NEPTUNE in PISCES: The Urge to Merge… and Then Some

Joan Becoming Fish/Fish Becoming Joan
SEA SONG Joan Pancoe

Neptune, the planet named for the God of the Sea, has now fully entered his home sign of Pisces until 2024. Our Neptunian energies govern a range of consciousness from illusion to illumination, delusion to enlightenment. Neptune’s transit of Pisces means that we can expect everything associated with Neptune’s scope of rulership to be experienced more powerfully than in any other sign AND, in terms of the mass consciousness, the dichotomy between the highest levels of Neptune’s range and the lowest may become increasingly more pronounced.

Neptunian energies at their loftiest can be experienced as a state of non-dual or unity consciousness, where we’re at one with All That Is and simultaneously aware of our individual souls as waves within the cosmic ocean of becoming, also known as the causal plane. In other words: One Being===billions of faces.

These energies allow us to experience a sense of boundarylessness, where everything is energy, all energy has innate consciousness and everything flows into everything else. If you’ve ever taken hallucinogens─you’ve probably had a taste of this. Choosing to work with our psychic/intuitive/mystical Neptunian energies until they become naturally integrated into our world view allows us to viscerally merge with Life as the ultimate hallucinogen with no mood-altering substances ever required. In this state, the space/time continuum dissolves and all planes of consciousness are experienced simultaneously, right here and right now. This is the opportunity that Neptune’s transit through Pisces gives us─if we choose to take the high road.

And the other road?

Neptune also governs illusion and delusion, especially when our psychic and intuitive abilities are not developed in a grounded, structured and methodical way, with objective reality-checking from trusted guides and a healthy functioning ego structure to allow for safe lift-off into higher frequency dimensions.

However, many Neptunian and Piscean-types skip this step because we think we’re ready to fly higher than our nervous system and psychic circuitry can handle. This self-delusion creates the danger of potential burn-out. I’ve seen it happen many times─and it happened to me in my early 30’s, before I discovered how to ground my psychic wiring with Taoist practices.

Neptune is also connected to all levels of addiction─from medication to meditation. As we search for ways to connect with Source, many of us get stuck at a lower-level with our drugs of choice: food, alcohol, power, sex, love and romance, to name a few. While all of these might give us an initial momentary taste of the high of Divine communion, no ephemeral finite source can ultimately fill the infinite Void in each of us in a sustainable way. Some of us die trying─or, at least, anesthetize and immobilize ourselves in a holding pattern, much like a living death. For more on this, please read:

The Nature of Addiction:It’s Only Human

Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus, planet of personal love, beauty, aesthetics and creativity. So, with Neptune now in Pisces as the highest potential manifestation of divine love, beauty and creativity, we should hopefully see more of this filtering into the mass consciousness over time and manifesting as a more selfless desire to be of service to others in need. Can you imagine how the evolution of consciousness could be accelerated if we channeled our collective creative energies into a genuine compassionate desire to help those who suffer? If there were enough food and holistic health care for all, how could there not be more joy in Being and heaven on earth?

Did I neglect to mention that our Neptunian energies express through idealism─as well as escapism?

To determine how this transit of Neptune will affect each of us individually, we need to look to our birth charts for our karmic Neptunian predisposition as well as to which parts of us and our lives the transit of Neptune in Pisces will affect. Many people with a strong natal Neptunian or Piscean influence, especially if associated with the eighth or twelfth houses (of metaphysics and karma) or if conjunct the ascendant, mid-heaven, or personal planet─Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars─become creative artists, mediums, healers, psychics and mystics.

Those with transits to these houses, cusps or personal planets will experience an activation and deeper interest in these areas without doubt. But, rest assured, that whatever house Neptune in Pisces is transiting in your chart, it will have the potential to become a vehicle for spiritual transformation in your life and in you like never before.

For example, if I see Neptune or a lot of planets in Pisces in the 6th house of health and service in the birth chart of someone who is considering becoming a hands-on healer, and if there are other corroborating factors that increase the innate propensity for sensitivity and porous boundaries, I might recommend they find a modality of service that doesn’t involve actual physical touch. Why? Because it would be a continuous challenge to keep sick or negative energies from backing up into them. Most hands-on healers have some good earth energies for grounding their channel and, in my experience, a strong and positive Mars/Jupiter aspect to balance out their Neptunian/Piscean/watery side.

If I see a strong Neptune/Sun in a creative artist with other reinforcing predispositions, I will encourage them to pursue their art as a vocation─but also advise them to get someone else to handle the business aspects and bookkeeping, as that might not be their forte. Edgar Cayce, the great psychic, called the “sleeping prophet,” had a Moon/Neptune/Pluto conjunction in Taurus at the mid-heaven and a stellium in Pisces in the 7th/8th houses of the Sun/Venus/Saturn/Mercury/North Node. But even though Cayce did have a very strong and grounded Mars/Jupiter in Capricorn, he still overused his gifts out of his desire to help those in need bringing on an early demise from exhaustion.

So, fellow psychics and healers be aware! Healthy boundaries, grounding and stabilizing the frequencies we work with, and learning how to take care of ourselves first are an ongoing challenge for any in the psychic vocations, especially now, with Neptune in Pisces.

For more on this, please see:

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For me personally, just as Neptune flowed into Pisces on Feb 3rd, 2012, I started receiving more client calls than usual with the presenting symptoms of sleepiness, brain fog, and what I’ve come to call the “psychic flu.” I wasn’t able to get back as promptly as usual as I myself was in a deep sleep for up to 10-12 hours at a time and while the dream states were incredibly rich and fruitful, I was moving through waking reality without my usually reasonably sharp focus. It was almost as if I was sleepwalking . . . and still am, as I write this, which has taken months longer than usual to complete.

I learnt to identity the symptoms of the “psychic flu” several decades ago. Whenever I am being downloaded with new higher frequency psychic, cosmic and galactic energies─I always feel as if I’m literally getting sick with fatigue, body aches, etc. Then, I have to remind myself─”OOOH, you’re being downloaded─ and cut myself a break from any type A running around. Instead, I choose to play “in-valid”─ especially on the left brain and physical vitality levels, and rest a lot until it passes. But with Neptune’s move into Pisces, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to pass anytime soon.

In fact, when an outer planet moves into a new sign or house, it can take up to year to acclimate to the change in tone or focus. The same holds true for the last year before an outer planet leaves a sign or house─only then it feels more like a review of the themes that were originally presented.

In my case, Neptune is currently transiting through the first fifteen degrees of Pisces in my 1st house. (I have 28 degrees Capricorn rising conjunct my north node of destiny and the sign of Aquarius intercepted in the Placidus house system.) Consequently, it almost feels as if Neptune is crossing my ascendant again in terms of the power of its impact.

For ALL OF US, this downloading is exponentially multiplied as the galactic energies that are bombarding the earth plane (to assist in the quickening that is heralding in the next Great Age in the evolution of consciousness) are higher frequency than I have ever felt before and thus can be very destabilizing if counter-measures aren’t taken.

Whew! So we all need to cut ourselves a bit of a break, and stop asking ourselves: “Am I sick or What’s the deal here?” The deal here is: we’ve officially entered the dreamtime in waking reality and might as well enjoy the ride, or swim or float as the case may be. The colors are all much brighter now─ Technicolor in fact─and everything is laden with symbolic meaning. We need to allow ourselves to stop resisting this Neptunian dream state we’re in─aka the Earth Game─slow down and learn to navigate from our inner light and intuition─as this particular fog machine ain’t going nowhere any time soon─especially if Neptune is sitting on one of your personal planets.

In fact, With Neptune turning retrograde on June 4th, 2012, the same day as a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sag, we’ll be getting a taste of this new flavor of Neptune in Pisces as the energies encourage us to go deeply within and focus on spiritual practices to merge with Source, the Divine, the Tao─through November 10th, 2012. And while the retrograde Neptune cycle will be encouraging us to go within every year through 2024 as a five-month annual event, this is the kick-off year for setting up the themes and tones of all that is to come.


Venus forms a rare occultation with the Sun on June 6th, 2012, inspiring us to raise the frequency of our desire to merge with a romantic partner into the ultimate desire of merging with All That Is─directly or through the vehicle of dual spiritual practices with our consort. The next five months are the perfect time to learn practices to make love with all of Life─which is eminently pragmatic, as is holding a veery-long range perspective. That way, we’re always making love with the Cosmos, even after we drop our bodies, whereas partners do tend to come and go in this ephemeral plane of duality called the earth game.

A number of years ago, I did a workshop on Neptune, with a special focus on the traps we tend to get into in our romantic affairs, especially when we have a karmic predisposition for such, delineated in the birth chart by having the Ascendant or these personal planets─Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus─in hard aspects, such as squares and oppositions, to the planet of illusion and delusion.

I made a list of celebrities and clients I had worked with who had these challenging Neptune aspects, and it was absolutely mind-blowing to see that everyone on this list had a love/drug/romance/sex addiction or karmic rut that had repeatedly gotten them into trouble in the relationship arena.

Neptune rules the imagination and psychic vision, but when it is afflicted or undeveloped, we imagine what we want to see and then project it outward through an idealistic filter. It’s very hard to ever get the fog to clear, (until the other shoe drops), unless we ask for some outside objective feedback on our choices─which most of us choose not to do when we’re in the Neptunian swoon-state─and some of us are almost always in one . . . or want to be.

Optimally, we want to be able to hold a split-screen in our vision. On one side: the higher Neptunian ideal of the soul potentials of our chosen partner. And, on the other side of the screen: The reality in this space and time of the actual level of our potential partner’s development. We need to accept the actual reality─wounds and all─before we choose to merge our fates with them─as the timetable for any healing or change will not be up to us. THAT is another Neptunian/Piscean delusion.

With the challenged Neptune─we only see one side of the screen with the soul’s potential. And while this vision is potentially true as an idealized vision─it has no guarantee of ever being realized in any given incarnation. I have also seen this with clients who have a Neptune/karmic South Node conjunction. They can only see theirs and everyone else’s highest soul potentials as their default karmic predisposition. However, if they don’t choose to develop the capacity to cultivate a more realistic split-screen, some of these souls─while lovely to be around when they are projecting your highest vision─can be very self-delusional and grandiose when it comes to their own and everyone else’s level and capacity of development in linear space and time.

Even a seasoned astrologer/psychic like me can lose the split-screen during the powerful force of a Neptune transit. I fell into a two-year Neptunian swoon in the mid-90’s when Neptune transited over my Ascendant─although I had seen it coming and duly noted what it might manifest as when I studied my yearly forecast. I even knew it when it was happening─that I was only seeing the soul potentials. But it was sooo sweet! I just fell into the endorphin rush of being in love. The early stages of the romance were more blissful than ever before and it did indeed transmute into being in love with All of life. And, yes, all the colors of the world do get brighter. Even when we were separated─as it was a bi-coastal affair─the love poetry I wrote was the most mystical ever.

That being said, when the Neptune transit passed, as it always does─and it usually takes two years to fully pass─I was able, once again, to regain the split screen. (I’ll skip the pain of disillusionment part.) Then, over five years, the relationship naturally unwound on the heart levels and we are still the best of friends today.

Consequently, when clients are having a transit of Neptune to the ascendant or one of the personal planets─by conjunction, square or opposition─while I encourage them to enjoy the ride, (how could I not say that after I did it myself!) but to be aware of the Neptunian swoon-state. And to remember that, when the fog clears, they will actually be seeing their partner from the other side of the split screen clearly as the reality of “what is” for the first time.

When I do readings for clients with natal Neptune square or opposite Venus or the Moon, as an example─I encourage them to get second opinions from objective sources─before plunging into their default romantic pattern of giving away the store─emotionally and otherwise way too soon─with bad boys, addicts, married liars, emotionally unavailable partners of every stripe, sociopaths and the like. Also, it’s much more common, especially with the opposition, for their partner to perform a “bait and switch” on them, meaning that, while they’re only seeing what they want to see, their partner is also actively leading with and reinforcing this higher vision and hiding the rest until the lovelock of the karmic crazy glue is fully in place.

So, if you’ve just met what you think is your soul mate─and you’re a Neptunian type, (meaning Neptune conjunct a personal planet or ascendant or have a lot of Pisces in your chart or are a Neptunian challenged type─meaning an opposition or square─OR having a Neptune transit), remember: It’s Ok to fully enjoy the ride─because I know that it’s SO STRONG AND SO SWEET it’s irresistible─LIKE the best drug high one can ever have. BUT, pleeze remember not to merge your assets or real estate─or give away your heart with plans for the rest of this incarnation─until the transit passes─usually two years. Or, at least, get some outside objective feedback and guidance first.

Personally, I have Neptune conjunct Mercury and Saturn and my pars of fortune on the cusp of the 8th/9th houses. So, if you’re a Neptunian-type from birth like me as your default karmic predisposition─what’s a Neptune gal or guy to do when a Neptune transit hits?

I’m SO glad you asked me that! Because now with Neptune in Pisces, and the cosmic, galactic and planetary energies picking up speed─we have a golden opportunity to learn mind/heart/body spiritual practices to merge with the Divine as our primary relationship. For most of us, this is a taste that we need to learn how to cultivate. As it’s human nature to prefer to be fed by the tangible fruits of merging with a partner─through the senses and the personal emotions─rather than through the higher frequency of transpersonal or universal love, which are the intangible fruits that the energies of Neptune provide.

It wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I seriously became a student of Taoist and Tantric practices, and it wasn’t until my mid-40’s, after more than a decade of daily practice, that the balance truly shifted so that I could enjoy merging with the Tao equally as much as merging with a partner. Now in my late 50’s (and currently in-between any serious romantic engagements), the balance has naturally and fully tipped towards my primary relationship being a blissful merging with all of Life on a daily basis.

And since we teach what we need to learn or remember, I now offer sessions in the Taoist and Tantric practices that I love so much, as well as MP3s and a spiritual practice reading list to get you started:

Taoist and Tantric Practices Mp3s

Spiritual Practices Reading List

Did you know that in the Tantric tradition there are 112 practices for 112 different personality types utilizing our physical senses, thoughts, emotions and perceptions (not to mention the sexual energies)? This type of spiritual play is Neptune’s domain, and it’s the world that we’ve all got a ticket to now. It means that not only can we experience Life as the ultimate mood-altering substance, but that our merging with the Divine can be experienced viscerally moment to moment of being in heaven─of which there are infinite levels─all the time.

Then Life becomes our cake, if you will, and our mates, lovers and consorts become the icing on our cake─if that is our preference. And who doesn’t like icing? IF it is available. But, if not, we’ll always still have our cake and can eat it too. Feel how empowering that is?

If you’d like an astrological reading with a special focus on your Neptunian love potentials, there couldn’t be a better time:


In closing, wishing us all an ongoing experience of merging with all of Life as our primary relationship. And remember, Neptune doesn’t just rule delusion and loss of boundaries, perceptual and otherwise, it also rules all forms of addiction. So, after reading this, if you’re still attached to a limiting belief that having a romantic partner or any other external goal is the only way you’re ever going to be truly happy, please read:

On Pleasure, Joy and Bliss

Addiction is a slippery slope─just as much with romance as it is with food, drugs and alcohol─and the higher we’ve evolved─the further we can fall. So, we need to be ever vigilant as we will get tested on more and more subtle levels of word, though and deed as we evolve. This is especially true if we have a 2nd chakra or sex/love/drugs addiction karmic rut.

For more on this, please check out my story, written under the pen name, Leela Jones, and available at Amazon.com:

Cosmic Sugar: The Amorous Adventures of a Modern Mystic

After reading about Neptune, perhaps you’re finally ready to surrender to the reality that you have karmic addiction challenges. If so, please know that I empathize and specialize in psychic and spiritual counseling in this area. As they say: “Been there, done that, have the T-shirt” and memoir to prove it . . . and then some.




The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar
as we laugh together, you and I.
In one form upon this earth,
and in another form in a timeless sweet land.”

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