious meditators, trance channels and healers all had a predominance of theta and delta waves while engaged in their spiritual work. These higher-frequency states activated neurotransmitters such as endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine which enhanced feelings of ecstasy, bliss and being in the Flow.

So, if you’re ready to at least dip your toe in the Cosmic Ocean with Jupiter in Pisces, there couldn’t be a better time. One of the best ways to start, especially if it’s not feasible to come to NYC and do Psychic Therapy with me, is to start practicing Taoist water-method standing chi gung to dissolve blocks in the physical and energetic bodies, and then add on the sitting practice which dissolves blocks in the more subtle bodies of the mind/heart and psychic levels. To get started:
Taoist Practice MP3s for $20

I recommend the Taoist standing chi gung as a prerequisite to many clients before they start ascending into higher dimensions through their therapy with me. As, unless we’re grounded and rooted to the earth so that our nervous system and psychic circuitry won’t get frayed or burnt out when we start running these higher frequencies, there can be dire consequences—as is the case with many who have solely practiced kundalini or fire-method Taoist practices, especially before age forty, without at least an equal focus on grounding energy arts to root the being to the earth.

This is also the case with trance channels who have totally fried their nervous system and are bed-ridden, because they operated from higher frequencies without a grounding wire for too long.The only way out is through full embodiment if you want to enjoy playing in the cosmic ocean of consciousness and still be able to fully function in the earth plane.

For me personally, as I mentioned in my last newsletter, while I still do my Akashic Records soul readings from the causal plane, and teach clients in therapy to do the same, this last year of the quarantine has speeded up my internal growth at an accelerated rate. So that, these days, I rest my Being in the final two bodies of consciousness as my new normal identity.

This is quite the cosmic joke for me as, for my own personal readings for the last few decades, I have channeled from the Galactic or seventh plane of consciousness. And what is the Galactic plane? Imagine all souls in the cosmic ocean of the causal plane imploding into one continuously expanding Galactic Light Being operating at a higher frequency than the Cosmic Ocean. This is what I’ve been intimating as my metaphysical philosophy in my newsletters for years: One Being with billions of faces.

So, now I’m meditating daily with my new identity of the Galactic Light Body while simultaneously containing the infinite inner Void of the eighth body in my central channel. This allows me to more fully enjoy witnessing the game of Leela (aka cosmic play) as form arises out of formlessness for the Divine and our own entertainment in the Spacious Present.

So, all the personal readings I did through all the years from what I call HAGF (highest available galactic forces), has been from myself, only with an expanded concept of identity. Isn’t that always the way penultimately for all of us on our journey home to Source through the Earth Game?

Because of the acceleration of planetary, cosmic and galactic energies over the last few decades to speed up the evolution of consciousness which I call the Quickening, many of us are already living or at least getting glimpses of how it feels to be connected to all souls in an infinite multidimensional link grid in the Cosmic Ocean. And this is the best place to reside if we want to open our hearts with loving kindness, empathy and compassion to all suffering beings.

Please note: Feel free to skip the following message if you are 100% adamantly opposed to the covid vaccine (even after all the inoculations received as a child which have helped you to still be alive and thriving until now:)).

This past year and ongoing for the indefinite future we’re being given an opportunity to make major life decisions not just by the criterion of what is for the highest good for us and our loved ones, but for all of humanity as part of one great interconnected Being of light and love.

For those of you still sitting on the fence about getting the covid vaccine, perhaps a new cosmic perspective may be helpful. For not only are we helping ourselves stay safer by choosing to receive the vaccine, but we’re also helping the collective as One Being have more of a chance to avoid serious illness, long-haul symptoms (which many of my clients have) or even death. For more: why-are-mrna-vaccines-so-exciting-

Here’s an excerpt from a previous newsletter where I share my own personal view from a Taoist perspective about the Covid-19 vaccine and for which I got some rave reviews:

“Everything—including pharmaceutical drugs and Western Medicine—is part of the Divine or Tao. How could it not be so?

Therefore, I’ve always been totally all right with taking drugs that I intuitively knew were right for me. This includes those that I wanted (birth control pills and bioidentical HRT) or needed (antibiotics and pain meds after surgery) for my health and wellbeing, including tetanus and shingles vaccines among many others throughout my life. For, where would we be—in terms of world-wide global suffering—without vaccines for small pox, polio and the like?
For more (this article blew my mind wide open):
12 Vaccines That Saved the Most Lives

Since mind is always the builder of our personal reality, I choose to focus and feed the power of my mind to only having positive effects from any medicine or drug that I allow into my system—and, thus, have rarely had any major, long-term negative side-effects. I would mention that, since I’m ultra-sensitive to everything as a psychic (as well as being “clean and sober” since 1982), I limit any pharmaceutical drug use to being the absolute last resort, when all other holistic options have either failed or where there isn’t a viable alternative.

I’ve also worked with some clients, mostly in healing fields, who were adamantly against vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs under any circumstances. That is, until they or their loved ones—especially their children—are in such dire straits physically, mentally and/or emotionally—that nothing less than taking drugs will help to, if not cure, than at least alleviate some of the suffering from what ails them.

So, it helps, upfront, if we can do the inner work to release limiting beliefs about the Divine nature of all creation in the Flow (aka the Tao)—and thus short-circuit mentally projecting any fears and judgments (or negative side-effects) into circumstances which could cause us needless anxiety over decisions most of us will need to make over the next year or two re the vaccine question.

However, if one is 100% sure that a specific medicine or vaccine is not right for them, then it’s important that one own this as their absolute truth. But, if one is only 99% sure of what is right for them, then perhaps it behooves one to keep an open mind to the 1% possibility that the gains just might outweigh the losses in this relative plane of truth.

On a similar note: In the last year or two, more and more clients are coming to me expressing concern and anxiety about how some of the external manifestations of the Quickening (aka accelerating cosmic energies) may be affecting them adversely. But whether we choose to label this vibrational assault as coming from cell phones, WIFI, 5G, EMFs, smart meters, etc., we also need, for the sake of our sanity, to accept that all of these electrical frequencies are also All part of the Divine or Tao, and NOT separate from it.

I choose to view ALL of this high-frequency bombardment as helping us to acclimate and become stronger internally as evolutionary guinea pigs. Is this good news or bad? In Tantra/Tao, it just IS—all part of absolute reality, with nothing separate from All That Is. How could it be? For more: For more: Winter Solstice Newsflash: The Great Jupiter-Saturn Rebirth in Aquarius Has Begun

Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has said that close to ninety per cent of the country may need to be vaccinated to snuff out the disease. So, if you’re ready to get off the fence and tip towards the Light, why not be part of the solution, instead of being a problem child?

Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean.”
—Thich Nhat Hanh

In closing, here are a few other major transits coming up, for those of you who are astrologically minded:):

The major transit of 2021, which kicked off on February 17, is a combative one between Karmic Teacher Saturn in humanitarian Aquarius squaring off with Trickster of Awakening Uranus in comfort-loving Taurus. This contentious energy will be in effect for the entire year—coming to a head or point of crisis in mid-June—and culminating at the end of December. To read about it in full:
2021’s Cautiously Optimistic Psychic Forecast: Keep Your Heart Open and Your Powder Dry

In addition, Pluto stationed retrograde on April 27, followed by Saturn 10 days later. Then, Neptune stations retrograde on June 25 and Uranus on August 19. What does all this mean for the Spring and Summer seasons?

The outer planets all go through up to five-month retrograde cycles annually, usually starting in the Spring or Summer, and going direct again by the Fall or end of the year. So, this means that it is built into the yearly planetary cycles affecting us all to spend almost half of every year switching up our primary focus from outer doings to inner Being.

These retrogrades give us the time and an opening to process all that has arisen in us and the world over the past six months or so, and consciously integrate all of the lessons, which I call FGOs (f**kin growth opportunities) into a cohesive new facet of expanded identity on the personality levels for our souls to function through.

Needless to say, we all may have a bit more to process and integrate from our pandemic year than usual, which is very good news spiritually, as it is only in times of potentially life-threatening crises that we tap into our fullest potentials of inner strength and stability.

In fact, this past year has made many of us more awake, emotionally mature and wiser in our view of the preciousness and ephemeral precariousness of life in the earth plane. For, while Ram Dass says: “Death is absolutely safe,” in the meantime, what a ride we’re on!

And finally, On May 26 we have a very intense and potent Full Moon Total Eclipse in Sagittarius, setting a culminating tone of completion to our processing and integrating, so that we can more fully spend the entire summer season floating in the Cosmic Ocean, although any body of water is a good start, with dipping, diving or dissolving as we desire to our heart’s content.

Wishing us all a most enjoyable swim—at whichever level suits us—but always in the Flow. How could it not be so:)?

J   O   A   N

“What we believe are our consciousnesses are an infinite array of mirrors, reflecting the One in manifold forms. I have seen all souls as my soul, and realized my soul as the soul of all.”
 —Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Sufi Master

If you’ve been waiting to gift yourself or your loved ones (and I know you have:)) with a psychic and/or astrological reading to help you gain clarity by exploring your personal coming attractions through 2021 and beyond, there couldn’t be a better time.
One of my most popular offerings is a customized mix of a mini-soul reading with karmic astrology for the year. I’ve started calling this Combo Reading “the happy meal:)”

Please check out my Services menu and feel free to reach out to me by phone or email anytime to discuss creating the perfect session for you or your loved ones. I’m looking forward to connecting with you:

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I’m now offering a YOUTUBE CHANNEL  to provide audio versions of all the pandemic newsletters to date as well as current ones going forward, for those of you who prefer to receive your consciousness-expanding downloads from me by listening to my (so I’ve been told) hypnotic voice. Along with each reading, there’s a visual slideshow of my art and other images to enhance your listening pleasure. In the near future, I also plan to add podcasts of other channeled info of timely and timeless interest.

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